Knots and Tangles: Weekend Astrology


The moon is waxing to bright on the knot between Cancer & Leo. She will pass over into Leo later today. If you feel you just can’t take this intense retro energy…the frustrations, setbacks and misunderstandings…breathe out and trust the growing lunar power to shine her light on all this deep undoing. (She waxes to full on Friday) When you tug tangled twine it knots worse. And Mars, Saturn and Mercury are tangling us in knots of frustrated action and futile words. Look at the tangle and wait.
Don’t use the rope for anything. Stop exhausting yourself. Wait til you have enough energy to set to untangling each knot carefully, patiently. Wait til your heart is rested enough to shine with love and courage. The Sun crosses into Taurus tomorrow but it’s poised on the cusp today, Mercury is deep in retrograde in Aries making fighting words and thoughts agitated. Venus is uncomfortable as she moves through the last degrees of Aries. Jupiter is only just starting forward movement again and slowly we’ll feel his blessings return: good temper, generosity and fun. Mars has separated from Saturn in his retrograde and Jupiter has got some breathing space from tumultuous Rahu at least! Over Saturday and Sunday you’ll feel the effect of the Moon passing over Jupiter and then she’ll move over Rahu. You’ll feel like the sky clears a little and then thrown right into the next thing. The effect of the Leo moon should keep you in a positive frame of mind if you avoid emotional storms: otherwise you might find yourself roaring like an indignant empress – ahem 😶. Trying to work things out or clear the air with beloveds and friends is not advised right now. You’ll only churn feelings and fling words at each other. So, use this Leo Moon weekend to look after yourself and your own personal kingdom. ❤ Asha

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