2018 Hiatus

Panacea by M. L. Peters 2018 Hiatus Dear Wild Ones, I am on hiatus for 2018 to focus on other other creative & writing projects. This means I will not be hosting workshops or providing consultations during 2018 as I had planned. For those who have been working in the Wild Tarot salon I will [...]

Saturn in Sagittarius – Are you the Hero for this Quest?

Saturn is about to move from Scorpio to Sagittarius - in a week's time we move forward from almost 3 years of getting real about our emotional and psychological depths. It's been a difficult but fruitful transit, the Scorpio and Saturn combination gave us no quarter - emotional and psychological depths were tested, stuff dragged [...]

Pisces Full Moon – Dream Deeply

Tonight's Full moon is in gracious Pisces - Pisces is the infinite sea, both within us and between us all. Pisces is the universal consciousness in which all plays and into which all dissolves. The waters of Pisces are like ambrosia, eternal, beautiful, intoxicating and bring visions and soulful inspiration. When Piscean energy is strong [...]

Venus in Leo – Dramatic Romantic

Venus in Leo is gorrrgeous, Queenly, irresistible. The planet of beauty, romance and desire in Leo's bright embrace brings big feelings, warm embraces and playfulness back to love and relationships. Public displays of affection, the romantic gesture, the Queeeeenliness, Leo Venus makes it all glamorous, extra and magnetic. With Mars, Mercury and Venus all in [...]