Full Moon in Sagittarius: Joyous Moon


diana the huntress 2
Charles Edward Hallé (English painter), 1846 – 1914, The Archer

The moon is still waxing full but shines bright tonight in Sagittarius. The archer constellation beams the energy of wisdom and love of discovery, expanding hearts and hopes after a week of friction and frustations. The full moon aligns exactly with Purva Ashadha star (part of Sagittarius) the star of victory and righteousness. In Vedic tradition this night is called Guru Poornima, the full moon dedicated to the greater blessing planet, Jupiter/Guru. No matter where you are at right now, the Full Moon will bring good fortune. This is a sacred night to give thanks to teachers and wise guides who have helped you come to awareness so far. It is time to expand your expectations for your life and your perceptions of what is possible. We are asked to be willing to take a wise risk, to make the effort to improve and discover more about ourselves. Students, teachers and philosophers can ask for blessing on their work tonight.

The last phase of Saturn in Scorpio retrograde has brought into clear focus just how much we trip ourselves up and undo our efforts with habits of fear and reaction. The tense angles between Sun, Mars, Mercury (in Gemini) and Pluto (in Sagittarius) have been fraying tempers, nerves and patience all week, softening with Mercury’s ingress into Cancer a few days ago. Saturn’s steady, awe-ful work has been solidifying things, turning them over, showing those blockages and self-limiting actions so clearly. Now, it is time to let go. No more going over. Look beyond instead. The bow is drawn with tension, it’s only then the arrow can fly.

This Full moon opposes Mars in high heat in Gemini, aligned to Sun. Mercury has moved out of this tight aspect into gentler Cancer helping us get in touch with how we feel about all this self-realisation. At the same time the sentimental seas of Cancer can overwhelm the mind making it hard to understand the reasons for our reactions. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be any other need than the need to flow, be felt and dissipate.

Sagittarius Full Moon is about the love of the quest. The adventure, the chance to stretch our legs in open country can be a joyous experience, but it is always provoked in the first place by a problem or need to move on from where we were. This week I know many of us felt entangled in Saturn’s machinations and the Mars/Pluto opposition. Hovering somewhere between threatening chaos and a sudden, brave leap to change, remember that these tensions are necessary and essential to the adventure.

Seek illumination and wisdom wherever you find yourself in your story. If you are the hero lost in the dark, remember that all heroes in all stories are hopelessly lost in the moments before their success. It is always in the moment of despair that she discovers her capacities, talent or the purpose of the Quest.

If you have lost your way, pause and see if you can find a wise guide at the next stile or crossroads – but beware the tricksters too! If you have reached the end of one situation, set your face with determination towards the rising moon and head out into new territory. There will be adventures, intoxicating lovers, combatants, bad guys and treasures on your path…there always are. But staying where you are is no longer an option. Remember what has been taught you, give thanks to your teachers and remain curious about the road ahead. Infinite potentials blossom wildly either side of the path at your feet, curving around the hill, over a mountain and into your destiny.

Sagittarius Full Moon / Guru Poornima Times
Sydney: 2:06 pm, July 9
London: 5:06 am, July 9
New Delhi: 9:36 am, July 9
Los Angeles: 9:06pm, July 8


You can read by moon sign or ascendant sign. For the really outgoing, solar types you might like to read by your sun sign instead. Don’t know your astrological chart? Go here to generate your chart & find out your moon and ascendant (lagna) sign. Remember I interpret the zodiac according to the sky as it is now – more on the sidereal zodiac here. 

