Saturn in Sagittarius – Are you the Hero for this Quest?

Saturn is about to move from Scorpio to Sagittarius – in a week’s time we move forward from almost 3 years of getting real about our emotional and psychological depths. It’s been a difficult but fruitful transit, the Scorpio and Saturn combination gave us no quarter – emotional and psychological depths were tested, stuff dragged up from the deep and made real so we could either accept it or get to work transforming it. Saturn moving into Sagittarius takes the pressure of the inner depths and pushes us to get on our way and fulfil our Quest. It’s easy to dream and wait for the day when you can FINALLY get to doing what you’ve dreamed of. Saturn in Sagittarius kicks you to get moving, to make your way if there isn’t one and to prove that you have what it takes to succeed.

Saturn teaches us about reality – limits, resources, what’s possible. His influence can feel heavy and limiting. Poor Saturn is often hated for his doubting, critical way – but he is so helpful! He stops us from getting lost in daydreams or weak excuses. He exerts pressure upon us so that we go from coal to diamonds. Saturn requires us to be honest and work steadily, he restrains our passions and impulses so that we can fulfil our potential and our duties to others.

Saturn in Sagittarius shifts focus from the inner, personal truth to how we connect that with our highest ideals. The searing emotional accounting Saturn in Scorpio did since Nov 2014 to October 2017 is over (yayy!) BUT now Saturn will make us PROVE what we claim to believe. He’ll test those ideas by making them become real – this means we’ll see how flimsy or substantial our highest ideas are and where we need to get to work. Saturn in Sagittarius tests us to be really honest that aim for in our life is worth pursuing. And if Saturn’s reality checking shows that, yes – your goal is noble, useful and worthwhile then he’ll turn to you and test that you  are up to the task. You’ll feel the shift most once the Serpent period also active right now is over (all planets between the lunar nodes) but we begin to touch the new, warm, expansive feeling from November.

Over all this is a much brighter time – Saturn is a task master but Sagittarius has a beautiful, joyous and expansive influence. Somehow we will find the middle ground between our ideals and what is possible.

Saturn is in gandanta between Scorpio and Sagittarius until November 8. Have you ever seen the moment the tide changes? The churning neither back not forward of the waters? This is how we feel right now – we can feel the power of Saturn in Sagittarius coming, but we aren’t quite there yet. Saturn in Scorpio still can bite a little – but the accounting is wrapping up. Get your head straight – make sure you don’t carry the habit of emotional lack, psychological difficulty or heaviness of heart with you into this new 3 year period. Consciously acknowledge the difficult territory you have covered and get ready to enter a new land.

Saturn is in Sagittarius from October 26, 2017 til January 24, 2020


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