Between eclipses: knots and fire

IMG_20170808_104845_338That high sweetness of the waxing moon yesterday gives way to some actual work (damn it!) we are just after Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn but already that intense sickening churning is underway as we now sit between the doors of the eclipses. Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes, the karmic serpent, get to work shaking us up. Lord Mars is heated by his closeness to the sun; a tension that will continue to rise as we approach the Solar eclipse in Leo, Magha nakshatra*. The eclipse is not visible in Australia, August 22 for Australia, visible over North America August 21 1:30pm (UTC)

Weird karmic echoes popped up late yesterday and in our dreaming last night. Exhale, let’s not go in for another round of that old, stale stuff. Draw on the Capricornian/Cancerian energy – determined as Saturn, with the Heart of Cancerian Sweet Water.

See any old patterns as a sign of release and growth; acknowledge it and respond the way you know is better. With discernment but a loving heart – and perhaps some deep forgiveness for yourself.

Did I mention this eclipse is also on one of the 3 big ‘knots’ or gandanta in the zodiac? The gandanta points show a gear shift between one stage of growth as a soul, and another. This makes this coming eclipse a BIG DEAL. There are 3 knots or gandanta in the zodiac and the one between Cancer and Leo marks a shift from Ashlesha nakshatra (transformative serpent power) to Magha nakshatra (royal and strong).

The coming Solar eclipse in Leo asks us: Are you ready to step out of the thrashing emotionality into your destiny? That thing you’ve been striving for, for so long…are you ready to DO it now that it’s here?

The lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu are also changing signs, bringing a new focus to our karmic and deep psychological work (this last happened in January 2016).  Rahu (north node) crosses into sensitive Cancer for 18 months bringing our focus to working out issues along the Cancer/Capricorn axis of hearth and vocation. (Please check the house placement of these signs for more info on how it’s going to affect you, and look for Leo too for where this coming eclipse will light your personal astrology up – or book a reading)

Saturn is finishing up his business in Scorpio 

Hack1Since Nov 2014 Saturn the karma keeper and dealer of realities, took us into searingly real Scorpio. Saturn goes direct days after the solar eclipse Aug 21 after 6 months retrograde. He then heads toward the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius, another gandanta – a tricky point called Moola nakshatra* – the roots or goad. Saturn takes the mattock with calloused hands and pulls up the last stubborn parts of an old weedy plant that’s taken root deep in our psyches. This is wonderful liberation! But it leaves a space, something that mattered so long – no matter how thorny and bitter it was – is gone. Pray to Lord Saturn or ask for wisdom to understand what you should plant anew there…make space for something sweeter. You are wiser now.

We got a taste of this at the beginning of 2017 and now Saturn is coming back to finish the job before he leaps into brighter, adventurous Sagittarius until 2020. Uranus** is in retrograde in Aries, heading back towards the Pisces/Aries knot. So…eclipse on one knot, Saturn on another and Uranus on the 3rd. Ha!

Massive changes are there if you will do the inner work – gently – and they’re going to take place anyhow…as we know! You can take Saturn’s path, steady and careful. Or the Leo Sun’s path, royal and confident. You can even take whacky Uranus’ path – mystic giggles all the way to the next phase… but let’s choose wisely, attune to what we need right now, given our circumstances, capacities and resources. We must be gentle…Saturn does not allow speed and Uranus retro and Rahu – the transformation-at-all-costs Serpent – should not be encouraged in their weird volatility. Mars is also still aligned with the Sun bringing agitations and arguments so physical expression of that energy can help limit cross words.

Gather power now and be willing to step into your birthright, Leo energy is coming at the new moon eclipse and Leo energy is BIG and GRAND. Mercury retro in Leo will first confuse and review these issues in order to bring understanding – in fact so much is going on and being rearranged that you will not recognise yourself come October!

Leo is such a clear and warm sign it is thought it can only bring good results. In the fall out from this eclipse and Leo mercury retrograde relax, smile and keep taking your place in your life. Keep showing up with the easy confidence of the Royal Self that you are.

This month is WYRD my friends, underneath all this buzzing inverted energy is the deep power of the Full Moon just past – synthesise, sink deeper beyond the noise, and let me know how you’re travelling. World events will continue to show over-the-top personalities, king slaying and king making – especially as the solar eclipse appears over North America – but for now we look to our own inner work, taking responsibility for our own kingdoms and kin within them.

 ❤ Asha


*The nakshatras are the constellations which the moon moves through each day – the lunar zodiac

** Uranus the planet of lightening inspiration so far beyond our ordinary conscious we don’t use Uranus in natal chart readings – he was observed and described by Vedic astrologers before he was seen by Europeans in the 19th century, but his movements have not been tracked or observed sufficiently to make reliable natal chart predictions.

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