A blessed new moon in Virgo to you! Virgo is the gentle sign of spring blossoming earth in the south and the time of gathering abundance in the North, the New Moon in Virgo heralds a time of attending to the beautiful details of life – of renewing, refreshing and rededication. The fierce fire of Mars, Mercury, Venus in Leo leaves much bubbling under the surface this month, and we have the Full moon in mysterious and shimmering Pisces – there are 2 layers to the experience this month – gentle new beginnings and some shrugging off of that which does not serve. Take care to avoid heated exchanges (Mercury and Mars in Leo) and turn your energies towards the pleasures of energetic friendship, romance and play (Venus also in Leo). Jupiter now enters elegant Libra balancing our relationships and bringing wisdom to work in the area of life ruled by Libra. We are still experiencing the consequences of eclipse disruptions and calls to transform. Attune to the gentle and sacred energy of Maiden Moon tonight – making your offerings to the Goddess tonight to help you fulfil your duties, with grace, lightness and happiness.


Aries – A new cycle in your health, day-job and routines begins. If you have the chance to set up things in new order, take it – it means you can get more done and move quicker when the time comes 

Taurus – Renewal in your 5th house of romance, friendship and creativity invites you to make your work space beautiful so you can create lovely things, or work with friends and children on new projects. 

Gemini – A new start in your 4th house of hearth and home, perfect for spring cleaning, dusting out and then inviting in new friends and connections. Your ruler is in fiery Leo bringing opportunity and big picture thinking and exciting opportunities. 

Cancer – The New moon brings a fresh focus to the 3rd house of intelligence, communication and siblings. Celebrate with your brothers and sisters, renewing the old nostalgia that brings you together. A busy month of completing little tasks and getting paperwork together. 

Leo – The New moon appears in your finance and resources sector inviting you to review your expenditure and financial plans so you are in a strong position from hereon in. There is a big energy for you this month with Venus, Mars and Merc in your sign this month bringing lots of activity and opportunity too. Attune to the Virgo wisdom to make the most of it. 

Virgo – This is a time of personal renewal, a powerful time to re-order your approach to the world and your personal reactions to life’s events. The full moon mid month will shine beauty into your closest relationships bringing peace and sweetness. 

Libra – The New moon in your 12th house of the unconscious helps you reconnect with your dreaming and spiritual life. Listen to the quiet inner voice to navigate the big energy your ruler Venus in Leo brings this month. 

Scorpio – A new moon in the 11th house invites you to reconnect gently with friends, rest in the company of those who you can be comfortable with. A good time to begin a new activity and discover unique friends. 

Sagittarius – The Virgo moon appears in your career and vocation sector; renewal in how you view your vocation and highest career goals brings a sense of happiness and rightness with the path chosen. An invitation to begin a new career path for those in-between jobs. 

Capricorn – Virgo New Moon appears quietly in your 9th house of wisdom, higher learning and spiritual observance. A new course of reading, a focus on studies and research and knowledge seeking work is blessed all month. 

Aquarius – The New moon in Virgo appears in your 8th house of mystery, intimacy and shared resources. There is so much sweetness in connection that is gentle and wise – make prudent plans and feel safe to enjoy the closeness of trust – or just knowing you have a handle on your debts and financial obligations.

 Pisces This month is special for you sweet Pisces – the full moon is in your sign in 2 weeks. The new moon brings renewal in your committed relationships or perspective on those past. Virgo helps you keep the edges to your devotion, call her to steady your relationships in order that you may love deeply.

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Hello star lovers! It’s Aquarius Full Moon day and things are bright, sparkling, buzzy and a little out of left field. My internet is down! Assignments are due! Aquarius Moon energy is wild and makes me want to dance across the universe thinking about the BIG PLANS and less about the how-to-get-there. Mercury is finally direct gaining speed from his stationary motion bringing those insights, a-ha! moments, those messages you’ve been waiting on and clearing up communication issues. He won’t be out of the retro zone for a few weeks yet so time to synthesise and sort through all that reflection – and carry any jewels you discovered forwards.  With Mars joining him in his progress through the sign of Leo there’s high mental energy, potential for verbal agitation and fightin’ words.

