Tarot Salon: Wild Woman Spirituality

Altar from Wild Woman circle: ‘Love as Transformation’ – 3 of Swords, 2 of Cups

Asha is teaching her tarot knowledge and sharing the stories of the Wild Woman at once monthly Salons exploring the mysteries of the tarot and the journey of the soul through the tarot universe. Join like minded souls to work creatively into this ancient initiatic tradition – Tarot.

The Tarot Salon will be held once every month on the South Coast 1.25 hours south of Sydney. This is a Women’s Mysteries and Tarot salon – we will work through the tarot intuitively, spiralling into the mysteries and calling out different Archetypes and stories in the cards as we go along. We will be working the wise, wild way – into the tarot as a path of initiation, individuation and spiritual transformation.

August 5, 2017: Mystery & Tradition:

In our first circle we meet, prepare and familiarise with the structure, rhythms and fundamental stories written in this book of wisdom. Book your place here 

You will select the Major Arcana you wish to work with for the next few months and learn some of her stories. Bring your traditional tarot deck, an offering for our altar and let’s meet at the crossroads to discover the wisdom, mystery and tradition of the tarot. We will be meeting during the bright part of the lunar month, almost every month, spiralling deeper into this magic, walking together and seeing the transformation that comes with discovering the tarot stories.  In our first session we will discover the minor arcana, major arcana and meet the court cards. You can also bring your tarot deck and we will make blessing together, as we dedicate ourselves to discovering these deeper mysteries.

September 9 – The Way of Love 

In this session we explore the magic of the Watery Elements of the Tarot – the suit of Cups. All about the heart, feeling, flowing and sensing meet the Queen of Cups and her King – discover the meanings of the cards and follow the path of love as spiritual awakening as hidden in the Tarot.

October 14 – Encounter the Red Goddess

Encounter the Goddess, Red with passion, beauty, desire, ferocity and love through her symbols The Priestess, The Empress, Strength, Justice, Temperance and The Universe. These are the Major Arcana of the tarot – we meet these fierce, devoted, loyal and Queenly ones and explore their presence and how to evoke them from within.

November 11 – The Serpent and Transformation 

Encounter the power of transformation we map using the Tarot to show us the path. Whether through ecstasy or agony we transform and arise, now we explore the tarot and the guidance we need to share and find in the moment of crisis. Explore the nature of thresholds of change, difficult dreaming shifting to healing and much more. We will meet the first day of a new lunar month, on a serpent moon day – powerful time indeed!

The Tarot Salon is designed to give you time for yourself spiritually as well as encountering this beautiful tradition as a way of enriching your personal journey, working with dreams and other creative work. Tarot has been folding mystery within mystery and providing the answers for hundreds of years to problems esoteric and practical. By making sacred time for yourself you make sacred space to decompress and allow the intuitive self to speak. The work is grounded in earth-based spirituality and developing the wise inner voice – the cards are just the images of the story. 

You don’t need any tarot knowledge just a willingness to discover your creativity and explore the Wild with curiosity. If you already study tarot you will find plenty of rich work here in the deeper mysteries – I will weave different threads within our work, so you can travel as deeply as you like and invoke greater wisdom into your working.

The workshops will be 3 hours long, – allowing for significant work and connection. The salon will include simple meditative practise, creative work and ways of working with the tarot and whatever greets you in life at this moment.  We will hold a gentle, connected space while remaining true to the tradition of tarot. We’ll have some tea as we work and the sessions will generally start around midday finishing in time for Sydney and further visitors to return home before dark.

Each session will cost $80 waged /$60 concession (full-time students, those reliant on income support) and be limited to about 10 particpants, held in a beautiful space on the south coast (1.25 hours from Sydney).

The venue backs onto the rainforest – there’s plenty of space to work inside and outside, so you can retreat, and then reconnect in circle in the main area flowing with the work, pausing as needed, making space to listen.

All particpants will have access to a private Facebook forum for which will allow you to share tarot knowledge, questions and insights in the weeks between.

But what if I’m not intuitive? 
You can use the tarot as a story book, a map, divination tool or healing spiritual medicine wherever you are in your journey. You don’t need to be experienced or be intuitive but more experienced readers will deepen their practise through this work too. All of us have intuition, some of us have worked it to consciousness a little more – creativity, divination, dream work and sharing with other seekers cultivates and develops the Wild Self – this is what this circle is for!

Is this a once-off or an ongoing thing?
We will meet about every month to support a truly deep understanding and development of your ability. Ideally you will commit to regular practise, discovery and study of these ancient mysteries. Making time for your spiritual life is important and tarot cannot be learned in one or two sessions, it is an initiatic process – setting this time aside to come work with others in this way ensures you have the place of retreat and restoration. For this reason, the salons are designed to be affordable as well as packed with practical skills for reading and initiation into the deeper mysteries of the cards.

A little bit about Asha:
Asha is an experienced reader and teacher, she has studied the tarot traditions for over 13 years and runs a tarot and astrology practise incorporating spirtual counselling and stories as magic as part of her work. More than a “how to use tarot” these salons are a place to meet with other likeminded femmes and share your own magics, make connection, take time for your creative life and renew yourself. You can find more about Asha on her website www.ashamaria.com – please msg me any questions you may have.

Who is this workshop for?
This set of workshops is designed for and dedicated to the Divine Femme as a sacred space for all femmes to meet, share, unite and renew spiritually. All my workshops are GLBTIQ safe spaces. This series of workshops is focused on Femme mysteries and a safe space to restore the power to the Femme.

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