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Asha is an experienced reader with practical insight on dilemmas spiritual & ordinary. Face to face readings in-person at her beautiful rainforest studio or online consultations available. Asha also offers original reports with all content written by Asha detailed to your circumstances. If you are unsure which service is best please contact her here.  You can also book several on-on-one private astrology or tarot lessons to learn to use these sacred traditions yourself for insight, understanding and to better adjust to life’s changes. Email directly for more info. 

Astrology Services

Astrology explores your essential nature, given to you at the moment of birth. Attune to divine timing, make the most of prosperous times and navigate difficult times with the wisdom of planets & the stars. Relationships comparison and in-depth sessions are Asha’s specialty. Asha is an experienced and gifted intuitive astrologer – you can read reviews of her work over at Facebook

90 min consultation (online or face to face) – $130
Face to face or online in this in-depth astrology consultation you work with Asha through your astrological chart, upcoming transits and how they are affecting you and address problems or frustrations you may be experiencing in relationships, career or spiritual issues.
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90 min consultation + report – $220
Face to face or online, in this in-depth astrology consultation you work with Asha through your astrological chart, upcoming transits & how they are affecting you. Address problems or frustrations you may be experiencing in relationships, career or spiritual issues. Asha will also write up the details of the transits & answers to your questions based on what you’ve worked through in the consultation so you can look over it in the months ahead. 
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Premium Chart Analysis $350
In-depth chart analysis, comprehensive exploration of the 12 houses/domains of life and the spiritual dimensions of your chart and transits for 12 months as well as Sade Sati report and planetary cycles / dasha reports and explanations. This is a premium service and as with all reports by Asha original and beautifully written content. 
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3 Questions – $90
3 questions or 3 issues answered based on your unique birth chart. If you aren’t sure you can ask me general information about Love, Career and Spirituality.  
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Love Report Reading + Questions $120
Understand how Mars, Venus, Moon and Sun influence your approach to love, desire and relationships. The rising sign, 5th house and 7th house also describe how you approach love, who you are attracted to and how that works with your need for a committed partnership (or if you even need that!). The influence of the planets on your relationships at the moment are explained and your questions on your relationship, any problems you may have or strengths you wish to build upon are answered. If you would like to compare other charts to yours please book the relationships analysis reading. Buy Now Button

Relationship Analysis Compare your chart with your lover/partner and understand how to better relate, resolve problems and the Work of your partnership. Using traditional methods of calculating compatibility of charts as well as Western astrological synastry (chart overlays) to reveal the hidden patterns and stories of your connection. Also suitable for other close relationships such as familial or close friendships where you might be working to understand the barriers to harmony or how you can make the most of it. You can book your session one-on-one or with your beloved. You can also book this service as a written report.

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4 of wands stack

Face to face or online, work with Asha through the story of the cards, working from the past to present and the path ahead. Asha reads in a lyrical, mythic style – weaving ancient stories with your the present chapter of your life. You receive a photo of your reading layout to reflect on after your session.

90 min tarot counselling session (face to face or online) $120. These in-depth sessions provide a deep encounter with your destiny and personal story. Understand where you are in your own hero’s journey, gain insight into the roots of the situation, coming influences and how to navigate them. Focused on spiritual transformation as empowerment Asha guides you to understand your story through the images of the cards.  Receive an image of your cards after the reading to journal and muse on in the coming weeks. Buy Now Button

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