What kind of readings do you offer?

I read astrology and tarot in person or online (book a reading here ). I also offer astrology reports, tarot & astrology classes.

Where are you based?
I live south of Sydney, on the South Coast of NSW – I work between Sydney and the Illawarra and online. I read in Wollongong, at The Tarot Studio Thirroul and also run workshops & classes in Wollongong and Sydney.

Do you read online?
Yes, I do – via email Contact me on seaserpentsky@gmail.com

I’m scared of what a reading might reveal!
There are no ‘terrible surprises’ in a reading. You are already aware – perhaps not consciously – of what is going on around you. We work together through the images of the cards or the symbols of your astrology chart to create constructive solutions/acceptance of your life’s journey so far. This is why it ‘feels so accurate’; your own subconscious mind is recognising what your ego might not want to admit! (We all do this, all the time). I do not ‘channel’ or speak to the dead. What I do is much more grounding and aimed to facilitate growth not impress you with ‘secret knowledge’.



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