Weekend Astrology: Remember the Love


Beloveds! How’s your weekend flowing? Relieved as I am that that “fun” little square earlier in the week between Sun/Venus/Merc, Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune is over?? I have had a STRANGE week…some big obstacles of resurgent “stuff” and yet flashing, blossoming, new weaving connections with other wild souls, falling in love allllll over again (thanks Venus in Cancer) mad deep…in love…learning to love myself too…what about you guys? Was your week an odd mix of “oh gods not this stuff again” and 😍?
The Gemini moon month has certainly been a busy, dizzy, informative, changeable one eh? The New Moon energy rules the whole month with the Moon’s movements activating different experiences of that theme all month. We approach full moon in Capricorn (Sravana nakshatra) next week, and some of that swirling energy solidifies into a PLAN that bridges spirit and matter (Capricornian practicality arises from a supreme ability to bridge the space between sacred and mundane). The Sun squares Uranus continuing the buzzing tension and the unexpected, bizarre events unfolding personally and globally. You’ll be feeling it today through your emotions and body as the moon aligns with retrograde Saturn to square Neptune. It seems as if there is no limit or restriction to buffer the madness all around. This unmitigated violent chaos will only begin to meet resistance and structural approach from authorities when Saturn goes direct again at the end of this year. If you feel dark and hopeless today understand this feeling is a necessary step in flowing through to renewed conviction and strength you need to deal with these experiences affecting you personally, within your community and in the global community. Pray for those lost in fanaticism and violence and for those who have died at their hands, pray for those who have harmed you and pray for your own strength to heal the wounds they’ve inflicted. And most of all be peaceful with yourself, gentle with your heart. Seek those who can provide quiet rest for you until your strength returns 🙏 love Asha

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