Moon, Mood & Magic: Workshop


Moon, Mood and Magic Workshop

October 15, 2016

1pm to 5pm

Did you know that planning your month around the moon’s phases brings more flow and success to your efforts? That there are times each month best for creating and completing tasks?

Have you connected the Full Moon or Dark Moon with your own emotional changes, dreaming and feelings?

Would you like to connect deeply with the mysteries of the moon, connecting with other women in your families and community through this ancient and sacred practise?

Are you ready to change your persepective on your sensitivities and make peace with the experience of changing moods?

You can work consciously with these experiences and with them, find your own rhythm through life. Our traditions see these sensitivities as necessary and useful, as essential to living deeply.

Join me for this Wild Women’s workshop on the Moon & Mood before the first Moon circle for 2016 (held at 7pm that evening).


– The phases of the moon, what they mean and how you can work with them practically, spiritually and emotionally

– How your own inner cycles reflect the moon

– The magic and myth of the Moon

– The sacred connections between your shifting emotions and the phases of the Moon

You’ll need:

– an art journal/ pens/pencils,

– cushion for sitting on &

– a listening heart

– your questions and knowledge of the Moon

You might like to get a moon phase app and begin noting the phases.


$60 per person for 4 hour Moon Phase workshop, small circle of women.

$75 for the workshop + full moon circle ($20) ceremony

book you place here

About Asha:


Asha is an astrologer, philosopher and women’s spirituality guide. She employs her training in astrology, tarot and ritual to understand and heal. Asha has experienced depression, anxiety and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). These no longer determine her quality of life, through much seeking and commitment to work she has found wise, old ways to soothe the wounded psyche so that the self can shine again. In that journey of healing, she discovered the greater, shamanic purpose behind these experiences. It is from this knowledge, gathered through her own effort and kindness of ones wiser than her, that she brings this to you.

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