Love in The Balance – Libra Moon Cycle

Happy Diwali for all my friends who celebrate the festival of lights.
May love fill your heart and the light of awareness guide you to your destiny.

The New Moon in Libra is the Solar New Year, the coming full moon of this lunar cycle is the first sign of Aries. This is a powerful month being both the new solar year and the month that Saturn leaves Scorpio, for Sagittarius after almost 3 years in  Scorpio. More on what that’s been about here.

Jupiter and Mercury, Moon and Sun align on this New moon. Jupiter is the planet of blessing and wisdom, Mercury – intelligence and strategy. The Moon radiates their influence and the Sun is the spark of vitality that sustains life on earth and within us. This month brings opportunity – if you are willing to do the work and make the most of it. Luck is part chance but mostly effort applied in the right place to the right ends. The change of Saturn to Sagittarius brings an invitation to make dreams solid bringing us 3 years of dedicated effort at work that we love. We will be tested to see if we are up to our task, and find that the ideal once solid isn’t as fun as when it remains a daydream. But we dream in order to make real, in order to live a different story than the one we’ve grown out of. It’s time for wishes to come true – so wish wisely!

The moon cycle begins in Libra at the new moon and Aries full moon. This month’s focus is all about finding the right balance between shared needs and individual destiny. If we attend to issues in our partnerships whether spouse, lover, business partner or closest friend we will achieve the individual freedoms we crave. If we can’t work steadily to be responsible to our others we might find some frustrations and outbursts flash to the surface by Full Moon! Ready yourself for a new beginning – prepare to leap.

New Moon – Oct. 20
First Quarter – Oct. 28
Full Moon  in Aries – Nov. 4
Last Quarter – Nov. 11


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You are on FIRE beloved Aries and this month brings even more achievement, prizes and recognition your way. After a bumpy few days at the beginning of the month when Libra Moon and your Aries ways battle it out, you get to work organising things so relationships and your plans are mutually supportive. Mars with Venus is still shaking up your 6th house of health and routine making it hard to get organised, but make time for the detail work so the big plans can take flight. This month it’s all about keeping things balanced between you and your partner; your individuality is what makes you powerful, but a good partnership makes you a force to be reckoned with.


Venus in Virgo with energetic Mars, keep bringing the focus on health, creativity and play together for you. This lunar month the focus is on the delicate balance of routine and with your desire to fulfil your ambitious dreams. You can’t achieve the massive goals you’ve got if you don’t have the plan defined – set your health goals, commit to good food, sleep and self care and by full moon you’ll be powering through any emotional blockages to self realisation that comes next month. Saturn finally leaves your partnership sector after a difficult 3 years for your 8th house of shared resources and intimacy. The steadiness and stability Taurus needs is coming, but you’re going to have to be down with sharing, yielding and working with your romantic or business partner – be wise and watch your life find a solid foundation for the years to come.


Your ruler Mercury has a lot to say about this New Moon – your world is full of exciting opportunities that will set you up for the next little while. Virgo Mars and Venus continue to make home-life busy as you reorganise your inner life to match your increasing ambitions. This month the focus is on creativity as a means to achieve prosperity. You make inspiring new connections that help you to achieve your dreams. Just make sure those relationships are balanced and fair not just for them – but you too! Saturn is finally leaving your 6th house of health and routine and vitality will improve in the coming months.


Your ruler appears in Libra at New Moon bringing a new phase in your relationship to home, hearth and your inner life. Venus and Mars bless your 3rd house of mind and writing – work hard on assignments, follow up leads, network and make the most of who you know to get to where you want to go. This moon cycle brings power to your career goals, keep the home life in balance and professional success is sure to come. From new moon to full moon (2 weeks) focus on creating harmony, making fair agreements and sharing of responsibilities at home so you have a strong foundation to climb to great heights in your career.


Bright Lion this moon cycle you are all about the little details that make the big ideas possible. The New Moon brings a fresh phase in your mental life – studies flow well, you’re busy with little communications and able to focus on the little steps needed to achieve your higher goals. In your chart Libra and Aries rule learning and intelligence, this month you’ll be considering higher education, professional training or coursework that will assist you in achieving your considerable sense of destiny. Venus and Mars in your second house are pushing you to refine how you manage your income so you can make the big dreams you know are yours, happen.


