Uranus in Aries: A new start?


Today Uranus sits on 0° Aries. He has been moving closer for many week to this 0 point of the zodiac. Uranus moves very slowly as an outer planet but he rules chaos, sudden discoveries, social revolution and the bizarre. Future visions and idealistic fantasies of past ways of life are also under Uranian power.

Uranus was known by ancient Vedic astrologers (according to Bepin Behari in Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology) and discovered by the astronomer Herschel in 1781. Uranus was last here 84 years ago. He brought to a crisis all the ideas about how to organise our social groups, the ideals we live by and the nature of humanity. As Uranus leaves Pisces after 7 years there we are seeng a revisitiation of bizarre and startling personality cults, extremist ideas and divisions along extreme idealistic/religious lines that stirred up the world so destructively 84 years ago.

Uranus rules the humanitarian and revolutionary sign of Aquarius. He has the greatest impact on broader social issues and activities on Earth, as a slow moving planet, a Lord of Impersonal Karma. During his 7 years in Pisces, Uranian power of idealism mingled with the Universal Consciousness of spiritual Pisces. He completed and integrated our knowledge about our societies and our humanity, during Uranus’ last trip around the zodiac he created beautiful and tragic social movements; personality cults, explorations and establishment of different state and social systems, wonderfully inspired visions and destructive fundamentalisms. Let us hope that the presence of Uranus in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac will renew joy, a love of freedom, play and creativity. Let’s work toward that and make it real.

Peace in Action



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