Focus on where you can respond to what’s happening in the world – focus on your world and community and act with goodness, integrity and a warm heart. Combined with the Full moon buzz you might not be getting much sleep. Mercury and Mars cross over the eclipse point from Aug 22 (refresh your memory here) triggering action on the understanding and words following those eclipse and Mercury retro revelations. We really got a chance to stop, look over our lives and destiny and work out where to from here. I don’t know about you but my life has taken a sharp left hand turn since the first hummings of revelations at the Lunar eclipse last full moon. It’s been a whole lunar cycle since then – can you recognise yourself? Sort of? Exciting times.

Saturn is moving forward steadily now and will cross out of Scorpio into beloved Sagittarius from Oct 22 bringing lighter vibes generally but we won’t really get the best effect until he leaves the Mula constellation and is deeper into the sign – early in 2018 Jupiter is in good aspect right now and for the next few weeks as he crosses between Virgo and Libra he shines benevolently on us all – let’s hope wisdom pervades in our personal and greater worlds; that new alliances arise out of all this change and upheaval.

Jupiter’s work in Virgo during 2017 taught us – kindly, wisely, – how to take care of routines. To see the little details as a sacred and worthwhile endeavour in their own end. No one likes duty – we all prefer ice-cream, netflix and someone else to do the dishes – but this transit helped us understand the sacredness in duty and hopefully we can keep working on that lesson even after he leaves Virgo. Admittedly, it’s taken some of the buzz and pop out of Jupiter’s usual joyous influence (in Mid 2015 to mid 2016 Jupiter was in Leo, the energy was big, grand and dramatic!) but the quiet virtue of Virgo taught us a lot about wise economy – money, body, energy – and helped some of us finally deal with health attitudes that needed structural change at the daily level. (Obviously this is me.)

Tonight’s Full Moon  is in noble Aquarius, in the star of Purva Bhadrapada. A star of righteous clarity and impossible magic that somehow, is possible (the stars of Purva Bhadra are in the pegasi constellation). In European tradition the Pegasus is connected to the mysteries of the deep waters, flight and magical journeying. The Purva Bhadra mysteries and the symbolism of Aquarius / Kumbha connect with these principles of sparkling intelligence, pure inspiration, movement, clarity, succour and justice.

Even if you are unsure where-to-from-here, tonight salute the beautiful moon and call forth your own inner fire. Invite your guiding intelligence to sparkle brightly,  make itself known so that you may carry the water of your unique destiny to quench injustice, sorrow and heartache in the world. Face the realities but rejoice and determine to raise the vibes – that was then, this is now – take your self-discoveries and time to see what you can do with them.


Read by moon sign for the development of the soul/emotional effect, Sun sign for life direction/structure, Ascendant sign for your persona. These are SIDEREAL/VEDIC horoscopes.* 

Aries / Mesha
The full moon is in your 11th house of pals and social approval  – begin to reap the benefits of your efforts to push your career forward, socialise and reconnect with friends from a fresh place of insight and how those relationships fit in with your revised self view. Mercury is now direct in your 5th house of romance and play – expect issues with your love interest to clear up so you can get on with the best parts of romance – being dramatic and expressing your feelings. Venus in Cancer in your fourth house has you set on making an honest person of yourself. Enjoy all the big energy – Mars your ruler is also in Leo making a grand noise about love and passion. You are extra all this month. But that’s why we love you.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead

