What kind of readings do you offer?

I offer traditional tarot and astrological consultations using a soulwork and wild spirituality frame. I share the stories of the stars or the cards, or we work through fairytales, to uncover the knots in your life, understand the choices that face you & supporting you to develop the inner knowing that helps you choose wisely, understand and accept yourself more deeply.

My consultations are not based on the idea of mysterious power that the reader holds and the seeker does not. Rather, I have been given certain stories, tradition and lore and have read deeply into these ways, worked them myself to heal from trauma, transform my life and develop better relationships.

I believe spiritual work should be absolutely connected to the real frustrations, challenges and dilemmas of life; that there is no material vs. spiritual but an interplay of many layers of seeing, engaging with and understanding life.

If spiritual/philosophical/creative work cannot aid us in our hour of pain, when we are wandering, disconnected, unsure – then it is of little use. Traditional modes of understanding store cultural knowledge about the cycles of life, the heartbreaks and happinesses of our experience, knowledge of human failing and beauty, how to do relationships better, how to fulfil your responsibilities without being burdened by them – or even just to vent! This is powerful.  There is a story for every circumstance, the balm for what your soul needs. We work together through the tool of your choice (astrology, tarot or story work) to find that balm.

Why is the reading/consultation dynamic so effective?

The consultation is part confessional, part tea and sympathy, part myth making and remaking. I work to hold a supportive, caring space set at a distance from the story you  I work with you to clear away the distractions, reconnect with what is going on for you, and develop a path through and forward. This has been called the ‘kitchen table’ tradition of women talking and sharing (and men too!). This is how I learned, and how I now practise. Our conversation is completely confidential, open and respectful. It is not intended as counselling, but rather, making space for you to untangle things, reframe them and feel lighter/renewed. If you feel overwhelmed by troubling thoughts and feelings I strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of a wise GP and psychologist.

Where are you based?
I live south of Sydney, in Wollongong. Depending upon my commitments I also hold workshops periodically. If you have a group of friends who would like me to host a workshop please get in touch to organise the theme, location and number of participants here

Do you read online?
Yes, I do – via Skype/ video call, phone call or recording. Contact me here

I’m scared of what a reading might reveal!

There are no ‘terrible surprises’ in a reading. You are already aware – perhaps not consciously – of what is going on around and within you. Most of the time the questioner comes for a reading to be able voice what s/he knows but has not had a supportive space to just release. We work together through the images of the cards or the symbols of your astrology chart to create constructive solutions/acceptance of your life’s journey so far and help direct future choices. This is why it can ‘feel so accurate’; your own subconscious mind is recognising what your ego might not want to admit! (We all do this, all the time).

What can a reading tell me? 

Astrology is traditionally about guiding you with understanding your tendencies, karma (history and consequences from actions, either yours or someone else’s) and the influence on your life right now and how you can work with it. Working with astrology helps you work constructively – particularly through tense periods – where everyone else is just reacting. Astrology is an ancient spiritual practise that is supported by yoga, meditation and other insight practises.

Tarot  is a folk tradition of divining using stories, images and lore carried by the reader that she gives to you – what appears depends entirely on the fall of the cards. Spiritual, relationship and career advice based on your own reflections and connection with me through the story of the cards and their relationships to each other.

Story work utilises myth cycles and narrative to work through and change habits, unpack relationship troubles, reclaim self worth or rediscover yourself after a period of transition (a breakup, change of career, parenthood, marriage, change of life stage, loss or period of emotional dryness.)

What’s you’re experience? 

I’ve been studying tarot and astrology, myths and ritual for over 15 years. I have had a deep spiritual practise all of my life and was raised in a community where the spiritual and ethical was considered deeply important in informing right conduct, duty and perspectives on life experience. I’ve read for people from all walks of life, internationally and at home, it would number now in the hundreds.

Who are your influences?

The work of Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes has been the most powerful influence on my writing and myth work, I also learned a lot from C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell. I enjoy the psychedelic writers R.A.Wilson and Timothy Leary, John C. Lilly mainly because they are utterly mad and tripped out – lots of space for creative thinking there! I love poetry, especially traditional folk song. I have drawn much of my tarot knowledge from the work of Aleister Crowley – that utterly reprehensible human being – and I do not recommend his work on any other subject. The work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dion Fortune, Bepin Behari, Komilla Sutton have also enriched my knowledge immeasurably. My favourite work is the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and fairytales.

Gratitude and respect to Evelyn who has shares her wisdom, kindness and sight and sisterhood. To Tee, the true artist. To Paula Wedo, the best fairy godmother anyone could have who knows how to really live and stop fretting over foolish things. To Peter who taught me astrology lying on the grass staring at the stars on the slopes of Mount Wollumbin when I was 19 and over many cups of tea in the years following, who helped me believe in the cosmic. To my Grandfather who taught me the power of the parable, and how healing a hymn can be. To my birth Dad the wandering philosopher who has an answer and a laugh for every circumstance. To my other Dad in his gentleness and boundless empathy for others. To my mother for her commitment to doing what is right, even when its not glamorous or easy, who taught me that all people have a right to dignity and that gifts must be shared, to never stop serving.

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About me

My personal astrology 

Being a Taurus, with Krittika birthstar I loves to poke holes in ideas, arguments and fluffy explanations. I also have Venus Pisces so I can’t help but be mystical at times. I sometimes find myself ranting against cold empiricism that sneers at the rich spirituality and traditions we have carried with us since we first painted on cave walls, as if these are things we should forget about as they have ‘no use’. I have also experienced up close, the anti-reason attitudes in ‘spiritual’ communities that makes idealistic seekers vulnerable, neglect their emotional and physical wellbeing and cause immeasurable harm. Without critical thinking seekers often find their vitality prey to superstition, undue influence and in the worst cases, psychological and spiritual abuse through unscrupulous false gurus, multi-level marketing pseudo-science or other exploitative situations. You can read more about undue influence here. 

I believe that both empiricism and the spiritual are important and support each other. Without time to muse, perform ceremony which honours our spiritual beliefs, respects our forebears or helps us to find peace, we hollow out and experience the malaise of the soul – disconnection, depression, soul-dryness. Without respect for the sciences, critical thought and the experience of legitimately educated experts we become veiled in ignorance, superstition and lose opportunities to practically alleviate pain and suffering through improvements in technology, planning and education.

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Asha’s astro details:

Ascendant Libra, Swati nakshatra
Rahu Aries, Krittika / Ketu Libra, Vishakha
Saturn conjunct Ketu, Scorpio
Sun – Capricorn, Shravan
Jupiter and Mercury conjunction
Venus and Mars conjunction Pisces
Taurus and Rahu conjunction Taurus 8th house

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