The Magic of Reason: Lost Stories

Astrology, Ritual and Tarot are part of Our Story, Our Culture; ancient mythologies woven through every aspect of our lives. Every myth, every story cycle we have, reflects archetypes that have survived millennia. Every archetype in turn references a story within a mythos that is reflected across many cultures and geographical spaces; they are our broader conceptual framework for what [...]

The Future is a Con

"You must not talk about the future. The future is a con. The tarot is a language that talks about the present. If you use it to see the future, you become a conman. You are just a charlatan. For me, the tarot was something more serious. It was a deep, psychological search. When you [...]

Can you tell my future?

For my new followers, an older post about my ethos as a reader ~ Love Asha Maria

the existential astrologer

the priestess seaserpentskyCritical Thinking – Divination or Ancient Wisdom?

‘Can you tell my future?’ – I often hear this question at markets; spoken with a combination of cynicism, curiosity and even desperate hope.
I usually reply ‘ I won’t tell you your future, but we can work out what you want to do with it.’

My answer isn’t as pleasant as a simple ‘Yes’. There is no assurance given, nor should there be. The client must keep her sovereignty in tact. She is the master of her destiny; not a card reader or therapist nor anyone else.

We all find ourselves in these places, the Dark Night of the Soul. Places where it seems all doors are shut; that fate, God/s, reason are all indifferent, futile and deliver no succour from our anxiety, sorrow or pain.

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Why I follow the Moon

The closest Celestial Body to the Earth, the Moon has greatest influence over our day-to-day life, the little world. In 28 days She progresses through the Wheel of the Heavens highlighting each of the astrological domains. At the New and Full Moons She first initiates and then brings to shining fulfillment a different part of our experience. Weird and [...]