Love, Reality and Transformation: Venus opposes Saturn

The Venus opposition to Saturn is making us look hard at what we really need in love - and what is possible. Venus in Taurus is in opposition to Saturn Rx (retrograde) in Scorpio until July 31. The energy is shifting this month, watery planets Mars, Saturn and Sun and New Moon in Cancer too (Jul 23). In [...]

Retrograde planets 2017

Retrograde planets function as if they are closer to the earth – they have a stronger influence but their influence is inverted - we see the "other side" of the issues represented by those planets. Sometimes the influence of the retrograde planet is passive and we need to work with it to avoid frustration during [...]

Full Moon in Taurus

Have you set your full moon affirmations?  The opposition of Saturn and Moon in Taurus asks us to do something different - to accept our limits and work from there. To stop living for when the dream comes true and to stand, feet on the ground fully in our bodies here and now.   Acceptance [...]

Release from the Serpent: December Astrology

Mercury retro kicks off again in Sagittarius mid month bringing a new look at your big picture thinking. Venus in Capricorn settles the high feelings of the last few weeks bringing realistic approach to our relationships & desires. ❤Venus is trailing Mars still working hard in Capricorn. Whatever Mars provokes into action, Venus follows with [...]