Good Vibes for the Weekend: Half Moon and Happy


New vibes coming on the weekend as we enter the Bright Lunar Fortnight. The Fixed Grand cross is softening up and as the moon waxes to half full this weekend you’ll start to see some new energy, fresh vibes and movement in that obstacle that’s been driving you crazy. The half moon is in Leo, aligning EXACTLY with Jupiter and Rahu – the eclipse point from earlier in the year is activated again and as the energy is released you can move forward, even leap forward if you’re ready.

Transits of Rahu and Jupiter can lead to overdoing things, but if you’ve got prayers to sing, rituals to call down the gods wait til Sunday (Monday EST) to really release some awesome, vibrant Golden Leo energy. While Saturn, Jupiter and Sun/Venus are still square the angle is less severe and the top of the Mystery Box is GONE! Out shoots our intentions, pent up energy and hopes. Off into the clear sky seeking their goal. Mars opposes Mercury so take care to make love not war. It’s easy to cross words or get into an angry mood for no good reason. If you have a battle to tackle though, Mars and Mercury will help your words to deliver the blows needed. Jupiter and the Moon oppose Ketu (South Lunar node) pulling us towards the new destiny and new karma we’re making for ourselves. Ketu is having a little rest from releasing past life or “who I used to be” karma for the time being. (At the last half of the moon we’ll feel Ketu’s energy drawing everything to a close for the month). Enjoy the lovely, warm comfy vibes that all this Leo energy brings and indulge a little, soaking up the blessings of Venus in Taurus. Love Asha

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