Full Moon in Taurus


Have you set your full moon affirmations?  The opposition of Saturn and Moon in Taurus asks us to do something different – to accept our limits and work from there. To stop living for when the dream comes true and to stand, feet on the ground fully in our bodies here and now.   Acceptance of real limits doesn’t have to be tough – but often it feels kind of pessimistic. Our culture is obsessed with unsustainable and constant growth. So often we are told by spiritual folks all we have to do is “set intentions” or avoid “negativity” to get the destiny we “deserve”. The harder we work at these intentions the closer we get, right? Or are we just convincing ourselves more and more and denying what is really going on? With this new age affirmation philosophy when things are awful, we are told “we manifested this for a reason”. This is an oversimplification in the extreme of a deep and established philosphy of karma, destiny and duty. It leads to self blame which leads to more fevered fantasy (visualising, manifestating, intention setting) in an attempt to escape the disapppoinent… and another cycle of self doubt, reproach and fevered efforts. We can change our responses to things and how we interpret the things that happen in our life. But we cannot positive vibe and affirm our desires into existence. I wish it worked that way!!! But it does not. Let’s break the merry-go-round of the same old desire/hope/disappointment/desire cycle. It is a simpler and more comforting thing to accept the limits of our reality: health, relationships, personality, body. There is peace and calm there, perhaps less pleasure but pleasure never lasts. Its very nature is fleeting (that’s why it’s so sparkly and special!) Let’s accept who we are *right now* rather than who we “just know” we could be “if only…” Then we take responsible and pragmatic steps to make changes where we can. We don’t waste our sacred vitality arguing against gravity or the refusal of others to grow with us.

The fulfilment that we long for is not found in having our desires met. Another desire will always pop up immediately! Contentment can be found in attending to our duties first. Our duties are a reliable and safe foundation on which to build our lives and limit the forces of chaos – in our psyches and our relationships and the wider world. Our duty is different depending on our circumstances. This full moon instead of setting a goal or vision perhaps you can consider your responsibilities, your destiny and purpose in terms of your obligations. What is your standing in family, community, professionally? What obligations does that bring? How can you work at that with honour and more grace? If you are a dreamer as I am this can be a harsh lesson to learn! We are used to thinking of magic and mysticism as a beautiful and shimmering thing. Real magic begins with complete acceptance of our reality, facing the limits and working from there.  Saturn and today’s full moon  ask us to stop thinking about how good it will be when the vision board, spell, affirmation manifests. Instead ask why do you want this? What is happening *right now* in your life? Instead of seeking to change matters externally through any kind of spiritual practise look at what your experience is teaching you about yourself, your karma, habits and the duty flowing from there. Love to all of you from this dreamer learning to embrace Saturn’s wisdom and the pleasures to be found in the humble and routine magic of daily life.
Thanks and respect to my grandparents and my godmothers M.L & M.P for teaching me this wisdom until I began to listen 😁
Love Asha

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