Aries  Full moon shines bright in your 9th house of joy, adventure and education. With your ruler Mars in opposition to the Moon you are confronted with frustrations in the daily routine of life that seem to block your moves towards the VISION. Look to the horizon, remember the adventure and channel that frustrated energy into your highest ideals. Do the detailed work but get moving again. Don’t get caught up in petty concerns, remember how high you can soar when you let your heart dream big. Venus blesses your 2nd house of resources but Saturn retro is inhibiting her good effects – however Venus is also hampering some of the losses Saturn might otherwise bring. There can be tensions and suffering for a loved one, just keep supporting, Saturn direct will bring things back to a steadier track in August, just keep active, inspiring and working towards the dream. You carry all before you with your enthusiasm once you get to work.  Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Taurus  Lovely Venus, your ruler, continues to grace your sign, softening some of the inner struggles brought to light by the full moon in your 8th house of intimacy, emotional conflicts and secret passions. Your feelings are affecting your thinking profoundly – as Mercury transits Cancer you can gain much by observing and understanding, sitting with those surges of emotion. You are a sensuous creature but you can struggle to name your feelings, Mercury is making you a little uncomfortable but will help to bring things to the surface to be released so you can settle into enjoying Venus’ blessings. Saturn continues to retrograde into your 7th house bringing you back into habits with your significant other/closest people that can have you feeling like you’ve lost ground. You are consolidating, be gentle with yourself. Saturn will cease to afflict so much come August when he turns direct again. Venus blesses you all month, making you beautify and care for yourself, keep building up the love and self-care and everything else will ease.  Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Gemini  Mars and Sun in yor sign opposes the Full Moon, busying your social life with strange coincidences and unexpected thoughts. Fateful connections, especially in terms of your relationships come to light. You are being invited to let go of old habits and hurts in love and get moving again, towards what you desire. Mercury your ruler is in moody Cancer pushing you beyond what you think you feel, right into those feelings. You would probably rather say something hilarious and deflect, but have the patience to let the feelings speak so you can understand what was brought to a crisis this week. Enjoy the lighter vibes of the full moon – Venus is in your 12th house helping you to release the stuff holding you back from the connections you really long for. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Cancer  The Moon influences Cancerians most of all. You ebb and flow, sensing and feeling so much. This is your gift, but at times it’s overwhelming. Mercury in your sign will help to bring a little bit of detachment and  the right words to say what you’ve been feeling. Just keep in mind that Mars and Pluto in opposition across your 12th and 6th house aspect heighten the risk of you just suddenly letting it all out at once – while this approach will clear the air and ease your frustration it may have consequences too disruptive for your tastes. Let the full moon show you the wise path to dealing with the obstacles in your life and apply the right knowledge to issues on the job which have been stressing you. Venus graces your friendship sector, it’s a good time to reconnect and enjoy these sweet connections. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Leo  The Full moon forms beautiful aspect to your sign dear Lion renewing a sense of optimism and joy and encouraging flirtatious mischief by the silvery light of the moon. The influence of Pluto can help you experience a moment of deep, soul shattering insight into your approach to love and desire. Mars opposing provokes you to stand in your sovereignty and stop accepting friendships and flirtations that are less than reciprocal. Take care to avoid overdoing it with telling friends exactly why you are so fed up with things, instead pay attention to the irritation and make different choices about where and with whom you are investing your time. We love our lions, but we’re all scared of that ROARR! Mercury in Cancer will help you understand the unconscious and repressed feelings motivating these changes. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Virgo  Your work life has been busy and perhaps a little tense as your ruler and Mars have been tangling there since the New moon 2 wks ago. Your ruler has now moved into the easier 11th house bringing gentler times socially. The full moon in your 3rd house brings you a beautiful clarity of mind and those of your working on detailed projects requiring diligent focus or study will make good ground in the coming weeks. Venus is in harmonious aspect to your sign in your 9th house of good fortune, luck and higher learning this means the 2 blessing planets form good aspect – gentle, happy but steady gains for you! Any higher learning or professional development undertaken will be blessed by this aspect and bring good results. