Steady and Strong: Fixed Square May 29/30


Today the Fixed Square is exact between Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter and Rahu. All the planets (except Mercury) are in “fixed” signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This is a heavy aspect, fixed and steadying. Things solidify and take form. This has been happening all month since the Sun and Venus moved into Taurus but today the moon joins Ketu in Aquarius and there is a settling feeling – as if a foundation has finally been laid and now building can begin (well almost! Mars isn’t direct til June 30).

You can think of this aspect as a box to hold the developing and renewed self until she is ready to emerge. Rushing around trying to get things off the ground will not achieve much! It’s all about making it real, working steadily, keeping consistent.
The Sun and Venus in Taurus steady us, bring us back to our body and back to our senses. Mars and Saturn retrograde continue their dissolving and restructuring work deep in the psyche. The Moon aligns with Ketu (South Node) in Aquarius and, waning to dark, the moon combines with Ketu’s power of release to help us let go of old habits interfering with physical and emotional health. Jupiter and Rahu (North Lunar Node) in Leo push us forward in our public lives and making us hungry to come into our own and share our gifts.

The moon is in her last quarter phase (waning half moon) and as she moves to dark avoid beginning any new enterprise. The tides are most supportive of undoing, finishing and bringing work to an end for the month. The new moon is in a week’s time but hold off on starting anything big until the first quarter in a fortnight if you can.

Love Asha

2 thoughts on “Steady and Strong: Fixed Square May 29/30

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    To the Casual Reader: Please note this is a Vedic (Sidereal) interpretation of the current Grand Cross. (With Western techniques we interpret this as a mutable, rather than fixed, Grand Cross.) Please use the interpretation that best matches your current situation / events.

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