astrology readings


Asha weaves Celtic-European myth cycles with the accuracy of Vedic astrology to give you a precise, rich astrological interpretation.
Asha believes it is important to speak from her own traditions and stories, while drawing on the deep wisdom she has found in Vedic philosophy and astrological methods.

Astrology helps you to locate yourself in your story, create images about the tides and times you find yourself in and work with these ideas to solve frustrations, creatively problem solve issues in relationships, careers and spiritual knots

Working with Asha, you follow the thread to find your way to where you’d like to be. Astrology is a wonderful tool for exploring locked relationship dynamics, frustrations with work and developing understanding around timing, life’s cycles and how to work with them instead of against them!

Please bring a journal to take notes, Asha will send you a short computer generated report and image of your chart following your reading for you to take notes on and reflect on afterwards.


Astrology sessions are 90 mins minimum
Couple / Relationship session is 120 mins
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