The Courage to Understand: Gemini New Moon

The New Moon occurs tomorrow June 24 (AEST) in sparkling Gemini. We are deep in the Winter solstice here in the south and my northern friends you are at high summer – it is a time of pause, consideration and reflection before a change in tide. For those in Winter, we are at the point of the ebb, stillness and quiet. For those dancing high Summer you are at the highest, brightest point of the year – the climactic moment.

Mercury, the lord of intelligence, rules this new Moon and is in his own sign of Gemini. Mercury is bringing us so many “a-ha!” moments as we stand on the threshold of “then” and now. He aligns exactly with the new moon and the Sun and Mars. Moon, our satellite, beams their energies of intelligence, vitality and courage to us and the principle of courageous curiosity will be with us all lunar month. If we have the courage to look, listen and engage with these discoveries we can take a new, fresh path. Have the confidence to think critically, seeking clear sight into our circumstances personally, in our families, town and wider world. Let’s have the courage to shrug off the habits borne of our experiences, it’s time to take a left (or a right) at the crossroads, into new territory.

Saturn is retrograde on the knot between Sagittarius and Scorpio repeating in reverse the events of late January. The consequences for actions emerge, the tide flows back bringing to shore the results of our efforts. We reap what we have sown during the whole Saturn in Scorpio transit which began in November 2014. Although Saturn doesn’t turn direct until August and re-enter Sagittarius until October, this is a time when we see the “big issue” really has come to a close. It is a sensitive moment, we can keep living the same patterns or we can kick the same habits off again for another round. Attune to the clear intelligence of this New Moon and have the courage to think differently, to try a new way of being. Explore new ways of communicating and relinquish the old habits. Habitual responses are the impact marks of our experiences. If we want to leave the shadows of the experiences behind we need to kick their habits too. The eclipses in August will help you to release these new perspectives into being but now is the time to look over, understand and synthesise what has happened during the Saturn in Scorpio transit.

Each Saturn transit lasts about 2.5 years and his movement through Scorpio makes the truths of our life painfully real. We are torn to pieces by Saturn’s steady action and made to see the root cause of our behaviour and the consequences are paid out and played out. If we can grow through it instead of thrashing against it, we reap a bountiful harvest. The struggle transforms through Saturn’s steady accounting into wisdom and understanding. This understanding brings freedom – the freedom from the story and the freedom to choose differently in the days and years ahead. This last Scorpio Saturn transit brings the chance to really see and understand the roots causes and consequences of this time and to free ourselves from these burdens – from blame, guilt, frustration and habit.

Our experiences certainly shape us, but we must not lose our essential form to that process – we must strive to remember our values, abilities and destiny despite the events of our lives, not live in reaction to those events believing those reactions are our true nature.

Gemini or Mithuna is a sparkling, vital energy that seeks to unite the initiative of Aries with the substance of Taurus in the 3rd sign Gemini. The lovers, the twin flames, the anima and the animus, the soul and the mind – these are the principles of duality that the Gemini New Moon brings. Continue on your quest to know thyself, seek the shadow magic of your brightness and the gifts in your sorrows – know yourself and take the path ahead with courage.

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You can read by moon sign or ascendant sign. For the really outgoing, solar types you might like to read by your sun sign instead. Don’t know your astrological chart? Go here to generate your chart & find out your moon and ascendant (lagna) sign. Remember I interpret the zodiac according to the sky as it is now – more on the sidereal zodiac here. 

Aries : The new moon and Mercury, Sun and Mars in your 3rd house of mind, communication and siblings. This month will be a busy one with a focus on back-and-forth emails, messages, calls and communication. Make time to enjoy this busy, electric energy with friends not just work and study. Take care not to get heated in your speech as things can get out of hand quickly. As Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio a difficult aspects bringing health problems, frustration and dour mood can revisit. Take care not to over extend yourself and direct your energy towards a steady spiritual practise applying the experiences of the earlier part of the Saturn in Scorpio transit will help you make the most of this temporary reversal from this time.

Taurus: This New Moon sees you refocusing your values around money, resources and what constitutes comfort. You are willing to think differently about how you use what you have and to see the value in the long-term vision. With your ruler still in the 12th house in Aries for a little while longer you can expect to feel a bit of a pinch financially for a few more weeks. As Venus transits your sign from June 30, by Full Moon things will get a little more comfortable and lovely. Saturn moves back into your 7th house in retrograde beginning the “wrap it up” work of a significant marital or relationship issue that has been plaguing you since about November 2014. From October new vibes in your partnerships begin, but for now it’s about understanding this matter with a bit of critical distance and making peace with what has passed.

GeminiThis is your new moon! A time of new beginnings with your ruler also in the sign and go-get ’em Mars you experience a kick forward in your confidence and renewed energy to drive towards your goals. Any adventures you undertake will connect you with new acquaintances and reconnect you with friends who bring you joy and lightness. Reinvent yourself and renew your interest in YOU. Saturn moves retrograde into your 6th house after encroaching a little on the 7th house, Sagittarius. Take care of your health and look over those obstacles to your well-being and issues in your employment/day job from a different perspective. Take action to implement better habits and care for yourself especially avoiding overwork, even the high powered Gemini has an end to their energy!

Cancer Sensitive to every movement of the moon you ebb and flow. This New Moon takes place in the 12th house of the unconscious and letting go. The brilliant insight of Gemini turns inward and you can understand unconscious habits and behaviours that you need to release in order to begin anew at the next new moon. This is a quiet time outwardly but a busy time inwardly, your dreams help you to release these emotional knots and gain spiritual insight and dissolving ideas that are limiting your happiness and your potential. Saturn moves back into your 5th house bringing pressure to your love affairs to get real and making it a bit hard to enjoy activities that are “purposeless”, the playful leisure and enjoyment. These last 2.5 years you’ve had to be very serious and responsible, revisit this time now and take the lessons you’ve learned forward.  It’s time to take an integrative approach to these problems and let go of ideas that no longer align with who you’ve grown into.

