Eclipse Approaches! 

The vibes are a bit clouded today…with Venus and Rahu (north node) aligned those waiting for news in terms of money, comforts or romance will be feeling the build up ahead of Thursday’s Full Moon eclipse…Jupiter and Mercury align on the cusp of Leo and Virgo. Mercury is mythically the love child of the Moon and Tara (his mother). Tara is Jupiter’s wife, so he can have a hard time accepting Mercury…Jupiter and Mercury aligning brings wisdom down to the domain of intellect and logic; asks us to accept the “children” brought forth from the experiences of our lives; even if those “children” are the results of other’s actions. Mars and Saturn are in conjunction and approaching exact alignment (Aug 24). Given this is also eclipse week DO NOT take any risks espcially driving, with the law or authorities. Don’t get into conflict with elders or respond to provocation with energy. Mars and Saturn are considered enemies – they have different lessons and action on us and together thry trigger the desire to leap forward regardless of the consequences (which will be harsh if we act that way). OR we refuse to budge from our stubborn position and Mars will bring us down 🔥 

We have a mix of drama, upheaval and resolution with some deeper shifts in tide (Jupiter in Virgo after 12 months, Saturn direct after 6 months). Rahu continues to have a powerful effect as Venus aligns today and the Sun in Leo all month. The Sun’s presence in Leo at the end of these Rahu reactions (caused by Jupiter’s interactions with  Rahu in Leo in last yr) brings light, blessings, recovery and new beginnings. Let it unfold…push nothing, take care and you will experience profound insights and lightening of issues in your life (related to the house position of Leo in your chart). Eclipses will most affect those with planets and points in Leo/Aquarius; those in Rahu or Ketu dasha/sub dasha, or Venus dasha/sub dasha…Venus ruled folks (especially Libra ascendant, sun and moon) also affected. (Pls note I use a sidereal chart not western tropical)
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