Fire Moon Eclipse: Love & Horoscopes

marilynWhat would happen if you let your heart glow with fire? Can you carry the sacred fire in the heart that is beyond you – beyond your beloved? The fire at the heart of every star and in the heart of every being – are you nourishing it with good fuel, tending it and giving it space to shine? Mercury retrograde in Leo until Sept 5, the Solar Eclipse in Leo and Venus changes signs to Cancer on the New moon too. Cancer is gentle and nurturing yes, but there is the fierceness of the Mother there too – our hearts draw from deep waters, we are connected and if we work with it we can learn to trust the heightened sensitivity – to understand the power of full-hearted living. Enjoy your horoscopes for the lunar month ahead for lovers, for lovers of life and for all beings who experience love. Book your report or consultation with me to work through what’s coming and what’s coming up for you.

Love horoscope for New Moon month beginning August 21

Read by moon sign for the development of the soul/emotional effect, Sun sign for life direction/structure, Ascendant sign for your persona. These are SIDEREAL/VEDIC horoscopes.* 

Aries / Mesha
Birthstar: Ashwin – Bharani – Krittika 

The New Moon eclipse flares in your 5th house of romance, play and the children of your love (your actual kiddos or your dearest projects). Mercury in Leo retrograde is turning over new ideas and creating new clever connections between your bright ideas and helps you see opportunity in plain sight – go for it! You are able to communicate with (your) children and really understand them too – there are many creative and potential ideas coming to you – get them onto paper and light your world on fire with your inspiration. Venus blesses your 4th house of home, heritage and family. Venus in the 4th house brings a pleasant, peaceful and joyous atmosphere to the private life, bringing comfort and kindness in kinship and a peace with your ‘early story’. Your sense of belonging – and joy –  is strong this month. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Taurus / Vrishabha
Birthstar: Krittika – Rohini – Mrigashirsha
Venus is your ruler and all of her moves have a strong influence upon you. (Especially you, Rohini birthstar).  She is dancing into your 3rd house of communication and messages. Make your way in the world with your charming words smoothing the way, improve your standing in your career and charm your lover with genuine compliments and sweet messages. The New Moon Solar Eclipse fluoresces in Leo – your fourth house of home, roots and ancestry – expect big insights into those ‘family’ stories especially connection to Mother. Mercury is spinning here, in retrograde helping you to see things from the other side. Understanding connections to the Mother image and making peace with that – even finding sources of sweetness you didn’t expect you can now send down roots, steady as Taurus should be. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Gemini / Mithuna
Birthstar: Mrigashirsha – Ardra – Punavarsu
Your ruler Mercury is in retrograde in your 3rd house gets you to think big about what is possible for you – you realise you’ve been locked into little flutters of interest rather than forming solid plans or ideas. Venus moves graciously into the 2nd house of income, resources and what you’ve got – and doesn’t she help you to make the most of it! She brings steady nurturance and comfort to love and encourages you to get your finances in better shape with your mate. Time to consider what comfort means to you – hint: it’s more than just constant, changing, excitement (Gemini’s favourite thing!).  It’s a good month for prosperity if you don’t let it all flow through your quick fingers. The Solar Eclipse shadows and then reveals a method of thinking, obsessing or communicating that has been holding you back and that you are ready to release in your sparkly Gemini way – once you decide – in an instant it vanishes. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Cancer / Karka
Birthstar: Punavarsu – Pushyami – Ashlesha
Venus enters your sign my love! Sweetness, heart connection and your own loving heart fill and overflow. You see strength in this softness and begin to make the deep water you carry work for you – you listen to the tide, move upon it and respect the mysteries you carry. A blessed month for all kinds of relationships, you celebrate your beauty and carry more charm than usual. Mercury retro in the 2nd house has you rethinking the best ways to boost your income and maximise your resources but also understanding what your family has brought you to establish you in life. The Solar eclipse flashes in the 2nd house too – you feel a pressure to start really taking your finances and your own value seriously. This month you begin to realise how much value you have to others and most of all YOU feel it too. Rahu the North Lunar node enters your sign for the next 18 months and you will be transforming, coming to terms with your power and bringing jewels up from your oceanic depths. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Leo / Simha
Birthstar: Magha – Purva Phalguni – Uttara Phalguni
The Mercury retrograde and the Solar Eclipse flash right over you dearest Lions! Especially those born in the first 13 degrees of the sign (Magha birthstar). You experience a shadow of self doubt as Rahu (north node) crosses your ruling planet the Sun on the day of eclipse. Mercury’s retrograde has put your self-concept into review, too. You are beginning again, royal one! The famed Leo confidence requires true self awareness to be really as bright as the sun. Allow the doubt to reveal what is hidden, face it and transform. Rahu leaves your sign from hereon in – so the next 18 months will be less hectic than the last when the karmic axis has been acting on you (and Aquarius) with serpentine focus. Venus graces your 12th house, helping you to release and transform memories, fears and secrets about love and how much you need it, into sweetness. Instead of haunting you, you will see these experiences change from sorrow to reveal sweet gifts – albeit unexpected – underneath. A 2 1/2 year cycle in love and relationships is winding up, self concept is transforming, you emerge ready to reign. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Virgo / Kanya
Birthstar: Uttara Phalguni – Hasta- Chitra
Venus brings you new and renewed social connections and fruits from your efforts, easing social anxieties and increasing confidence with positive reinforcement for efforts made in your career. This is a time of pleasant parties, social grace, beautiful adornment bringing an increasing happiness in yourself and your friendship. Mercury your ruler is retrograde in Leo shining a light into those parts of your psyche you don’t normally spend much time in – the murky unconscious. The Solar Eclipse in Leo brings to light the unconscious habits, or fears, which inhibit your self confidence – the reveal is simple, joyous and brings some relief even if it’s not what you expected. You don’t have to live with ‘the secret’ or ‘the doubt’ plaguing you. You don’t have to understand it and organise it to be able to release it. It can just go. Be light with yourself, allow yourself to blossom in your gentle Virgoan way. Next month this understanding will help you create new, confident self concept and let go of memories that limit your happiness.Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Libra / Thula
Birthstar: Chitra – Swati – Vishakha 
Venus rules your sign sweetest Libra graces your 10th house of career and reputation this month – make the most of it! You are well received and appreciated for your skills, grace and beauty. Put yourself forward and add some shine to your reputation, mediate competing interests to keep work life creative (but also sufficiently materially rewarding). It will be a creative time career wise and you will get along with/benefit from your father/father’s family at this time. The Solar eclipse with Mercury retrograde in your 11th house brings friends together and gets you thinking smart about what you can expect to gain from your work. What you want in your career is changing, surrender it to the transformation of the eclipse. Mercury rules your 12th and 9th houses and the retrograde helps piece together understanding about deep inner work and your long term vision. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Scorpio / Vrischikha
Birthstar: Vishakha – Anuradha – Jyestha 
Venus forms harmony with your sign potent Scorpions, she appears in the 9th house making you eager to expand your horizons, discover new ideas, places and connections that help you make sense of your place in the world. The 9th house is the house of good fortune, so this transit brings general good health and joy. The Solar eclipse in Leo appears in your 10th house bringing resolution to 18 months of tumult  in your career/ambitions and issues with your father. Mercury is also retrograde in the career sector – when he goes direct from September 5 you will find the words you need to finish your work and your optimism returning; and any words you need to share with the father/father’s family. Rahu moving into your 9th house with Venus helps you make the radical shifts in your approach to love – bringing courage, curiosity and sweetness and a spiritual attitude supports you for the next 18 months. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Sagittarius / Dhanus
Birthstar: Mula – Purva Asadha – Uttara Asadha
Mercury retro in Leo brings heat and light to the 9th house of travel, highest ideals and philosophy – you are looking over what it means to be ‘far from home’ and understanding the value of your spiritual beliefs to guide you. The Solar eclipse first shadows and then illuminates what you really hope for from life, what seemed like loss now appears as it really is – your dreams coming true. Venus blesses you on a deep level with your intimate relationship for the month ahead, you begin to really understand the value of what you share, you begin to both earn more money, clear debts and make good financial plans for the future. New passions arise – it is as if you have become lovers all over again. The single Archers find their passions stirred (more than usual ahaha!) and intriguing in love, flirting and loving the crush, the pining, the chasing. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Capricorn / Makara
Birthstar: Uttara Asadha – Shravan – Dhanishta
The Solar eclipse shadows and flashes into your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources and those conscious but secret psychological struggles we carry with us. The shadowing can bring fear and nerves but – release! Allow illumination and the freedom it brings to liberate a long held fear. The Mercury retrograde combined with the eclipse helps you get un-stuck so that your heart can open to the joyous optimism that life has to offer. You are able to face truths about what you really want for yourself as an individual and in your relationships and to just simply change plans and work towards it. Venus shines in opposition to Capricorn in Cancer – blessing your marriage/committed relationships, bringing the opportunity to move deeper in your relationship. If you are single this helps you to understand what you really want in love and direct yourself to places of care, nourishment and kindness – to soften that tough Capricorn surface and show how much you care.Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

