Grande Cross – Grande Plans


Grande cross blocking your grande plans? You can see that big red cross as a block or as a container – a box where Saturn, Lord of Time is rearranging your very bones…where Mars is eroding and dissolving pain of the past and revealing emotional truth. Where the Sun (our best self) and Venus (love nature) are brought into account, looked over and tested – this can manifest physically (Taurus) overwhelming sensation responding to the emotional churning of Mars in Scorpio.

This is a time of pause – of silence especially in the dark week of the lunar month. Wait quietly, do what you can. Avoid beginning anything new. Gather power and focus quietly. Strengthen yourself against the weight of any frustrations, delays…any “not quite yet”. When this square aspect dissolves your vitality will suddenly, free of pressure, leap forward. Make sure you have a plan in place so you can direct this power when the box opens. Any setbacks are temporary. If you can’t push for your goal use time as your ally. Rest, prepare, observe, reflect quietly. The new moon begins early next week and this square aspect softens June 12 as the moon waxes and the Sun moves out of opposition to Saturn. Mercury will briefly oppose Mars and then Saturn between June 12 and 18 bringing this experience to conscious resolution – and you can expect messages, letters and contact around these issues at that time. Plan before you rebuild and you will reap good harvest from Saturn’s lessons. 💜 Asha

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