Horoscope: Aqua Sparkle Half Moon

The first half moon brings a burst of energy, out of the box Aquarian thinking and a flurry of ideas as those New Moon transformations give way to Taurean Full Moon abundance. The moon has also left the Serpent aspect, with all planets between the eclipse points until Jan 9 – except when moon breaks out 2 weeks at a time. It’s a time of rapid transformation and it’s a bit bumpy – we’re cycling through energised ambition and painful self doubt. We have to choose to rise, in spite of the desire to remain as we were, because growth doesn’t stop just because it feels too much at once. If you’re feeling overwhelmed please make time for gentleness, you can’t direct the transformation, just ride it. Our inner, wise self knows what to do – sometimes we need to just get out of the way! The next 2 weeks your head will be clearer and you’ll see the first fruits of the big changes begun since Saturn left Scorpio in October.  Check out your horoscope and book in for a tarot or astrological in-depth consultation to help you embrace the changes coming to you for 2018. Gift cards available here for the holiday gift season.


You can read by moon sign, rising sign or sun sign. These are horoscopes based on the sidereal zodiac. You can draw your chart here and find out what sign you were really born under (more info here.) To book a detailed reading with Asha connect here


The focus at New Moon was on finding common ground with those you share your life with; what fair means and how to make the most of your skills as a pair to overcome obstacles you can’t do on your own. After a few tight moments economically, it’s time to shine socially and remind everyone just how brilliant and irreplaceable you are. Keep building steadily towards your goals. Plan for bounty in the long term rather than leaping too soon and missing the goal. It’s not so much taming your brilliance as driving it steadily towards success. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


This is your month! The new moon last week brought a change in how you view yourself in your relationships – and those you are closest to (partner, business partner, best friend). This weekend the half-moon encourages you to capitalise on recent gains in your career and work hard towards your newly realised calling. By full moon next week, you’ll feel satisfied with your efforts and confident in who you are becoming. Allow yourself time for curiosity this weekend so you don’t overwork. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


You’ve worked hard this week to get health routines and daily life reorganised. The half-moon this weekend shines a spotlight on the ideals that drive your actions. Keep connected to what you think is noble and good. See how present real-world considerations fit into these ideals, not the other way around. The full moon in a week’s time brings some long-standing fears to the light so you can let them go and make more space for happy daydreams instead. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


A new cycle in love, flirtation and happiness began last week, and it certainly hasn’t been the easiest week. The half-moon this weekend brings some brightness to the intimate parts of your relationship or for single Cancers the weekend shows just how much fun you can have without having to always consider someone else’s point of view. The Full Moon in a week’s time brings new energy to friendships, bringing new connections and people that really get you. Hold your ground, you are worth it, and watch the worthwhile people appear. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


New Moon brought up all sorts of deep, churning inner feelings and required renewal at home, the Half Moon this weekend throws light on your love life and committed partnership. Make time with your sweetheart or closest friend, we learn so much about who we are by truly being with our loved one. This month it’s all about balancing the needs of you as an individual, your beloveds and keeping home nurturing and safe so you can fulfil your vocation. Full moon in one week brings fulfilment of hopes in your career. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


It’s been a busy week since new moon but the Aquarius half-moon this weekend gets you thinking about ways to make ordinary life interesting by bringing the weird back. The Full Moon next week helps lift that intense focus of your attention from the daily detail to the vision of beauty that makes it all worthwhile. Keep your perspective on what matters and think about things sideways to solve long standing frustrations.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The New Moon last week had you thinking about how you are managing (or not managing) your income/resources. This weekend the Aquarius half-moon brings sweet, creative and romantic vibes – make time to flirt, socialise with cute people or charm your lover. The Full Moon in Taurus in a week brings a deeper sense of security with your beloved & a better hold on your finances, so that your efforts blossom and bear fruit. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


This new moon saw the end of one you and the beginning of another. You’re working at finding the middle ground between independence and real connection. The Aquarius half-moon this weekend brings a little push from the home environment (or your Mom) that will help you understand more about your origins and who you want to be in the future. The Full Moon next week brings fulfilment with partners or closest friends. This month you are redefining you and feel more secure in your place in the world. It’s time to be real about who you really are and embrace yourself. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The New moon has brought some doubts and old fears back up, so the Aquarian Half Moon vibes this weekend help you find your weird again and get creative. Think abstractly about the problems or anxieties bothering you, detach a little, see the humour and watch the solution arise. By full moon next week, you’ll have the shape of a plan to deal with little, but important, daily frustrations. Aquarius moon brings the fun kind of strange vibes, perfect for the adventurous Archer.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


The New moon had you thinking about the fact you need to see your mates more often and get out more. By Full moon some of the important stuff will be done or at least under control. The Aquarius Half Moon this weekend pushes you to think differently about “resources” so you don’t burn out – or burn bridges. Wealth has many different forms. Even if you haven’t finished the big project, make time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts and spend time with/indulge your loved ones. You are well on the way to success, keep working steadily and nourish yourself along the way. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


You’ve been wobbling a little this week as you find your feet in your new personal reality. The New Moon brought new beginnings in career and higher calling with work projects preoccupying most of your time. This weekend the Half moon is in your sign and you’ll be feeling more your happy, creative and a little strange self – everyone else will be riding the Aqua vibes too so you’ll be feeling understood and at home in the world. The Full moon next week helps you settle deeply into the new demands of your life, happy with yourself and those who love you. For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


New Moon last week brought a change in how you think about life, the universe and destiny. The half-moon this weekend in Aquarius is bringing some deeper dreaming/memories to the surface. Make time for creative work, music and quiet time in nature to allow these to wash over you and dissolve; this is a sign of growth, flow with it. The Full Moon in a week’s time brings back strength, mental steadiness and renewed determination. The deep inner work of your life will bear fruit, with greater happiness and acceptance of life and its demands.  For a detailed look, book your own chart interpretation with Asha here 


Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed my work please share with your friends so I can keep creating this magic for you. If you are ready to discover more, book a reading for your personal interpretation.



*You will either need to move your Western chart ‘back’ by 23 degrees or generate a Vedic chart then read your horoscope for accuracy. You can read about why the sidereal  zodiac is more accurate than “Western” tropical zodiac astro here


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