Determined & Sweethearted: Eclipse!

Are you ready to exhale and remerge strong and sure, soft and lovely? The Lunar Eclipse is tomorrow in Capricorn, Shravan nakshatra. Salute the twin serpents Lord Rahu and Ketu as the doors of fate fling open. It is a sensitive time – stand at the door with courage and pure heart love and watch the tide change. It is time to release and embrace the new without pushing or calling in. We don’t ever need to push our karma at these times. Trust instead. Release, breathe it out and ‘wait on God’.

Venus is rising at the moment of this full moon eclipse and also the next, at the solar eclipse new moon Aug 21. Her blessings are rich. Gentle and generous. Though the vibes are high, the Capricorn/Cancer polarity of this eclipse cycle, the slowing of Mercury before his retrograde Aug 13 and slowing of Saturn as he turns direct Aug 25…bring a sense of pause as well. Wisdom, patience and good conduct. Capricorn/Makara is often misunderstood – the “boring” sign or perhaps just “ambitious” but the mystery of Capricorn is that it bridges Earth and Sea, matter and feeling.

We can sink deep into our bodies and the realms of our senses with gentleness. With the wisdom born of Saturn’s hard lessons in Scorpio, we give Lord Saturn gratitude…we build this wisdom into our bodies, structures that support our ambitions, we take our place in the hierarchies of our lives and align our actions with the deeper needs of the heart. Hardy, wise and in touch with the deep well of feeling this eclipse calls us to move with determination and inevitability of Saturn with the Heart of Sweet Water. Bless you as you dive deep with determination, patient confidence and the unrelenting love of Capricorn. 

Wait on God, listen deeply – with love, Asha

Eclipse Times

Please traditional lore holds that sensitive individuals or those who are sick, elderly or pregnant are not advised to look upon the eclipse.

East Coast Australia: August 8
begins 3:22 am
maximum: 4:20 am
end: 5:18 am

New Delhi, India: August 7/8 – partial
begins 10:52 pm
maximum: 11:42 pm
end: 12:48 am

London UK: August 7 – partial

begins 8:30 pm
maximum: 8:35pm
end: 9:50 pm

Los Angeles, USA – not visible






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