Leo Royal and bold, it’s time to re-emerge in your social groups and networks and take your place. You are the centre of attention a lot of the time and this isn’t always what you want – but part of being a leader is to understand that leadership is as necessary a role as being a member of a group. Get out and about now, explore and enjoy – being in charge can be tiring, find others who get what that’s like and you’ll be able to recharge and renew your energy. Saturn moves in retrograde back into your 4th house bringing to a close difficult issues and blockages in the home environment and to do with your physical home/property too. You can expect these matters to move forward for good from October. Until Saturn leaves Scorpio take the time to look about you, be economical and cut your losses so you can make the most of your efforts at home and with your family of origin when Saturn goes direct in August.

Virgo The focus this month is on your career and reputation. Work matters speed up and you’ll get the most out of this month by planning and re-planning your approach to your career and your public standing. You have the opportunity to seize new opportunities that can move your goals forward, but these won’t really be clear to you until the huge shift in August triggered by the eclipses. Saturn moves back into your 3rd house making you reticent to take risks or be too active socially, but this heaviness will lift again by October. You will need to be mindful of your tendency to be too reticent speaking and communicating to move your career ambitions forward.  The Gemini energy encourages you to be more willing to explore the possible rather than what is reasonable.

Libra Your ruler Venus is in the 7th house of relationships until June 30 continuing her sweetening influence on your significant relationships and bringing grace and sweetness to the committed partnerships in your life. From June 30 Venus moves into the mysterious 8th house bringing and improvement in your mood, sexual intimacy and material comforts received through the efforts of your partner. The New moon is also in an airy sign, in your 9th house of higher learning, philosophy and religious ideals. If you are studying you learn quickly and delight in new knowledge. You are curious and willing to consider new ways of thinking about the big questions of life. Saturn moves back into your 2nd house creating a bit of a pinch materially but you’re probably used to that after 2.5 years of it! Take the lessons you’ve learned from that time and remember to apply better resource management of money, time, love and energy from here on in!

Scorpio The New Moon appears in your 8th house – the truth of intimate relationships, understanding of your secret, innermost nature become clear to you, you understand your actions, unconscious desires and what you need to really connect with the others in your life. You may also come to an understanding of how the wounds you carry are interfering with the real connection you seek. With Saturn moving back into Scorpio you revisit the old pains of the last 2.5 years but the new moon helps you to understand the routes and source of this difficulty. This brings relief and release and next month you will feel more confident to reach out and build new relationships. For now, be gentle, seek and understand but don’t judge yourself. Your ruler Mars helps the insights flow thick and fast and bring radical change that will leave the end of 2018 as a much happier and easier time for you.

Sagittarius The New Moon is in your 7th house of relationships – you are all about your “other” this month and perhaps some of your Sagittarian obtuseness about your partner’s needs is assisted by the clever Gemini insights to improve the connection and happiness in your committed relationships. If you are single at the moment, you’ll get insight into the habits and behaviours keeping you from finding the right kind of partnership for the free-spirited Sagittarian. Your ruler Jupiter turned direct early in June so you begin to feel more yourself again. Saturn revisiting your 12th house can bring those self-doubts, self-sabotaging behaviours and avoidance into clear focus – as Saturn goes direct after August it’s time to accept, understand and change those patterns that keep tripping you up and dampening your natural happy, optimistic attitude.

Capricorn Your ruler Saturn is in retrograde in your 11th house and it may feel a little like everything you’ve been driving towards has slid backwards once again. It is a good time to check the foundations of your plans, apply a critical eye to your ambitions and see what is missing from your strategies, take steps to reinforce any vulnerable points. After October Saturn will move into the 12th house and stop blocking the gains from your efforts you began to glimpse at the end of January. The New Moon in Gemini brings renewal to your 6th house of routine, health and your day job. A new diet plan, exercise strategy or work schedule will stand you in good stead for the coming weeks and months. You are willing to think laterally, not just critically, about this area of your life.

Aquarius The New moon appears in your 5th house of romance, creativity, leisure and children. The focus this month is on your children, whether they be actual bubs or your pet projects. The combination of Gemini energy and focus on the 5th house makes you flirty, cheeky and interested in romance – given that you are a space-cadet of the first order dear Aquarius it’s important to remember that not everyone has your broad minded, liberated ideals about such things and take care not to cause yourself too much mischief! You feel good about yourself and are excited about the opportunities for self exploration and expression that romance and creativity offer you. Saturn moves in retrograde into your 10th house of career and reputation slowing matters down once again, but also bringing results to the surface – finally! –  from your hard work in the last 2.5 years.

Pisces Sweet dreamers, the new moon is in your 4th house of home, roots and family. You may be feeling an acute need to nestle under a blankie with your loved ones and in your wistful Pisces way, far from home. This New moon challenges you to think about what home really means for you and what is important to you, at the most root level, for you to flourish and grow. Sudden insights and a flash of awareness combine with a determination to speak to what you feel rather than just letting it flow around you in an undifferentiated sea of feeling and longing. Saturn moves in retrograde into your 9th house of higher ideals, delaying travel and bringing critical perspectives on faith and belief. Combined with the insight about home and roots, you have some pretty solid realisations that you might have been so rigid in your lofty ideals that you couldn’t see the details of your situation. Don’t be rueful, instead understand how much you’ve grown since November 2014 and that this is the purpose of the philosophical quest, to change through understanding both your potential and your limits.  Then you can lead a truly magical life.

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