The Serpent & Transformation: Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio New Moon appears Saturday and is followed by the yummy Full Moon in Taurus Dec 4, in 2 weeks. It’s a month of emergence, into the new vision of you. The New moon brings the awareness that the longed for change has already happened, you’re there – no going back now! There’s no more soul searching to do before you can move, the transformation is happening. The story for this new moon is that change is the only constant. If you find yourself at sea after this huge year, laugh at the chaos and trust that this is as close to stability as it gets. Turns out you are not big enough to fight the natural state of the universe and besides you’d be bored if it stopped challenging you…so let’s go! by full moon the Taurus moon vibes bring goodness, comfort and solidity. This isn’t going to be as tough as it might feel right now, and many planets are supporting us to find the best path within the current confusion.

Venus and Jupiter are still creating conflicting desires in lovely Libra. Venus wants what is lovely, Jupiter wants what is good. Venus says – material attachments are important in the process of incarnation and self realisation, allow yourself to experience loveliness and create beauty. Jupiter says,  you must work at what is noblest, highest and most dutiful. While Jupiter and Venus are aligned in Libra we have a chance to do well materially and spiritually, if we resist the urge to oppose these ideas (no either/or, make them work together).

Saturn in Sagittarius is now one degree into the sign bringing an opening of horizons/ Keep working at making your highest values meet material reality. Your goal is noble, useful and worthwhile so PLEASE GET TO IT. It’s time to begin, and the Scorpio energy of the new moon cycle will help you eliminate the unnecessary.

Make magic by committing to the first substantial step of your 2018 plans before the Taurus Full Moon.  


You can read by moon sign, rising sign or sun sign. These are horoscopes based on the sidereal zodiac. You can draw your chart here and find out what sign you were really born under (more info here.) To book a detailed reading with Asha connect here


The Last moon cycle was BIG for you. Relationship issues required your attention, readjustment and consideration – Venus AND Jupiter in Libra in your relationship sector have been making things a bit much, try and steady things by enjoying the high feeling but not er…making it worse! Keep building on recent success and don’t let yourself get distracted by doubt – reality checks aren’t out to get you – they ensure your dreams come to exist. You may have to sacrifice the more exciting parts of your vision, try and remember although you are in charge of a lot in your life, you are not in charge of basic natural laws, and that’s fine! You are still a champion and a leader. To make magic this month focus on shared resources at the New Moon – reduce debts, manage expenses and find common ground with those you share your life with. The Full Moon in Taurus illuminates your 2nd house of income and resources – consolidate your gains and take time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


This is your month! The Full Moon will be in your sign, but first the New Moon appears in your 7th house of partnerships. Look at those who truly ‘get you’ and make your alliances and efforts in relationship to those most precious relationships. Find strength in your partnerships and be willing to begin anew. The Full Moon in your own sign in 2 weeks will bring all the effort of your inner work to fulfilment. In order to truly enjoy the best about you and your life you have a few habits in relationships you need to shift, you did most of the work last month, now it’s time to tidy up and become truly satisfied with who you are. Your health is improving and your general happiness too – keep working steadily at improving these routines. Venus brings you better emotional well-being before she joins the Sun in Scorpio later in November to bless your relationships.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


It’s time to focus on getting your health routines and daily life reorganised – the next 3 years are bringing big changes for you Gemini and it’s time to eliminate bad habits that weaken your happiness. Scorpio created blockage here for 3 years, now he’s gone you feel you can dance, move and be with your physical self again. Your ruler Mercury has been whispering encouragement about reorganising your life for the last few weeks and in a few days he skips into your 7th house of partnerships helping you create new ideas and plans in that realm of life. Mercury will also be spinning new ideas and visions for the Saturn transit of Sagittarius – you are building something substantial for yourself, but first you need to look at unconscious habits creating obstacles to your happiness. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Rahu/North node continues to churn up your identity challenging you to step into your power. Last month the lunar cycle formed hard angles to your sign, pushing issues to crisis and bringing clarity around your place in the world and your worth. The New Moon is in Scorpio, your 5th house – a new cycle in love, flirtation and happiness. This is a month of play, parties and enjoyment and by Full Moon in 2 weeks you’ll feel a lovely comfort in your friendships and place socially. Last month was a bit bumpy sweet Crab, but this new cycle smoothes all of that down a little. A few little crises between New Moon and full moon around what the heck you are doing with your finances – don’t get distracted with worries, let the focus on the axis of fun and social life enrich you and restore your happiness.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Royal lions the New Moon is bringing up all sorts of deep, churning inner feelings – mostly behind closed doors – if you haven’t been able to look at how home life is going lately, it will all come up this month. Good thing is, you’re prepared and we can’t help but adore you – you’ll be falling in love all over again with domestic life and taking pride in your home. If you find some frustrations, resist the urge to fix everything all at once. Curl up with the rest of your pride and ask how you can make them feel comfortable and cared for. Let them know what you need to feel nurtured and at home. A warm, steady home life provides the strong foundation for career success which is the focus of the Full Moon in 2 weeks. Get the home stuff right and the other stuff works out well too. Make the outer and inner world work to support each other and you’ll be a happy little lion.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The New Moon brings mental renewal and a clearing of the slate after 3 years of mental frustration and hard work and Mercury has only added to the hectic feeling. Even as life gets busy, your mindset is good – you are more resilient, confident and willing to advocate for your own needs. Mercury your ruler leaves this sector for your home and hearth sector in a few days time, turning your problem solving skills to little adjustments to home life that make things gentler and more lovely. The Full Moon will appear in your sector of highest ideals and long term vision – the focus this month begins on clearing the slate so there is space in your head to plan out the stuff that really matters. Keep your perspective on what matters and you’ll get it all done. This month will bring many small details into order and find you actually living in your longed for dreams.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The last moon cycle was hectic – new moon in your sign, Sun, Jupiter and Venus – and Full Moon setting off your relationships sector. BUT. You have redrawn the lines between you and your significant other/s, found new comfort in those relationships and renewed your sense of self and place in the world. Venus and Jupiter continue to irritate each other while somehow managing to also bring lots of good things to you – spiritual and material – at the same time. It’s confusing. The New Moon in Scorpio asks you to get real about how you are managing your money and place in the world and take some firm steps to attune to your Venus power to make things lovely and comfortable. The Full Moon in Taurus brings shared resources to pleasant fulfilment, the work you did on finding the limits and strengths of your relationships bears fruit later this month. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