Taurus / Vrishabha
Your ruler Venus is in your 3rd house helping you to understand the best thing for you isn’t always what you enjoy the most. Mars and Mercury direct in your 4th house of home leave you agitated by the hearth fire but ready to strike new beginnings in how you run your home and spend your time there. Make plenty of time to get out and release agitating, stuck energy  – don’t keep it buzzing away in your lounge-room. Saturn is still in the 7th house of relationships but he is leaving soon – alleviating the tension between you and your significant others you’ve been experiencing since Nov 2014. The Full Moon glows bright in your 10th house of vocation and career – time to write the “new plan” down and believe it whole heartedly. Then align your actions with this guiding light and begin to move forward. Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Gemini / Mithuna
Mercury is your ruler and his retrograde is quite uncomfy for the sparkling Gemini. Now he is direct and running about with Lord Mars in Leo too you can expect things to get going – fast! Which is just how you like it. All this energy in the house of thinking and ideas makes you work a mile-a-minute so take care not to burn out. Get the creativity out and commit to putting a solid action plan in place once the big buzz dies down a little. Don’t let all this new vitality spark and dissipate, put it to work for maximum reward. The Full Moon is in the beautiful 9th house of Personal Quest and “the big vision” – you experience an “a-ha!” moment as the image of what you’re meant to be doing and why all comes together. Enjoy this time of frenzied activity and high feeling as you emerge into a new phase in your life – be courageous and leap across the threshold beautiful things await.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Cancer / Karka
Venus blesses you as she transits your own sign however she has made tears ever-ready and increased your usual sentimentality to an almost painful level. Try to enjoy the sweetness and stay clear of the bitter-sweet, don’t dwell – float on the surface of your deep feeling and enjoy the shift and ebb of the tide. Keep it light, and let the Full Moon in your 8th house reveal what it is causing all that “not enough” feeling in your romances/close relationships. What do you really need and how can you ask for that? How can you share this burden, invite love in? In more practical terms Mercury now direct in your 2nd house along with Mars brings some relief to straightened cash situation, however Mars can tend to spend as soon as you make it – so keep that in mind and try to economise on the extras as you catch up on outstanding bills.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Leo / Simha
You dear Leo are the centre of it all, as you know and the Mercury direct, Mars in Leo – the past Leo New moon eclipse and the Full moon Aquarius vibes are hitting you head on. With Mercury direct your head comes out of the muddle it’s been in for almost a month. Mars lifts your spirit and gives you improved energy too. The big identity crisis wrought by the New Moon eclipse 2 weeks ago clears to reveal the shining path ahead. The Full Moon in your 7th house of committed relationships brings focus to your partner or what you’d like to do with that whole area of your life. You begin to see how relating needs to change now that you’ve gotten some new perspectives during the Merc retro. Enjoy this time of you-and-I and for solo Lions who would like to be paired up – a good time to get insight on not just what you need but what you can bring to a future partner.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Virgo / Kanya
Jupiter dallies in the last degrees of your sign where he has blessed and expanded your life in lots of little ways for about 12 months. As he moves into the 2nd house of income and resources you can expect a little boost there too – a reward for all the sensible reconsideration of your direction in life you undertook this year. The Full Moon sparkles brightly in your 6th house of health and healing. You look good on the job and are enjoying your time there too. Mercury, your ruler, is now direct and as he moves through your 12th house of unconscious and renunciation it’s time to let go of self-defeating thinking, fears and habits of anxiety that have nothing to do with you at all. Mars brings you the courage and vigour to move forward from here – take his assistance and move past those feelings into a state of peaceful clarity.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Libra / Thula
Venus rules your sign and she’s still floating through your 10th house of vocation and reputation. You are arriving at a place of greater harmony with all the stuff you believe and have been doing with your life up until this point. All the work you’ve ever done is synthesising into an image of your calling in the world. Saturn’s restrictions in your 2nd house of income have meant you can’t distract yourself with lovely things so you had to discover how to create the harmony and balance in other ways. This has been hard work but, productive. It can take you a long time to make your mind up. Once you do – it is a fait accompli.  The Full Moon brings creative vibes and romance to your 5th house of love and fun. Mercury direct clears his head and gets to work with Mars in your 11th house of friendships and brings rewards from your efforts in your career you kicked off at the last full moon.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Scorpio / Vrishick
Deep transforming Scorpio, Saturn the Restrictor is leaving your sign and you can expect life to soften substantially from Oct 22 as he enters Sagittarius. He may restrict your income a little but he isn’t restricting your energy generally. This Full moon invites you to clear your head of limited perspectives about yourself and doubts that undermine your profound abilities. Mercury direct and Mars, your ruler, are aligned in Leo  in your 10th house of career and reputation. Make a go of it – now is a powerful time to climb to new heights and make a name for yourself in your work. Throw yourself into the efforts ahead of you and reap recognition you deserve further down the line. The Full moon in your 4th house of home and roots presents you with an opportunity to enjoy your home life, pleasant times with your mother/mother’s family and happiness at the hearth fire.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Sagittarius / Dhanus
Joyous Sagittarius sails through most things unscathed and because the eclipses aspected your sign reasonably well you will have been experiencing the positive side of the transits (unless personal planets were afflicted). You are good at “new”, you delight in discovery. The issue for you is keeping at something before getting onto the next exciting thing. With Mercury direct aligned with Mars in your 9th house of the Quest, journeying and the big picture – you can rest assured you are still on track. Let the Merc retro musings find their place, recalibrate – and then get back into the adventure. Your ruler Jupiter leaves Virgo for Leo on September 12. For the next year there will be a shift in focus from 10th house of career and “what am I doing with my life” to “I am glad I am doing this, look how much fun I am having and all the great people I am connecting to along the way” – the 11th house. Full moon glows in your 3rd house of communication and ideas – your mindset brightens and you think laterally about how to solve the challenges you are facing.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Capricorn / Makara
The last Full Moon was in your sign heralded a complete revision of what you are doing with your life. Add 2 eclipses into the mix and a Mercury retrograde and we have a whole other you before us at this full moon. With your ruler Saturn readying to move after 2.5 years in Scorpio this is necessary, and wise, shift in perspective. The Full moon glows in your 2nd house of resources and income illuminating what is your basic level of need to achieve your revised ambitions provoked by last month’s big changes. Venus opposes your sign, in Cancer, sweetening your relationship and drawing you deeper into love. Mars and Mercury direct in your 8th house of intimacy and debt help you understand what you need to share and what you are willing to give to your beloved, and what you need to leave behind from your past to be you – right now – in all your potential.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Aquarius / Kumbha
This Full moon is in your sign and you receive illumination about your self-concept. Aquarians are attuned to a different rhythm and bring their wisdom to the cause of all – truly individual but devoted to the common good – this Full moon invites you to engage deeply with your personal destiny. Mars and Mercury direct oppose the Full moon and move through your 7th house of partnerships and relationships. Clear insight, dissatisfaction with where the boundaries lie and potential conflict that arises from these insights can overshadow the recent progress in your significant relationships. Ketu has now left Aquarius bringing his liberating power to your unconscious mind and turning your mind to the deeper spiritual dimensions of your life. With the Full Moon in Aquarius you are invited to see what remains about who you thought you were and then breathe new life into your identity and appearance in the world.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

