Release from the Serpent: December Astrology

Mercury retro kicks off again in Sagittarius mid month bringing a new look at your big picture thinking. Venus in Capricorn settles the high feelings of the last few weeks bringing realistic approach to our relationships & desires. ❤Venus is trailing Mars still working hard in Capricorn. Whatever Mars provokes into action, Venus follows with sweetness. If you’ve been working hard Venus brings a little ease to that domain of your life (check your natal chart for house affected). The Kaal Sarp yog (serpent) continues to push us to confront our karma – deep habits, patterns & consequences from actions. This has been confronting for many of us (yes, me!) but the aspect *also* brings wonderful opportunities to grow as a person & expand the scope of your ambitions.🌙The Moon breaks the Serpent aspect temporarily on the evening of December 6 bringing 2 wks of reduced intensity. Use that time to build towards your 2017 plans.  Full Moon is in Mrigashirsha constellation in the last degrees of Taurus. Work steadily on those transformations the Scorpio New Moon dragged up. Taurus brings us into our holy bodies. Make your body strong enough that you can deal with the upheavals that transformation brings. For those who struggle to sense beyond the immediate need of the body, work at attuning your body to your instinctive wisdom. We all encounter the divine in different ways. Kaal Sarp yog is broken by Mars’ fierce power after he aligns with Ketu (sth lunar node) Dec 27. Take especial care from Christmas through to New Years to avoid conflict, accidents & risk taking. Ketu brings through past life karma (good/bad) and Mars speeds that process up. This creates a big “push” so let’s not add anything to that tide through unconscious reaction or chasing change. Kaal Sarp yog breaks Dec 29 thank you Lord Mars!

 Merc retro ends Jan 8, Saturn changes signs after 2.5 yrs on Jan 26 & Feb brings eclipses. Until that change in stellar gears go gently. Revel in your triumphs/survival/growth in 2016 and bring peace through your presence to your families & communities.🌟 book your 2017 astro forecast/tarot readings by inbox/comment ♡🌙Asha

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