This new moon brings a renewal of your identity, a shivering thrill as you remerge once again, a different variation of self for the circumstances in which you find yourself. You are also being called to account for who you are – and if that idea is too flexible, too changeable, you can expect some baulking from those you are closest to. Not all dwell in the deep waters that you do and it’s important you find that balance between seeking the deepest truth and being gently reliable for your loved ones. Mercury is in your sign for a few more days, bringing reflection and necessary insight from recent frictions with friendships and social group. This lunar cycle you’ll be focusing on finding the middle ground between independence and real connection. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Beloved Archer you are becoming more real, more substantial and Saturn assists you to work steadily at making your beautiful visions real. Don’t get caught in the inevitable difference between your ideal and the limits of reality, please keep sharing what you see with the rest of us, we need your vision to inspire us too. Let yourself take it easier – leisure is a creative process too. The work this month is in taking the matter from the unconscious and putting it to work. The New moon asks you to allow the unconscious and dreaming life to arise, and by Full moon you will understand how this inner life is supporting (or derailing) your daily life/health. Your ruler Jupiter has been tangling with Venus in Libra all month bringing dissatisfaction; a sense of being caught between pleasure and truth. Not all questions are moral questions, not all experiences have meaning, some things are just life stuff.   For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The New moon asks you to pay attention to the state of your social life and engagement with stuff outside of work/family/relationship. YES, Capricorn this is important, you can hang out with people just because it is fun. Make time in your schedule for fun, in the long run it makes you more productive. Part of being a good and socially responsible person – means you have to actually engage socially with others. You need social renewal. You need a chance to unleash your dry wit and make everyone laugh. Call your friends, drink a little too much, meet new people. By Full moon you’ll realise how much you crave more fun in your life and how much joy it gives you. Your ruler Saturn makes his first steps into your house of unconscious, dreaming, making self negating and avoidant behaviour solidify so you can kick them for good.    For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Dearest friend from the other end of the galaxy, it’s time to transform your attitude to work and home. You have a great destiny and you are more than capable of putting yourself forward to claim the recognition you deserve. I know you want to bring something never before seen that will simultaneously improve humanity, the environment and mess with everyone’s mind. Thing is, that’s not the task at hand. You are, for the time being, on planet Earth and need to apply your incredible insight to benefit your own standing and recognition at work. Work at your project steadily, it doesn’t have to be perfect or remarkable. Find a deeper purpose for these efforts, see how it enriches your home life. Send your roots deeper. The thing about reality is that it gives space for great ideas to take form and benefit everyone, don’t be afraid to make things steadier. Even the strongest trees still flex in the wind and float their arms upon the breeze. By Full moon you’ll have a better sense of your place in the world and how much you good you can do from that place. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Your worldview has been shaken a little in the aftermath of last month’s full moon. Stuff came to light that you didn’t really think was an issue and it hasn’t all been lovely. Sweet mermaid, allow the tears to flow. And with courage, approach the imminent transformation. How does faith and philosophy fit into what has been happening? Go deeper, find the meaning and renew your heart. By Full Moon you remerge, mindset firm, steady and strong. Your heart may hurt but your determination is only deepened. You have work to do, last month showed that, and you have the sensitivity, intelligence and magic to make it come true. You will have what your heart wishes for, in time, do not falter. Keep the faith and see your dreams become real.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed my work please share with your friends and so I can keep creating this magic for you. If you are ready to discover more, book a reading for your personal interpretation .

*You will either need to move your Western chart ‘back’ by 23 degrees or generate a vedic chart then read your horoscope for accuracy. You can read about why the sidereal  zodiac is more accurate than “Western” tropical zodiac astro here – starting with the fact that tropical zodiac is out of whack by about 2300 years.



Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and teaches workshops on creative spirituality. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. You can read more about her practise here or book your reading or report here 

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