Learn to Read Tarot with Asha


Ever wanted to learn to read the tarot cards?

Have you got a deck but haven’t been able to get beyond the interpretations in the book?

Do you feel called to develop your intuition and inner vision?

Have you been working with the cards for a while and want to deepen your knowledge of how the cards work together or fill in some gaps in your knowledge?

Do you want to reconnect with this rich tradition and share this with others?

Join me as I teach this day-long tarot workshop which gives you all the foundational skills and techniques for reading tarot and bringing the wisdom & traditions of the card into your life. 

I have been reading the cards for 13 years and work with them daily to heal, transform and weave destiny. I bring my knowledge of the Western Mystery tradition to the reading space in practical yet magical way – after all, all spiritual knowledge MUST be useful – otherwise it wouldn’t survive the passage of time.

Learn :

  • How the small cards, the Trumps and court cards work together to build the story of Tarot.
  • Basic and intermediate techniques for reading cards, deepening practise and revealing the layers of meanings including 4 card spreads from simple to detailed.
  • Develop a tarot journal to make the taort meanings yours – your experiences, wisdom and knowledge.
  • Diviniation practises, ritual and keeping your space sacred and clear when working with the cards 

    November 19, 2016
    11 am to 4pm

    Early Bird: $80 before September 30
    Book with a friend before September 30 – $75 each. 

    **There are only 10 places in this intensive.**
    Waged: $90
    Concession/Independent Parent: $80

    We will break for lunch half way through and there will be lots of tea.

    Please bring any traditional tarot deck you may already be using. If you haven’t yet got a deck, I reccommend these which you can buy via my Amazon Store 

    The Rider Waite Deck
    The Marseilles Deck (Joderwosky-Camoin, Tarot de Marseilles or Ancient Italian)
    The Thoth Deck – Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris

    for more info get in touch here:



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