Sparkling New Moon: Joy & Freedom


The New Moon in Gemini promises flashes of light & electrifying connection for a colorful and exciting month. Venus, Mercury, Sun & Moon align opposing Pluto the transformer. Sparkling thinking, transformative info, conversation that liberates us lightly & suddenly.  Jupiter is carrying us forward with confidence and vigour, claiming our sovereignty and the joy that is our birthright. Mars is direct now too, in airy but FAIR Libra .
We are redefining the boundaries & responsibilities in our relationships. The Gemini energy keeps our interactions joyous and light. By keeping hearts light we leap OVER obstacles, skip out of old patterns, dance over stuck situations. We’ll be having a busy, chatty, dizzying month in which much will be clarified, discussed, resolved and moved. (YESS!) Old friends turn up again and Mars in Libra asks us to make better decisions about how to behave in those connections. Hold your boundaries with grace and love. New friends appear and we are busy with coffee dates, parties, flurries of text and email, rapidly building new connections. Make sure you hold to your “new way” of running things so you can start a new cycle of relating in your romances and friendships old & new.
Capitalise on all the networking opportunities both for your benefit and the happiness of your new friends. For those of you slaying *big stuff* Pluto opposing all these luminous planets bring flashes of resolution, surges of electrifying, joyous, LIBERATING power. Dance and laugh you are moving at speed, full of light and joy 💛🔥🌙 Remember Pluto in Sagittarius frees us through helping us rise above and transform oppressive conditions.  Celebrate! Embrace your friends and set your intentions for relationships, social obligations, writing and speech. Take care not to burn out, this month is airy and fiery – make sure you rest and keep nourishing your body and keep some quiet time. I promise you won’t be missing something exciting. The whole month will provide you plenty of opportunities for excitement.

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