The Sacred Gate: Libra Full Moon

Full Moon night in Vishakha star in Libra. Jupiter retro rules Visakha asterism. Venus rules Libra and is in her strongest place right now, Pisces blessing our love and friendships and gifting us with spritual peace. Vishakha constellation spans Libra and Scorpio…a triumphal gate from the 1st half of the zodiac to the 2nd span of the wheel of heaven. This is a full moon of transition across a threshold you have worked hard to cross. The retrograde of Jupiter and exaltation of Venus in Pisces bring wonderful but partially hidden blessings, Jupiter sets us back on our right path. Reversals are actually returns to the right road. Venus exalted in Pisces blesses the next stage of the journey as we pass through the gate of Visakha at full moon and receive the blessings of Libra.

Give thanks tonight

Grieve what was lost or dissolved during the Venus retrograde and the clarity arising from the recently finished Mercury retro now direct in Aries. Mercury starts us again heading forward, curious and courageous. Though Saturn is retrograde on the uneasy and difficult point between Sagittarius and Scorpio if we allow the pain and difficulty he is bringing to teach us our limits and accept his lessons the blessings of the coming month will more than balance any reality checks we’re experiencing. April was a muddled and difficult month. We welcome Lord Moon in gracious Libra and we step through the gate, knowing all is in balance and it is time for another new beginning.

May your Gods and Goddesses, Saints and Ancestors bless you, Asha .

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