New Moon Mystery Box


The mystery box you can’t yet unlock! That’s our vibe as the Moon joins the Sun and Venus in Taurus. We’re still held fast in the grand cross of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun/Venus/Moon and Ketu (South Lunar node). The powers emanated by the planets in tight formation create acceleration but no forward motion. It is time to generate power, to reaffirm your commitments, prepare. The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) show the 4 elements in steady strength.

We develop a new solidity in the elements that make a balanced life. With Mars and Saturn retrograde almost all month it’s STILL not time to push forward into new territory. Mars enters Libra and frees himself from Saturn’s thrall June 16, redefining our relationship to relationships, separating the I from the “us” and revealing the right way to be you but be with others. (more on that as we approach). Mars turns stationary direct July 29 – avoid any travel or risky activity on these days. A lighter vibe arrives when the Sun enters Gemini June 15, making our minds active and alert again. You’ll feel more interested in others and your social obligations from then on. Venus in Taurus usually brings floods of blessings and good times, this month she’s been and will continue to be burnt out by her close proximity to the Sun. Luxury is appreciated not so much by indulgence but by appreciating the luxury of what still remains after a month lacking $ and honey flow. On June 24 Jupiter moves into close conjunction with the serpent of ambition, Rahu (North Lunar Node). This is when the pent up energy that’s so boxed in right now will come spiralling out at high speed, big reveals, recoveries, reconnections and resurrections everywhere. (especially karmic stuff, Rahu is all about the karma). As the Moon grows to full in Sagittarius in 2 weeks time, we’ll be feeling more optimistic and adventurous. We’ll have energy to chase new adventures. More details as the events unfold! June is a busy month and a lot is going on. Rest up, look after your body and mind and get ready for the grande cross to bust open! Keep working at it, whatever you put in now will be repaid many times over.

💜 Asha

New Moon Chart

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