Pisces Full Moon – Dream Deeply

Tonight’s Full moon is in gracious Pisces – Pisces is the infinite sea, both within us and between us all. Pisces is the universal consciousness in which all plays and into which all dissolves. The waters of Pisces are like ambrosia, eternal, beautiful, intoxicating and bring visions and soulful inspiration. When Piscean energy is strong the usual borders between our different states of consciousness melt – we feel connected with every part of ourselves but at the same time this can be overwhelming – to be consciously aware of how deep our awareness goes? It’s both intoxicating and enlightening.

Pisces Moon days bring us to the edge of incredible emotional sensitivity, spiritual insight and release. Opposing Sun and Mercury aligned in Virgo we find ourselves working wisely to create a container to carry for our highest ideals – so the sweet water stays with us instead of running through our fingers or dissolving in our dreams.

Virgo Sun and Mercury guide us to economise, create order and practise gentle austerity. Self control and wise use of resources isn’t as enjoyable as it is necessary to make space for the beautiful and mysterious. It is this delicate management of the many and competing impulses, desires and obligations that Virgo regulates. If we apply our efforts to careful planning, we can gather up some of the magic from tonight’s full moon – Virgo is the vessel, Pisces is the ambrosia.

Mars and Venus are aligned in Leo tonight bringing their conjunction to its most intense. They’ve been approaching since the New Moon 2 weeks ago – bringing heat, passion and breakthroughs – conflicts approached with courage, efforts made reap sweet reward in our relationships and in terms of material resources – Venus rules both love and luxury. Mars rules courage and conquest. We are given the courage and the talent to take our position in life (Leo) and are being pushed to dig deep and prove to ourselves that we are up to the tasks we aspire to.

Mars and Venus are in hard aspect to Lord of Reality, Saturn. The ‘love planets’ also oppose dreamy Neptune. This aspect brings an opportunity to balance the competing needs in our relationships between the people concerned, the limits of our lives (Saturn) and our longings and dreams (Neptune). Venus breaks free of Saturn’s steadying hand from Oct 16 as she moves into Virgo after Oct 10. Mars remains in conflict with the heavy planet until October 25. On the same day Saturn finally crosses the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius ending a 2.5 year transit (more on that here)

Mercury and Sun alignment continues to bring busyness and difficulty focusing on tasks – the tension between Mars and Saturn also affects our work lives brining us a lot to deal with and work on all at once. Take care of your health and work steadily to complete the increase in work load or work difficulty.


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The full moon appears in the 12th house of your unconscious, your hopes/fears, dreaming and longing. Your usually active, vital energy is washed with Piscean sensitivity. At the same time, your ambitions and goals are actually taking form, and this only increases your sense of ennui. The ever expanding nature of ambition can be overwhelming. Work with the understanding that there is always a new goal, and never a completion. Instead of anxiety you will feel the joy of the chase. Your ruler Mars is in royal Leo aligned with beautiful Venus, make time for play, romance and creativity until the last week of the month when these planets will bless your work life.


This full moon glows in the 11th house of friendships, creative work and recognition for your efforts in your career. Bathe in the beautiful silvery light, make sure you connect with those who love and enjoy your company and move your Taurean self from where you are comfortable to where you can express yourself more dynamically. Issues in community/social groups and wider friendship networks ease as the Piscean energy brings grace and peace. Mars aligned with Venus in Leo has made your creativity soar and is bringing a new sense of connection to roots, early life and mother/mother’s family.


Like you sparkling Gemini, Pisces is a mutable or flowing sign. The full moon allows you to connect with the deepest level of your psyche and your creative thinking flourishes. You feel connected on all levels of your awareness  and you can sense there are great opportunities developing for you in your career – you’ve just got to gather all that intelligence into focused action. Your ruler thankfully is in sensible Virgo – dream big, communicate your ideas and give your plans a structure so that the magic you dream of can become a reality.


Watery and sensitive, your heart is overflowing with feeling. At sea in the Piscean Moonlight tonight allow tears of joy, of sorrow, of I-don’t-know-why-I’m-crying to wash over you. You feel, so feel deeply, allow it. What you believe, the highest values that drive your life are illuminated – this can be joyous or feel heartbreaking or a mix of both. Allow what comes to light to appear, you can work on it later. Sweet Cancer you are so busy caring for and securing everyone else’s happiness, sometimes you just need to overflow with feeling for your own experience. Surrender and clarity will appear in a few days time as the moon begins to wane.