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Libra Venus rules your sign and she brings passion and intrigue to your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources. If you are in a relationship you’ll be finding new grace in sharing life with your partner, despite the tension of Saturn retrograde who is making money a little thin on the ground. You are discovering new ways to enjoy life that don’t require too much liquid cash. This creates a new agreement and understanding that takes your heart connections to the next phase. The Full Moon is in your 3rd house of communication, ideas and courage. It’s time to think beyond your usual care and consideration. Being able to rely on others – whether they are a dear friend or life partner – means you need to change how you have been thinking about what is possible for you. Don’t let your love of peace become stasis, keep seeking more beauty! Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Scorpio Saturn is grinding his gears in retrograde in your sign, but you’re a Scorpio, you can deal with harsh realities because you can look into the depths of yourself unflinchingly and still commit to change. Thing is, that’s an old habit of severity and intensity you’ve gotten into the last 2.5 years. Despite the bubbling tensions of Mars, this full moon provokes you to think of a different way of dealing with these confrontations than the Scorpio preferred method of BURN IT ALL DOWN AND ARISE AGAIN. Sagittarius offers you a different path. No sacrifice, no suffering, no torturous soul searching required, bounty is all about you. Just turn right and head on down the road. Are you ready to do things with a light heart? (Do you need to learn how to do that?). Venus graces your house of relationships helping to melt your hard outer armour and to express the powers of your being in a gentler way. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Sagittarius  This is your full moon dear Archers and everyone is up there in high feeling with you! You can see the whole picture from up here – the little frustrations and tensions of Mars opposing have their place in getting you to deal with the detail work and necessary actions you need to achieve the big vision. They may have even manifested as physical injuries or verbal conflict with spouse/partner, but don’t let this cause you to bolt or sulk. The tension is the necessary taut string releasing the arrow of your vision. When Mars moves into Cancer in a few weeks you will feel some relief from issues with your partner. Saturn has gone back into your twelfth house and is hard at work tying up the loose ends to the period of spiritual wisdom you have been learning since Nov 2014. Remember the power of faith you have cultivated and that Saturn’s retrograde is just stirring up the old doubts one last time. This is a final test of the integrity of your ideals before Saturn moves into your sign making your visions a reality in late 2017. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Capricorn The Full moon shines bright in the 12th house of the mysteries of life. Pay attention to your dreaming, your inner self needs to speak to your ever pragmatic day time self. Saturn, your ruler, is retrograde in Scorpio replaying a sense of social isolation that was dissipating for you, but it is dissipating, and will be played out  by October. Don’t let it get you down too much, nor allow the Sun and Mars in your 6th house make you too stressed at work. Set limits and keep your eyes on your long term strategy. Venus is in glowing aspect to your sign, bringing her blessings to your home and domestic life. Although you may be feeling restricted socially and frustrated at work, drink in the comforts of home and family. After all, this is what the Capricorn does it all for – they build a better world for their kin to flourish in. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Aquarius Full Moons buzz you sensitive space creatures more than most of us, you seemingly flow to a whole other rhythm and time…you know long before the rest of us arrive! The Full Moon glows bringing many friends, adventures, outings and happy connections. Your ruler Saturn is retro in Scorpio one last time helping you to really understand and put to bed conflicts around your calling in life and issues with your father/father’s family. You are becoming stronger in your own sense of purpose and destiny, even if others don’t quite get why you might be on the path you are on. Mars brings energy and focus to your 5th house of creativity and self expression giving you an extra dash of courage to be you without apology or fear. Venus graces your 6th house of health and healing, helping you to recover any nervous tension and bringing a brighter atmosphere at work. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

Pisces Beautiful dreamer, this is the Full Moon of your brother sign, Sagittarius. You are both ruled by Jupiter/Guru and this is a special moon for you, it’s more soulful and philosophical than adventurous but it lifts you to a new peace and calm with the world and your place in it. The Full Moon shines bright in your 10th house of calling and career. Know that you are on the right path, have faith in your vision and lead the rest of us to understand. Jupiter continues to bless your 7th house of relationships until September helping you find common ground and happiness with your partner. If you are not in a committed relationship Jupiter blesses partnership and business endeavours and improves your reputation. Venus is in your 3rd house making it easier to communicate your needs and desires, in hugs; touches that bring warmth and gentleness. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.


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