Mercury in Leo: Retro & Horoscopes


As if 2 eclipses and Saturn direct, Rahu/Ketu changing signs wasn’t enough this month Mercury is also going retrograde in Leo on August 13, 2017. Mercury/Lord Budh is the illuminator of our intelligence, fast moving, youthful and energetic. The love child of Moon and Tara – Jupiter’s wife, Jupiter is wisdom but Mercury is the wit that leads to exciting insights and ideas. In the royal sign of Leo we experience great ideas that can expand our kingdom, warm and effusive communication, and good news.

Mercury in Leo gives us a mental confidence boost. He makes our words grand, loyal and a little over-the-top. We have big plans and our perspectives broaden – we are confident to try new ideas and challenge mental habits to form a new, more positive self-concept.  Take care not to over promise, you may cause mischief for yourself if you cannot deliver!

The retrograde period brings a review in any leadership roles you posses and the house placement of Leo in your natal chart will show you the area of life under review (check out the horoscopes below). Watch that tongue doesn’t get you in trouble – don’t give imperial commands – especially as Mercury aligns with the Sun twice during this transit!

Mercury retrograde periods are a time of turning our logic, speech and intelligence inward. We are more reflective and hesitant to speak – if you are born with natal Mercury retrograde then you find yourself able to express what’s on your mind. Mercury retrograde is a time of mischief and mistakes, we either speak too quickly or can’t straighten out our thoughts or blurt out things better left unsaid, especially as Mercury approaches conjunction to the Sun. Mercury aligning with the Sun August 21 to September 3 = speaking hot words.


Read by your moon sign for most accurate forecast.

Aries: Mercury retro in the 5th house of creativity brings good news re lovers and romance. If you have children you will be rethinking your approach and working to improve your relationship. Leo is in harmonious aspect to your sign making the big ideas spark. Spend time researching what you need to make your grand ideas successful realities.

Taurus: Mercury retro in the 4th house helps you to find your place as Queen of the kingdom in your home and settle into your status in your family – or fight for it! Pleasant times with Mum or coming from the mother’s family. A huge revision of what really sustains you, from the roots up, is under way.

Gemini: Mercury retro in your 3rd house of mind, communication and ideas gets you to think big about what is possible for you. Striking out independently, your written work and communication gets a creative confidence boost. It’s time to step up your career ambitions and make a name for yourself.

Cancer : Mercury retro in the 2nd house has you rethinking the best ways to boost your income and maximise your resources. Ever the careful planner, time to think and review your long term goals and align it with what you want to achieve materially so you can spoil those most important to you – family, and yourself of course.

Leo : Mercury transits your own sign communicating the intelligence of your Leo planets to your conscious mind. You arrive at a greater understanding of yourself and your life direction. Time to review how you are expressing your persona to the outside world. The end of the retrograde brings a sense of ‘new you’ and new self confidence.

Virgo : Mercury, your ruler, works to bring insight into those parts of your psyche you don’t normally spend much time in – the murky unconscious. Time to make sense of your past and identify the unconscious habits which inhibit your self confidence. Create new, confident self concept and let go of memories that limit your happiness.

Libra: Mercury retrograde in your 11th house brings friends together, helping to revise your approach to your career and how to maximise gains from what your create. Mercury rules your 12th and 9th houses and the retrograde helps piece together understanding about deep inner work and your long term vision.

Scorpio: Mercury goes retro in your 10th house of career and vocation. New ideas, brain waves and unexpected news lead you to revise your plans. Don’t act til you have all the information, tenacious Scorpio, wait patiently until the direct motion of Mercury shows you where to strike to achieve success.

Sagittarius: Mercury retro in Leo brings heat and light to the 9th house of travel, highest ideals and philosophy.  Reversals in plans for travel and study can be expected but work with it, somehow you’ve drifted a little off your path. Mercury direct will bring fresh insight, the brakes need to go on, so that you can recalibrate and head in the right direction and achieve your goals.

Capricorn: Mercury in Leo brings reviews the 8th house of intimacy and debts. Look over your financial obligations and check that shared effort, is actually shared. A good time to look at your debts, material & emotional and reorganise yourself so you can manage them better. A time of contradictions, be patient and allow Mercury to throw light on the situation.

Aquarius: Mercury retro exposes issues in your 7th house of partnership and closest friendships. Mercury guides you to look from a different perspective, challenging fixed ideas about yourself and your other/s. Make sure you also discover more about your own needs, fair-minded Aqua, and express them. This will improve communication with your dear ones and lead to more balanced relationships.

Pisces: Mercury asks you to look closely at your health routines and how much you are giving to others. Too much (over devoted Pisces)? Or too passive (avoidant and absent)? How much time/energy/resources do you have to deliver what you wish you could give? It’s time to make changes in how you are organising your life, sometimes saying no makes space for more happiness, allowing you to say ‘yes’ to what matters.

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Important dates for this transit:

Mercury enters Leo: July 21, 2017

Mercury becomes Retrograde : August 13, 2017
Mercury combust Sun: August 21 to September 3
Mercury goes direct:  September 05, 2017

Mercury enters Virgo: September 27, 2017


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