What kind of readings do you offer?

I read astrology and tarot in person or online (book a reading here ). I also offer astrology reports, tarot & astrology classes. My readings are based on strong traditional principles of guidance, support to transform your own life and to work with acceptance and peace within the experiences of your life. Reviving your creativity, joy for life, connection to your body, spiritual practise and ancestors is part of what I share.

Where are you based?
I live south of Sydney, on the South Coast of NSW – I work between Sydney and the Illawarra and online. I read at The Tarot Studio Thirroul and also run workshops & classes in Wollongong and Sydney. I’ll consider travelling to meet you and your community if you’d like to organise a workshop in your area.

Do you read online?
Yes, I do – via email, video call, phone call or recording. Contact me on seaserpentsky@gmail.com

I’m scared of what a reading might reveal!
There are no ‘terrible surprises’ in a reading. You are already aware – perhaps not consciously – of what is going on around you. We work together through the images of the cards or the symbols of your astrology chart to create constructive solutions/acceptance of your life’s journey so far. This is why it ‘feels so accurate’; your own subconscious mind is recognising what your ego might not want to admit! (We all do this, all the time). I do not ‘channel’ or speak to the dead. What I do is much more grounding and aimed to facilitate growth not impress you with ‘secret knowledge’.

What can a reading tell me? 

Astrology is traditionally about guiding you with understanding your tendencies, karma (history and consequences from actions, either yours or someone else’s) and the influence on your life right now and how you can work with it. Working with astrology helps you work constructively – particularly through tense periods – where everyone else is just reacting. Astrology is an ancient spiritual practise that is supported by yoga, meditation and other insight practises.

Tarot and Lenormand cards (cartomancy) is a folk tradition of divining using stories, images and lore carried by the reader that she gives to you – what appears depends entirely on the fall of the cards. Spiritual, relationship and career advice based on your own reflections and connection with me through the story of the cards and their relationships to each other.

What’s you’re experience? 

I’ve been studying tarot and astrology, myths and ritual for over 14 years. I have had a deep spiritual practise all of my life and was raised in a community where the spiritual was considered deeply important in informing right conduct, duty and perspectives on life experience. I’ve read for people from all walks of life, internationally and at home.

 Got more questions? Email me here 

About Asha 

Asha is an astrologer, tarot teller and lover of myth & magick. She reads tarot and astrology (Vedic style, sidereal zodiac), writes horoscope and teaches workshops on Wild Spirituality.  You can connect with Asha for insight on your relationship, to decompress spiritually and rediscover your creative spark. More about her services here.

Being a Taurus, with Krittika birthstar Asha loves to poke holes in ideas, arguments and fluffy explanations. She also has Venus Pisces so she can’t help but be mystical and is at times prone to fluffiness herself. Asha sometimes finds herself ranting against cold empiricism that sneers at the rich spirituality and traditions we have carried with us since we first painted on cave walls. She has also experienced up close, the anti-science, anti-reason attitudes in spiritual communities that makes idealistic seekers vulnerable. Without critical thinking spiritual seekers often find their vitality prey to superstition, undue influence and in the worst cases, psychological and spiritual abuse through unscrupulous false gurus, multi-level marketing pseudo-science or other exploitative situations. You can read more about undue influence here.

Asha believes that both empiricism and the spiritual are important and support each other. Without time to muse, perform ceremony which honours our spiritual beliefs, respects our forebears or helps us to find peace, we hollow out and experience the malaise of the soul – disconnection, depression, soul-dryness. Without respect for the sciences, critical thought and the experience of legitimately educated experts we become veiled in ignorance, superstition and lose opportunities to practically alleviate pain and suffering through improvements in technology, planning and education.

Asha continues to seek answers to the big questions while she is crunching her way through pre-calculus and trying to stop procrastinating. She has loved myth and magic and the power of a good story since she was little – her Grandpa would tell her and her cousins a parable from his life every Sunday. She was raised in a Baptist church but secretly wished to be a Catholic just for the icons of Mary, candles and incense. She continues to believe that God is One and makes herself known through many avatars and aspects. In this way she found herself aligning more and more with Vedic philosophy which she has been reading since she first picked up the Siva Sanhita in 2003.

Despite this eclectic range of reading and experience she believes it is very important not to mix or dilute traditions into one universal system as the 19th Century esotercists tried to. Not only is this colonialist and flawed in many ways, but it makes everything revert to a boring, homogenous mean. She believes in keeping the stories rich, as treasure houses of memory and wisdom – but, the storyteller must know how to tell them so that they are helpful, healing or cautionary for those listening.

Book a session or report here 

Asha’s astro details:

Ascendant Libra, Swati nakshatra
Rahu Aries, Krittika / Ketu Libra, Vishakha
Saturn conjunct Ketu, Scorpio
Sun – Capricorn, Shravan
Jupiter and Mercury conjunction
Venus and Mars conjunction Pisces
Taurus and Rahu conjunction Taurus

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