Blood Moon: Healing Hearts 

The Moon is waxing to full ahead of the Pisces Full Moon eclipse Saturday (Friday for USA/UK). We’re in the midst of the eclipse spin cycle – last full moon in Aquarius was an eclipse, New Moon was the shadowing of the Sun – a very difficult energy. With Mercury retro between the New Moon 2 weeks ago and the Full Moon this weekend has made it easy to forget the revelations that last Full Moon heralded. If you’ve been in a slump for about 2 wks, going back over the old ground (Merc retro) or unable to move forward despite last month’s wonderful insights…that’s exactly as it should be. That churning is an essential part of the process of wisdom truly won. 

Trust the timing of the moon and sun, and wait to see what the Serpent writhing of Rahu & Ketu (lunar nodes) are bringing up. The churning of the murky depths reveals the jewels hidden deep, beyond your conscious knowing. We will see by the Full Moon’s light just what treasures have risen to the surface;  don’t mistake the shadows on the Sun and Moon for a true understanding of what’s happening for you. The shadows thrown by the eclipse help us to see things the brightness of the Sun/Moon hide from our view. These are places of power we cannot discover unless the eclipse hides the light for a moment. In order to discover it though, we have to allow our psyches, hearts, minds to be shaken up. Yes, it can be scary and it’s best to wait on the banks of the murky waters wating for the light to come back before you gather in the jewels that have floated to the surface. Trust the shaking up. Don’t mistake it for who you are. Don’t pathologise your experience. See what the Full Moon in holy Pisces – the sign of loving devotion – brings. The Full Moon will oppose Jupiter and Venus in Virgo too. The influence of these blessing planets in wise Virgo helps us to settle the high flow of feeling the Full Moons, and the eclipse cycle of the last 6 weeks has brought. More soon but for now share your experience in the comments and I’m happy to answer some questions on your own astrology (please use a Vedic or sidereal chart so we are both using the same zodiac 😊) Love Asha 

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