Super Fire Moon: Goddess Rises


Goddess is rising this Full Moon night as Moon draws close on the edge of fiery Aries & powerful Taurus. This is the 2nd Full Moon to be in Aries this year this Moon is rare for 2 reasons – she is closer to the Earth than she has been in decades AND she is also appearing in the sign of Aries TWICE triggering swift progression through Aries dynamic & flourishing energy in 1 month instead of a year.

Yes, my friends, we get a 2nd go at Aries Moon power – this time in the constellation of Venus (Bharani). The Moon remains Full as she floats into Taurus later tomorrow making REAL the fiery intentions of Aries, reminding us of Strength, Endurance and Tenacity.  Blessed by Venus both by constellation  (Bharani) & sign, Taurus the element of Mars is strong too as the Moon begins her Full Brightness in Warrior Aries. We have a dynamic flow of Holy Masculine  **clear** , active, masculine energy & the fierce, dynamic feminine power. We need this divine pairing of SHIVA & SHAKTI now to redress the imbalance of masculine energy that cut off from its source has become toxic – dry, tyrannical & redundant.

Restrictive Saturn has changed kingdoms with his enemy Mars – this is called “mutual reception” and creates challenges and provocations that – if managed wisely – lead to a hardening of resilience, a trust in one’s own energy & power. From that testing ground arises a new direction and a drive to create the structures we wish to live within.

Mars is riding powerfully in Capricorn bringing structural change to our own bodies, psyches & communities if we put in the hard work. Mars in Capricorn pushes us to get to work, tackling each task with valour and confidence.

Saturn is afflicted & churning up Scorpio’s waters in bitter tears but unable to do much other than foment upheaval and fear before Scorpio’s waters dissolves it again. Watch the churning, see what comes up – do not allow the fear all evil forces generate to stop you from your purpose. Do not ignore them either. Observe, take note and formulate a plan. 

Mars is inhibiting the restructuring impulse of Saturn – working hard in Capricorn to make new and more dynamic forms take hold. Saturn prefers to be steady and focus on righteous matters, when he moves into noble Sagittarius, January 17 2017 this grinding, emotional muddiness of the last 2.5 years will alleviate for some months  (my US friends take note). Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio mid year for a few months in 2017 but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

The Sun will begin to illuminate Scorpio mid week, changing signs from Libra to Scorpio where the Sun is stronger. When the Sun enters Scorpio he cleanses the waters, first we will feel an intensification of issues then a settling of the sediment and we can see what we have got under all this water. The Sun aligns with Saturn by December 7 solidifying and condensing matters. Light will come in through the cracks.

The Kala Sarpa period continues, churning us through our karmas over and over, intensifying and releasing in order to bring real change – not just escape from the work – over the whole Kala Sarpa period (read more here, dates are below). The end of the Kala Sarpa period in December also coincides with a Mercury retrograde. Expect more big reveals, unexpected twists of fate and for matters to look very different than they do right now, both personally and globally, until after our next round of eclipses ushering in a new cycle in early February 2017. 2016 has been what we astrologers call a sh*t year. Truly, it has been a mess from our time-bound, small perspectives.

Tonight under the Moon pray for Goddess, for the Feminine – not as receptive & nurturing but as she truly is when roused: Dynamic, the source of life itself, without which the world ceases to be. May she shine on the Earth and radiate her Fierce Power stirring all to seek Beauty, Justice and Love-in-Action.

May all beings femme, masculine & fluid gendered be free from illusion, filled with courage & driven by pure love. Let your anger drive an engine of change, let your bodies be made strong as your psyches are, speak with power & make the world anew so that all may be respected and honoured according to their merit and virtue and fundamental worth as a child of this Earth.

We are in for a wild ride my friends and we all have a part to play in this shift – we always do, of course, it’s just more apparent right now – we’re all pretty triggered by world and personal events. And when we’re triggered it’s time to shed old skin and do something new. It’s a time of growth and it can be joyous or terrifying, and usually it’s both of those things.

Let’s take responsibility (groan) for our conduct and our own responses to matters and wherever we can act from that Fierce Love.  Don’t look away and comfort ourselves with platitudes “all things move in cycles”or “think positive and change comes”. Of course both those things are true but they are not necessarily the right tool for the present situation. No my friends, think positive and get shit done is how change comes.  Ride the cycles and flow with the force of the Wheel. 

We incarnate in order to act upon the world and work out our karma and ideally do some good while we are here. Not acting is still an action, by default and few of us have the luxury of a hermitage. We are all in this together and we all get to keep on being together whether through our descendants or subsequent incarnations (depending on your view of things). There’s no stepping out of the fray of human experience so during these interesting times let’s work with the tides in the only way we can – throwing our energy into restructuring and reorganizing whenever possible in a way that supports more joy, justice and life for the Earth and all beings born from her.

Ferocious Love!



The dates of the most active Kala Sarpa aspect are:

27 September to 12 October

25 October to 8 November

21 November to 5 December

18 December to 28 December

The dates when the Moon breaks the Kala Sarpa Dosha temporarily are:

13 October to 24 October

9 November to 20 November

6 December to 17 December

29 December and onwards.

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    Please note that this is a Vedic analysis and therefore uses the Sidereal method of identifying the positions of planets in the signs (thus she has Aries while Tropical based Western astrologers have Taurus).


      1. I will try to remember that in the future. Do you wish the original comment to reflect that, or left alone (and therefore leaving this stream of commentary intact)?


  2. Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented:
    Please note that this is a Vedic analysis and therefore uses the Sidereal method of identifying the positions of planets in the signs (thus she has Aries while Tropical based Western astrologers have Taurus).


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