Jupiter direct in Leo: A King in Triumph


Jupiter returns triumphant direct in Leo after 5 months retrograde. He crosses over Rahu (North Lunar Node) again in his forward motion… the opposite effect of the retro period. Whatever you lost ground in during Jupiter’s retro will be returned to you with vigour. Jupiter’s power will burst forth from the mouth of the snake *ACTIVATED* by the intense power of Rahu mid July. Look to the houses ruled by Jupiter  (Sagittarius and Pisces) and the house of Leo in your natal chart to understand what this means for you. Jupiter direct pushes forward the lesson of the lunar eclipse in early March (here). We were asked to burn upon the pyre our self illusions so we can move forward into our destiny.
Breathe in the fire of this month’s planets and exhale the force of light into your life. Prosperity, courage and joy ♡ Asha

Jupiter transiting the houses if Leo is the:

1st house: renewed vigour & energy in persona and appearance

2nd house: Material resources, supports & possesions

3rd house: Siblings, intellect and short journeys

4th house: Domestic sphere, ancestry, family

5th house: pleasure, creativity, children

6th house: noble service, health, routines & duty

7th house: partnerships, marriage

8th house: elimination, shared assets, secrets

9th house: Luck, blessings from actions (karma), foreign lands/travel

10th house: reputation, career, ambition

11th house: desires, support from others, lucky breaks from good actions

12th house: dissolution, secrecy and desire, endings

Jupiter & Semele – Moreau

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5 thoughts on “Jupiter direct in Leo: A King in Triumph

    1. Thanks for sharing my work. 🌟💕 Yes, I use sidereal zodiac, there’s a 23° difference, almost a whole sign. Both systems work, the tropical zodiac is based on the Sun, the sidereal is based on the fixed stars.

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      1. I note that for the sake of readers; I will likely repeat that note from time to time so that new readers are not confused. Keep up the good work!

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      2. Maybe between our efforts we can reduce the occurrence of that. (But, I bet that at least a few will still do that despite the clarification.)

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