Gentlest New Moon: Moon Maiden


A blessed new moon in Virgo to you! Virgo is the gentle sign of spring blossoming earth in the south and the time of gathering abundance in the North, the New Moon in Virgo heralds a time of attending to the beautiful details of life – of renewing, refreshing and rededication. The fierce fire of Mars, Mercury, Venus in Leo leaves much bubbling under the surface this month, and we have the Full moon in mysterious and shimmering Pisces – there are 2 layers to the experience this month – gentle new beginnings and some shrugging off of that which does not serve. Take care to avoid heated exchanges (Mercury and Mars in Leo) and turn your energies towards the pleasures of energetic friendship, romance and play (Venus also in Leo). Jupiter now enters elegant Libra balancing our relationships and bringing wisdom to work in the area of life ruled by Libra. We are still experiencing the consequences of eclipse disruptions and calls to transform. Attune to the gentle and sacred energy of Maiden Moon tonight – making your offerings to the Goddess tonight to help you fulfil your duties, with grace, lightness and happiness.



Aries – A new cycle in your health, day-job and routines begins. If you have the chance to set up things in new order, take it – it means you can get more done and move quicker when the time comes 

Taurus – Renewal in your 5th house of romance, friendship and creativity invites you to make your work space beautiful so you can create lovely things, or work with friends and children on new projects. 

Gemini – A new start in your 4th house of hearth and home, perfect for spring cleaning, dusting out and then inviting in new friends and connections. Your ruler is in fiery Leo bringing opportunity and big picture thinking and exciting opportunities. 

Cancer – The New moon brings a fresh focus to the 3rd house of intelligence, communication and siblings. Celebrate with your brothers and sisters, renewing the old nostalgia that brings you together. A busy month of completing little tasks and getting paperwork together. 

Leo – The New moon appears in your finance and resources sector inviting you to review your expenditure and financial plans so you are in a strong position from hereon in. There is a big energy for you this month with Venus, Mars and Merc in your sign this month bringing lots of activity and opportunity too. Attune to the Virgo wisdom to make the most of it. 

Virgo – This is a time of personal renewal, a powerful time to re-order your approach to the world and your personal reactions to life’s events. The full moon mid month will shine beauty into your closest relationships bringing peace and sweetness. 

Libra – The New moon in your 12th house of the unconscious helps you reconnect with your dreaming and spiritual life. Listen to the quiet inner voice to navigate the big energy your ruler Venus in Leo brings this month. 

Scorpio – A new moon in the 11th house invites you to reconnect gently with friends, rest in the company of those who you can be comfortable with. A good time to begin a new activity and discover unique friends. 

Sagittarius – The Virgo moon appears in your career and vocation sector; renewal in how you view your vocation and highest career goals brings a sense of happiness and rightness with the path chosen. An invitation to begin a new career path for those in-between jobs. 

Capricorn – Virgo New Moon appears quietly in your 9th house of wisdom, higher learning and spiritual observance. A new course of reading, a focus on studies and research and knowledge seeking work is blessed all month. 

Aquarius – The New moon in Virgo appears in your 8th house of mystery, intimacy and shared resources. There is so much sweetness in connection that is gentle and wise – make prudent plans and feel safe to enjoy the closeness of trust – or just knowing you have a handle on your debts and financial obligations.

 Pisces This month is special for you sweet Pisces – the full moon is in your sign in 2 weeks. The new moon brings renewal in your committed relationships or perspective on those past. Virgo helps you keep the edges to your devotion, call her to steady your relationships in order that you may love deeply.
This month we are encountering the Red Goddess at our Wild Woman session on Oct 14th 12pm – 3pm
Our first Solar Tarot Session for masculine folks is on the EQUINOX – Oct 21 – check out my events page for more info can book Asha for tarot or astrological guidance – join a workshop and revive the wild self and learn the stories of the tarot or connect with her for one-to-one tarot or astrology apprenticeship training.

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