Pisces / Meena
The Full Moon illuminates your 12th house of unconscious and dreaming attuning you to the deepest current of your being and bringing quiet understanding. Your vivid dreams speak in symbol and story to the greater mythos of your life. Mars and Mercury direct in your 6th house of health and healing bring recovery and resilience to your health but can agitate on your day-job. Speak clearly and with energy if needed, but take care not to burn the supports that sustain this part of your life – the unconscious is more active than usual and issues unrelated to conflicts at work may find their way out where it doesn’t belong. Jupiter your ruler is leaving your 7th house of partnerships taking the focus from you-and-them to the intimate aspect of the relationship, shared resources and the private sphere of life. Venus aspects your sign bringing grace and feeling to your 5th house of romance and creativity making this full moon cycle a dreamy time laden with emotive experiences.  Book your session Asha for more information on your astrology and the changes ahead 

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*You will either need to move your Western chart ‘back’ by 23 degrees or generate a vedic chart then read your horoscope for accuracy. You can read about why the sidereal  zodiac is more accurate than “Western” tropical zodiac astro here – starting with the fact that tropical zodiac is out of whack by about 2300 years.


Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and teaches workshops on creative spirituality. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. You can read more about her practise here or book your reading or report here 


Restoring the Soul Asha Maria
Saturn is direct again and at the end of his 3 year Scorpio transit!

Cry in relief folks, for most of us it has been brutal. Thanks for the lessons Lord Saturn, but happy to move forward now. I am definitely a lot tougher than at the beginning of this cycle but ooh, ouch – oof! Weren’t those lessons so hard? Since Nov 2014 it’s been a ride through the deep depths of our karma. We’ve experienced transformation as we dealt with the consequences of actions (made by us or enacted upon us). Anywhere we have been less than utterly real, honest and truthful about ourselves was ripped into clarity –  pushed against limits to see whether we would break or break through.

Saturn in Scorpio brings out our gifts but only through immense difficulty. He strips away everything that is no longer in keeping with our destiny so that we may continue. Saturn has 7 veils of darkness (our illusions) as the Sun has 7 radiations of illumination. We all prefer the illumination because it is beautiful, ecstatic, lovely. But the illumination dissipates if we have not worked Saturn’s path too. Saturn’s unveiling reveals the inner light and beauty  – surprising and lovely – in his own way.  He prepares the ground for us to grow.

Who likes limitations? None of us. And that is why Saturn comes to SCHOOL us so we can actually achieve our destiny, because we prefer comfort to growth. Ease, to discipline, we are material sensuous creatures (mmm) but this can create problems, we avoid suffering and thus do not grow. Saturn gives us the law of reality, he teaches us the importance of structure, routine and duty.

Saturn is the least favourite of the planets because he makes things real. Lord of Restriction, creator of Inertia and karmic accountant. He exposes our ‘LACK’ – our incapacities, our limits. He shows the reality of our capacities and the work needed to improve ourselves and actually achieve the dreams he seems to destroy.

