Interesting Times: Grande Cross Appears


There is tense and difficult energy about and it will be with us at this intensity for a few more days at least. A grande cross has appeared between Sun, Venus and Mercury / Uranus /Pluto/ Moon. Keep grounded, drive carefully, sing for peace in yourself & others. Remain aware of any psychic tensions as they arise. Trust the tides to show you “What it’s about” some other, calmer day. The Sun, Venus & Mercury opposing Pluto make up the square to Uranus. The Moon who transmits the planetary rays to us here on Earth opposes Uranus & squares the Sun et al. Pluto amplifies these radically disruptive tensions. Jupiter and Rahu continue their opposition to Neptune and square to Saturn. The only planet not throwing down to anyone is MARS. He reenters Scorpio today,
his own sign, working directly to erode emotional blockages through bringing them to light and restoring vitality as we eliminate habits that undermine our wellbeing. Mars also bring a strong resurgence of desire; not just the physical passions but the desires that drive us to achieve more…he brings courage and hope. Mars is ambitious, radical and active. The Moon enters the bright fortnight of her month & brings her half moon crisis today. Whatever you envisioned at the New Moon a week ago undergoes the first manifestation or encounters an obstacle. Given world events since the New Moon it is very important that today we sing to the fierce love that carries us through all things & enacts the change we wish to see. The change that *must* happen if we are to retain our humanity.
The Sun joins Mercury & Venus in Cancer July 16 and Full Moon in Capricorn is Wednesday 20 July (AEST). We’ll experience a shift to the watery power of Cancer and Scorpio, and the steady ground of Capricorn by then. During these last Gemini days for 2016 reflect, understand, keep it light and support yourself to remember laughter & joy. The tense energies made by all the planets except Mars require steadiness & wise observation as they unfold in your life. The outer planets rule the broader social order of human life. We are seeing a mighty wrestle between new & old ways of living and thinking. Love in action casts out fear. Where you can act, do. Where you cannot, love.

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