Mercury Retro…oh-oh

Here we goooo Mercury retro…3 weeks of topsy turvy, seeing things from the other side of the matter (or the otherworld depending on where he is dancing through your natal chart). Merc retro brings miscommunications, tendency to rush things (and get tangled in complications) and lost messages. But Mercury goes retro several times a year – it’s WHERE he touches your chart that you can expect to discover (or remember) an important bit of information or be challenged to think differently about an important matter. He moves backwards through Virgo to catch up with the Sun in Leo; inbetween 2 eclipses…expect things to be in flux for the next 3 weeks as the eclipses trigger some karmic shifts and Mercury’s retro makes us look into it deeply and change our viewpoint on *the thing* (whatever that is for you right now!) Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini so Virgo/Gemini Moon, Sun and Ascendant folk most affected also those with strong Mercury influence in their chart. Leo will also be affected as Mercury will be transiting backwards through your sign. 

If you need to look deeply into your situation or would like to know where these 3 eclipses and Merc retro will be stirring up activity in your life book in for tarot or astrology in person or online.

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