Fire Moon – Warrior Moon

We spark and glow with new promise as the moon becomes Full in Aries tonight. This Moon is also called Kartik Poornima, the Full Moon of the Warrior Kartikeya. We emerge clad in armour for battle or expeditions, resounding with the joy of adventure or the battle cry – exhausted perhaps but triumphant. This moon cycle is all about balancing out the relationships that define our life – and standing strong, proud and victorious in who we are. We’ve fought to get here, we survived Saturn in Scorpio and we’re into new territory. Have you felt the change? The sense of new experience opening before you?

Venus in her own Kingdom Libra brings beauty and balance to our love affairs. The gentle work of Venus in Virgo brings sweet rewards all month. Venus is at her greatest power in Libra and opposing full moon in Aries she keeps the focus on lovely social events, sweet connection with dear ones and a sense of calm and peace in our relationships. Mars is still working hard in Virgo for a few more weeks. Mars helps us bring focus to what we must get done. He directs us to work with focus and steady application.

Saturn in Sagittarius shifts focus from the inner, personal truth to how we connect that with our highest ideals. The searing emotional accounting Saturn in Scorpio did since Nov 2014 to October 2017 is over (yayy!) BUT now Saturn will make us PROVE what we claim to believe. He’ll test those ideas by making them become real – this means we’ll see how flimsy or substantial our highest ideas are and where we need to get to work. Saturn in Sagittarius tests us to be really honest that aim for in our life is worth pursuing. And if Saturn’s reality checking shows that, yes – your goal is noble, useful and worthwhile then he’ll turn to you and test that you  are up to the task. You’ll feel the shift most once the Serpent period also active right now is over (all planets between the lunar nodes) but we begin to touch the new, warm, expansive feeling from mid November. Over all this is a much brighter time.


You can read by moon sign, rising sign or sun sign. These are horoscopes based on the sidereal zodiac. You can draw your chart here and find out what sign you were really born under (more info here.) To book a detailed reading with Asha connect here


The Full Moon in your own sign brings a grand dream to fruition. This is your time to shine dear Ram and don’t you love to stand up, shiny and bright, ready to charge headlong at your next ambition. Take time to enjoy the successes that have gathered at your feet before you set off on the next grand conquest. Your ruler Mars continues for a few more weeks in your sector of daily work and routine – keep looking after your health and working at getting more order on the job and in your self care. Venus in Libra brings romantic times with your beloved – make time for sweetness and single Aries – romance is on the way! Saturn crystallises your knowledge and highest ideals in your 9th house – for the next 3 years Saturn helps you take your place as an authority in your field of study. For the more philosophical Aries, this is a time of making your ideas real – idealism goes to work and makes dreams come to life. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The full moon appears in the 12th house of your unconscious, your hopes/fears, dreaming and longing. Your energy is brewing ahead of next month’s full moon in your sign – no need to push for those breakthroughs just yet. Make space, eliminate or bring to completion anything you need to be done with to move on.  Your ruler Venus is in the 6th house of health and daily routine, joining with Sun and Jupiter – this is a strong aspect for you but the effects aren’t really obvious – instead there is a subtle shift to a more positive mindset and overall wellbeing. Your health is improving and your general happiness too – Jupiter here will help you strengthen and improve your health and enjoy the daily routine for the whole year ahead. Mars continues to bring passion and physical desire – always a Taurean favourite – to your love affairs. But most of all, this Full moon brings a sense of achievement in releasing unconscious obstacles to your destiny.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