Venus and Mars continue to bless you with charm, grace and vital energy. The New moon and Full moon this month bring focus to resources, shared financial commitments, debt and contribution. Don’t freak out about financial burdens before you take a good look at your actual income and the other resources available to you – energy, time, happiness. Ask yourself what worth means and find balance between economy and the purpose of material things – enjoyment, nourishment and pleasure. Jupiter brings a time of greater ease and chance to make money over the coming year – so while you are taking an honest look at cash-in, cash-out work with Jupiter’s benevolence to make this a time of greater prosperity not just wise economy. Mercury brings his clever mind to highlight little places where you can maximise what you have and turn it into even more.


The New moon is in your sign lovely Libra – it’s your personal new year – a time of renewal and rebirth. With Mercury and Jupiter making their presence known in your sign and Virgo and Mars stirring up memory, dreams and forgotten pieces of self this isn’t an entirely easy beginning to the lunar cycle – you are incredibly busy but part of your consciousness is held in the dreaming place creating a sense of imbalance. Allow your dreaming to bring the pieces into harmony and in the meantime work on reconstructing your sense of self in keeping with your newly realised goals. This lunar cycle the focus is on harmonising individual identity &  identity in relationship. If you’ve been losing yourself in worries about the beloved and self doubt fear not – just work on YOU and the other stuff comes clear at Full moon in Aries Nov 4.


Saturn is about to leave his heavy work to rest after 3 years of toil, effort and sorrow. But how strong you’ve become dear Scorpio! You know your depths, what you are capable of and seen the places of emptiness within you. The New Moon begins in your dreaming and unconscious sector but full moon is in Aries – ruled by you Mars, like you. Things on the work front continue to come to fruition with credit given and reward received for efforts. Social occasions abound and you’re busy with new friendships and flirtations. This month the focus is on facing the unconscious blocks to your own happiness and working through them piece by piece so you may come into your strength once again. Mercury and Jupiter in your dreaming sector help you to find the riches and benefits in facing the hidden stuff you’d rather not drag up. Make efforts this month to make peace with things from the past that may be haunting you – release them in dreaming, idle drawing and gentleness and feel it dissolve.


Bright Sagittarius, Saturn approaches your sign bringing steadiness, confidence and strength after a 3 year season of doubt about who you really are. With your ruler Jupiter beginning the lunar cycle in Libra you feel a renewed sense of connection to your creativity and the other precious souls in your life.  All that seemed clouded and dampening your usual happiness is dissipating and we see you bold and smiling again – throwing your arms out to embrace us with your happy temperament and inspiring leadership. This month the focus is on your social roles and how this fulfils your creative, playful, happy self. Whatever is happening for you, throw yourself into joyous friendship, wrestle, tumble and tease your friends. Saturn leaves your career sector after 3 years of trouble making, bringing you into your strength. You will find your place dear Archer, just keep faith.


One foot on the earth, the other in the waters you bridge heaven and earth making sense of it all. This month the new moon brings focus on career and Jupiter’s year long transit of Libra brings incredible opportunity. Finally you see reward for your hard work and ethical conduct. Selling out is not an option for the honest Capricorn, but you have no illusions about the importance of getting paid. Aren’t you glad you held out and were honest to yourself? Keep consolidating your gains this month and the year ahead, make the most of Jupiter’s influence. The Full Moon illuminates issues at home, so working towards balance between hearth and career is recommended. After all, the reason you’re working so damn hard is for those who depend on you. Plan time with family and give yourself a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Oh visionary Aqua the new Moon in Libra brings itchy feet and an impatience to explore the higher questions of life – travel, religious contemplation or study of higher things pulls on you. Jupiter began to whisper this to you when he entered Libra mid September, but this lunar month brings it to your consciousness. Unavoidable truths can be uncomfortable but they bring awakening. Resist the urge to pack your bag and disappear into the wilderness – instead use what you’ve discovered to find higher truth and purpose in your experience. Not one much given to confrontation this month you’ll be pushed to say what you mean and what you want in intimate relationships and with siblings/peers. That’s why knowing what you value is so important, you know what to let go and what must be spoken to.


This lunar month the focus is on true intimacy and your psychological complexities. It’s time to reveal your vulnerability to yourself so that you can truly connect with your beloved. Perhaps you’ve been allowing the boundaries to dissolve, losing yourself in the beloved or dream of romance rather than being an equal participant in accountability, effort and presence. This is part of your magic, Pisces, the way you flow and meld with others but pulling in your edges won’t leave you alone with your hidden self. Instead, you will find heat and strength returning to your bones and joy aflame in your heart as your beloved ones see you clearly, perhaps for the first time. The Full Moon brings confidence in your own values and a determination to claim your life for yourself. The brooding at the beginning of the lunar cycle gives way as the moon grows brighter. This is a time of self-reclamation.



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