Mercury, Venus and Full Moon Kapow!


Ahahah! Mercury direct causing some serious mischief aligning with Uranus sorry lovers these are busy crazy changey times☇🔥 Merc and Uranus in Aries on the knot, a powerful point of transition in the zodiac, the almost end/almost beginning of the next spin of the Wheel. Squaring Pluto the world is rumbling, shaking as tyranny and the people push for a better deal for the next round. Mercury aligning with outer planets brings this more global energy into the personal realm woo! Lucky us as above so below 🙃. We are poised on the threshold and by full moon we should be ready to step across – or find we’ve already made our move. Sun in Aries and Mars powering through Taurus bring a determination to forge through come what may and an unwavering determination.

Powerful times personally for staking your claim and following through with what you said you’d do. Saturn and Jupiter are still retro making your longer term goals and plans seem out of reach, remember we still haven’t finished the retro process for those 2 so let’s deal with what’s at hand and ain’t there a lot to deal with rn! Until Mercury & Venus enter new ground after their retrograde we’re still in the “consequences” phase of relationship issues that began to arise around Jan 28; and the rethinking/communication issues since Merc retro shadow period began in early April…observe, synthesise, if you are unsure what to do wait, check in with your values and then act. Full Moon May 11, 742am AEST (Poornima starts May 10) in Vishaka in last degrees of Libra spans into Scorpio bringing secrets out from the deep and an abrupt rebalancing; justice, fairness and right conduct are weighed and balanced and apportioned. The build up in the next few days will be strong. This is a strong full moon. I say it twice so ya know. 😘 Libra can be severe and exact. Venus is in Pisces and Sun in Aries both exalted so there are many blessings too. Offer to those powers to assist you through anything troubling you. And careful how you speak, it will count 🙊 If you need some guidance book in now, I have only 3 spots this week and have cleared my schedule to allow for the havoc (for me not necessarily for you 😉)

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