This full moon glows in the 11th house of friendships, creative work and recognition for your efforts in your career. Bathe in the beautiful silvery light, make sure you connect with those who love and enjoy your company, and get back to being your sparkly, connected self. Your ruler Mercury is in your daily routine sector asking you to bring your clever problem solving to issues bothering you in your health and on the job. With Venus in your romance sector and Saturn in your 7th house of relationships this month brings a renewal of romantic adventures and a patience with taking things to the point of commitments. Enjoy the romance and allow it to blossom. Let Saturn’s wise and steady hand guide you to make the right choices with the right person so you can have the fulfilling partnership you long for. For the Gemini committed to the single life Venus in your romance sector makes you super flirty and Saturn helps you to keep things light and avoid getting too serious too soon.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The full moon in your career sector brings a project to fruition or attention from higher-ups. For other Cancerians this is a time of realising, finally, what it is you want to do. The Full moon in Aries gives you the confidence to shine bright. No more hesitating on the threshold of success -leap across it and claim your destiny! Seize this opportunity and stand proud in what you’ve achieved. Your doubts about your abilities in your career are easing as your colleagues and superiors recognise you for your efforts. Venus is in the home sector of your chart bringing sweetness at home and a desire to redecorate or improve your little nest – ever important for Cancer who’s home is her castle. The sweetness at home supports you to be more courageous out in the world. Rahu/North node continues to churn up your identity challenging you to step into your power. This is an excellent month for putting yourself forward in your ambitions.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Full Moon in strong aspect to your own sign, it’s all about the Holy Fire this month Lions! Aries Moon illuminates your highest hopes and what you long to discover. Saturn joins in harmony in Sagittarius steadying your romantic life and helping you to focus your creative vision into solid form. Ride high on these full moon vibes and the Saturn sign change, get to work the rest of the month shaping your ideals into projects you can get to work on. Venus in Libra assists you to shake some heavy moods off and experience a positive state of mind all month. Mars continues to stir up your financial life. Don’t let obstacles to your hopes dampen your spirits – instead make space for your marvellous creativity. Take the visions of greatness and put them to work, with the right mindset there is little that can stop the triumph of the Lion.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The Full Moon in Aries brings a boost to your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources. Sometimes sharing power makes more space for creativity and prosperity. Aries brash boldness gives you the courage to do just that – he who hesitates is lost, and besides, being willing to give something a go isn’t the same thing as gambling everything recklessly. Instead of trying to take charge completely or avoid risk by not engaging at all, look at how you can share power to your and your other’s mutual advantage. Mars in your sign helps you to be yourself unapologetically and stand up for what you want. Venus blesses your material resources all month too. With self assurance and your own resources you are in a good spot to connect deeply with a beloved or finally go for what you desire most, whether that’s career or higher learning or something else entirely.   For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The Full Moon is in your relationships sector, making you mad about the boy or girl – or opening you to love again. Relationships are a place where Libra can lose her edges – but the New Moon 2 weeks ago has brought about a greater self awareness. You are experiencing a new sense of yourself which is changing – for the better –  how you relate to your others. By keeping this new self awareness in sight, you can deeply connect to a romantic partner or feel safe expanding your social circle and making new connections. A strong sense of self creates healthy, balanced relationships. Revel in the Full Moon and your resurgent sense of self – and play in the connection with others who reflect and enjoy your presence. The Sun is in your sign and so is your ruler, Venus, bringing a happy busy month. Jupiter continues to bless you with confidence and happier state of mind.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The Full Moon blesses your health, bringing insight into what has been neglected and some wisdom as to the habits and patterns underneath any self neglect. Mercury enters your sign while your ruler Mars is busy at work bringing gains from hard work in your career. Venus blesses your unconscious and dreaming self. She also brings a risk of secret but ultimately weakening love affairs – take care to avoid unethical connections. For those in strong relationships this aspect helps you to dissolve unconscious blocks to true intimacy. Mercury guides you intelligently to understand these stirrings in the unconscious. This Moon cycle brings deep secrets up and to a place of easy dissolution and transformation.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Saturn has entered your sign and you feel as if you are becoming real and substantial for the first time in…well…quite some time. Lean into Saturn’s strength and structure your life in such a way that your ideals and talents take. Tend to them and cultivate them over the next 3 years working steadily towards your highest goal and make the most of this transit. Your ruler Jupiter is joined with Sun-life-spark and Venus bringing loving connection with friends, community and a sense of connection to the common purpose. The Full Moon in Aries harmonises with your sign, giving you a boost of vitality and confidence you’ve been lacking lately. Shining bright and beautiful in your romance and creativity sector you find love or reignite it with your beloved bringing back the magic and mystery that drives  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The Full Moon brings a sense of pride and strength in your home and hearth. When home is strong, Capricorn climbs high. Enjoy your home life, those in your neighbourhood and really drink deep the strength you draw from this part of your life. Venus is helping you advance your career and improve your reputation. You may not be making more money than usual but you are enjoying work without having to sacrifice time with your loved ones. Channel your focus and energy into honouring the home and remind yourself – this is why I am doing all the other stuff – they exist together not in conflict with each other. Your ruler Saturn is at work solidifying psychological baggage, to help you get rid of it. Capricorn can hold a lot in, it’s time Saturn got to work clearing out unconscious habits or self-negating behaviours that are no longer relevant to you or what you’ve achieved. The harmonious aspect to the Full Moon this month helps you see this as a useful process and commit to working on this part of your development.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Full Moon is lighting up your mind with new ideas, energy and vision. The New Moon revealed a new approach to dearly held ideals and the Full moon brings understanding, and strategies that help you get to work tackling these ideas. You are full of the desire to talk it out, debate, write blogs or otherwise communicate the NEW PLAN. Enjoy it! These are the creative source you will be drawing from and developing for the next few months. Mars is still bringing heat to your love life agitating and provoking desire – take care to manage any internalised anger or frustrations. But Venus brings opportunities to commence new study or discover different ways of thinking. Enjoy the high magic of tonight and the chance to connect all levels of your awareness to come up with new theories and inventions. Your ruler Saturn is in harmony with the full moon connecting your with people who can support these new discoveries. A good time to decide to learn something new.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The Aries Full Moon blesses you with a sense of happiness in your resources and income. Ideas for improving your financial situation or better ways to manage what you’ve got are the pragmatic but worthwhile focus of this full moon. Mars is in your 7th house, bringing heat to your committed relationships and potential for some tension – before making any rash, passionate decisions consider what you can provide or what you need to be comfortable. Your ruler is with Venus and Sun in lovely Libra, causing you to pause and consider balancing wise action versus what you long for in your relationships with romantic partners and closest friends. If you’ve been running through your resources too quickly this month will put the brakes on – but don’t fret! Just change tack and consider the next best course of action. So much naturally flows to the Pisces, sometimes she just needs to remember to catch some of it for later.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 

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*You will either need to move your Western chart ‘back’ by 23 degrees or generate a vedic chart then read your horoscope for accuracy. You can read about why the sidereal  zodiac is more accurate than “Western” tropical zodiac astro here – starting with the fact that tropical zodiac is out of whack by about 2300 years.



Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and teaches workshops on creative spirituality. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. You can read more about her practise here or book your reading or report here 

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