 Aquarius / Kumbha
Birthstar: Dhanishta – Shatabishak – Purva Bhadrapada 
Oooh! Breathe a sigh of relief, Lord Ketu the south lunar node is leaving your sign and moving into Capricorn. This last 18 months has forced you to confront fixed ideas about yourself that need to be released, having your needs met were difficult during this period. The Solar eclipse illuminates your 7th house – you stop self-negating and you can begin a new stage with your partner or begin a new significant relationship, where you get to shine too. Mercury retrograde in the 7th house of Leo has also helped you see how your egalitarian ways may not work so well in a partnership – it’s ok to want things for you, and you must ask for them – this brings true equality to friendships and love. Venus brings peace and beauty to your 6th house of health, routine and obstructions. The day job is easier/more pleasant and may bring opportunities for a better role or more income, your health improves and frustrations ease. Things don’t bother you and you are able to get over blocks to connection that have kept you at a distance from who and what you want.  Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Pisces / Meena
Birthstar: Purva Bhadrapada – Uttara Bhadrapada – Revati
Oh gentle dreamer, Venus forms harmonious aspect to your sign while she floats through Cancer. She graces your 5th house of love and romance, she brings you sweetness, child-like faith and trust in love, healing, hope and renewal, I know you need it. Mercury retro has asked you to look closely at your health routines and how much you are giving to others. The shadow of the eclipse brings these sorrows up to your consciousness but the illumination that follows releases this pain with a laugh, the warm sunlight floods back and you can smell the perfume of spring blossoms – “Oh that is done! It is time for love!” and the love you dream of my sweet, it is real, you just would not go to where it was, you expected others to love as sweetly as you do. They will not always do that – so you must seek wisely, deeply intuitive – serve your instincts as well as your spirit. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

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*You will either need to move your Western chart ‘back’ by 23 degrees or generate a vedic chart then read your horoscope for accuracy. You can read about why the sidereal  zodiac is more accurate than “Western” tropical zodiac astro here – starting with the fact that tropical zodiac is out of whack by about 2300 years.


Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and teaches workshops on creative spirituality. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. You can read more about her practise here or book your reading or report here 

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