Horoscope for a New Week: Between Eclipses

The Sun is moving away from Rahu’s mouth, we are not yet past the shivering and shaking out of the solar eclipse last thursday. Look around you, what has been uncovered that you cannot look away from (pleasant or unpleasant) Go gently and as you look around you at whatever has been revealed draw on the steadying energy of the Sun/Mars/Saturn/Neptune square to make plans before the old structure comes undone altogether. 

The dissolution of this square is a relief but it also brings a rush of new activity, not a nap. (Sorry!) Tensions and any lingering health issues will clear up once Mars is in Sagittarius after full moon (Sep 18). 

The square with us til the end of the week brings stability – even if it feels like a holding pattern – test your strength and your muscles little by little. When Mars moves free of Saturn AND the Full Moon eclipse reveals the next step, AND the Sun races away from Rahu then you will need to be prepared already, know already, have plans in place…already. 

And those plans may jump and flow and need to change because we don’t quite know what this new phase looks like. So! This week travel through your life with wide open eyes, child – curious, but old-wise. Know your limits and bad habits. Laugh at yourself and keep her on track. And keep growing and blossoming .

In 10 days we have a Lunar-Sankriti full moon eclipse – an eclipse in a different sign – the very first degrees of Pisces. This is the 3rd eclipse in 30 days. This brings more than eclipse heightened awareness, it brings a shift in perspective – in our *capacity* to perceive. You will be able to see what you sense, the little whispers of your soul “it can be thus!” will become clearer; embodied, you will not just hope, you will know it to be so. Keep listening, keep working to what you sense to be true and necessary for you. Go with faith in yourself and the principles you cherish, you will find a clearer path. 
Love Asha 
Asha is a professional astrologer, tarot reader and mysteties teacher. She is also a chronic blogger, happy mama to 1, haphazard cook and likes to dance. You can book in with Asha here 

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