Both Mars and Venus are in your sign, bringing energy, boldness, beauty and prosperity. With Mercury and Sun in Virgo it’s a good time to look at restructuring and economising so you can better direct your energy towards your goals. The Full Moon in Pisces brings blessing to your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources. Sometimes sharing power makes more space for creativity and prosperity. Instead of trying to take charge all of the time look at how you can share power to your and your other’s mutual advantage. Venus and Mars in your sign give you both the charm and the power to re-establish your position and conquer any challenges you face.


The Full Moon is in your relationships sector, bringing a dash of romanticism, dreamy devotion and longing for the ‘beloved’ to arrive. Relationships are a place of limitlessness for the order loving Virgo. This Full Moon invites you to let go of order for a moment and flow in sentiment, to let love and longing flow over you. The Sun is in your sign and so is your ruler, Mercury, bringing attention to your public face and giving you the ability to impress others with your intelligence and capacity to achieve your goals. A good month to put yourself forward and back your own dreams publicly and to tend to the significant others in your life who need your love and devotion, and are willing to lavish you with the same in return.


Lovely Librans are blessed this month with ruler Venus motivated by Mars in Leo bringing a burst of creativity, confidence and courageous re-entrance onto the stage of life.  The Full Moon blesses your health, bringing insight into what has been neglected and some wisdom as to the habits and patterns underneath any self neglect. Understand the necessity of balance in maintaining the harmony of the body and set yourself up for good health from now on. Bless yourself with a commitment to true care of your own self. Your day job is more pleasant than usual as you complete important projects or finally realise, there is somewhere lovelier you could be, and begin to work toward that.


Saturn is finally leaving your sign after 2.5 years. By the end of the month you will feel relieved of a heavy burden you’ve carried this whole time, it’s been hard work and true to Scorpio form you have not flinched. Release to the full moon tonight the sorrow about love and romance you’ve carried since that time. The Full moon renews your love and romance sector. The Venus and Mars alignment bring sparkling flirtation, sweetening  and warming your heart towards romance again. You realise you can make choices other than solitude and still remain dignified, you – not all sweetness requires silliness or love foolery.  Let your loving heart blossom with the warmth of your ruler Mars in Leo bringing your romantic magic back.


Not usually one for sentiment, the Sagittarius prefers to think about the higher things, the Pisces Moon draws you into the cosmic waters just to feel, experience and abide with the greater consciousness – beyond philosophy into the mystic vision. The Full Moon in your 4th house is making you long madly for home, for old hearths and hearts. Enjoy the sentiments of the next few days but don’t lose sight of your long term vision – when you aim for the highest, it can feel solitary, that is the nature of being an Adventurer. Mars and Venus in Leo lift your spirits and help you to distract yourself with work that will bring prosperity in the months to come. Saturn’s entrance into your sign will help you take these visions of beauty and realise their potential in solid form.


Now you’ve understood what it is you need to get to work on next – and dear Cap you are always willing to work! – it’s time think innovatively about how you can communicate THE PLAN.  You’ll be busy bringing visionary perspectives to detailed work for the rest of the month. It’s hard work, making the magical manageable, but this is what Capricorn does best –  bridging matter and potential into something useful, meaningful and valuable. Mars and Venus are bringing heat to your love life, and you are more willing to work with your beloved to build your future than you’ve been in sometime. Enjoy the high magic of tonight and the chance to connect all levels of your awareness to inspire your practical super powers.


Beautiful water-bearer, the Pisces moon in your 2nd house brings blessings to your finances and resources and a new perspective on what your values actually are. With Mars and Venus in Leo your house of relationships is receiving a lot of passion and heat, encouraging you to consider connecting personally, closely, intensely with a significant other…and what this means for your whole world view. Saturn your ruler is about to move into your 11th house helping you to make real your plans for social change, work with collectives and your wider friendship group. Tonight make time to soften the edges between what you think you know about yourself and consider deeply – do I still believe this? What are my values now…and what does that mean for me?


The Full Moon in your own sign brings a surge of confidence, connectedness and sweetness. Take your fill on the Piscean seas at their height – the sense of connectedness and peace is strong tonight and you are one with all. With your ruler now in Libra in your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources your focus is now on how much you are really sharing with your partner if you have one, and how you can make that happen if you don’t. The Sun and Mercury have you thinking about your partner’s needs or how to get yourself involved more seriously with your love interest. Create structures for your dreams and watch them become real – you don’t lack magic, you just need to learn to apply it in one direction. Finding out what that is? Well…seek answers in the dreaming tonight and continue to seek answers, stay focused and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

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