Accept this truth, painful as it is, we become capable, responsible and enduring. What seems destruction of our ‘hopes and dreams’ equips us to become creators within our destinies.  He doesn’t punish or cause strife for no reason; he shows up where we haven’t covered all the bases or not been honest with ourselves.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio was, frankly, brutal. Especially for those born with Saturn in Scorpio or Moon signs of Scorpio (sade sati), Taurus (oppositions with partners) or Aries (ashtamsha). His lessons are HARD. He retrogrades thrice during his 3-ish year transit of each zodiac sign. He takes us over, and over again, the lessons we need to learn.

Now, after 6 months retrograde Saturn is in direct motion again, turning direct late last night. He is a slow planet so we don’t feel the effect for a few more days – but it is time to get moving on working within the structures you’ve had to shore up since March. You will begin to make ground with frustrated efforts, Saturn supporting actions of diligence, discipline and endurance.

Because we’re at the very last stretch of the Saturn in Scorpio transit it’s time to synthesis the lessons and move the heck on. DO NOT STAY in those murky waters. Look ahead, keep building, move more steadily and use any difficult experiences as tools to overcome future challenges. Saturn will move into joyous Sagittarius from Oct 22, taking us back into that ground we began to cover in January 2017. It’s time to get to work – and the tides are with us. Expect a few more bumps from this karma since Nov 2014 as we approach the end of it, and especially as Saturn moves slowly on the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This knot or gandanta triggers a shift in gears in our work with Saturn’s energy – limits, restrictions, responsibility.  Full steam ahead, steady as she goes – we won’t be back in Scorpio for another 28 years.

The Saturn in Sagittarius transit will help us make our ideals real, get hard to work on higher study and assist writers/philosophers and academics to bring Saturnian wisdom, structure and order to the ideal and intangible.


Read by moon sign for the development of the soul/emotional effect, Sun sign for life direction/structure, Ascendant sign for your persona. These are SIDEREAL/VEDIC horoscopes.* 

Aries – Saturn leaves the difficult 8th house of emotional turmoil, debt and shared karma (with spouse or significant other).  Now in direct motion, be willing to get to work on understanding this difficult period – you know what you are made of and what you are capable of enduring. Time to leave self doubt behind and seize your ambitions, driving them before you – knowing your power and vulnerabilities makes you only more formidable! From Oct 22 Saturn in Sagittarius moves to the joyous 9th house of dharma, good fortune and learning – crystallising good fortune and greater ease from your efforts. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Taurus – Saturn has antagonised your sign since Nov 2014. The 7th house is the house of conflicts, relationships, the law and contracts. A difficult time being happy with your spouse, for those who are single a desolate period of finding a spouse or partner, and difficult relations with others. The persona and public reputation received ‘evil glance’ of Saturn at this time and you had to struggle for every little gain. The direct motion of Saturn moves you out of this territory. His movement into Sagittarius, although into the afflicted 8th house, being Sagittarius, brings the chance to work off debts, and improve your standing after this tough period. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Gemini – Saturn brings improvements to your health and employment after a difficult period of making headway or having to confront parts of your well-being you neglected up until Saturn’s influence forced you to face facts about your habits and self-care. Saturn moves into your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, being Sagittarius this mitigates many of the difficult aspects Saturn can bring to relationship – making commitments more solid, showing the lack of commitment in some cases, and helping you to clarify not only what you desire, but what you need in order to have a good, respectful and stable intimacy in your life. This significant relationship isn’t just committed partnership but also influences partnerships of any kind.Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Cancer – Saturn moves forward in your 5th house of romance, children and flirtation. A long period of romantic conflict and dissatisfaction is coming to a close for you. Saturn kept  bringing you back to earth everytime your heart tried to soar, this misery-guts influence while helpful in tempering your expectations of romantic fulfilment also helped you to see what really is of value in these relationships. If you’d put your needs/ambitions aside for love, Saturn called you on it. As Saturn moves forward into Sagittarius in late October he brings his accounting eye to your routines, healthcare and day-job helping you to finish tasks and cautioning you not to wriggle out of responsibility! If you work with him, he will help you reap many rewards. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Leo – Sunshiny Leo you’ve had an eclipse right over your sign and are mid Merc retro. Saturn turns direct  after 3 years in the 4th house of home, hearth and the Mother image. This has been a time of both solidifying your connection to roots, making a home for yourself and connection to place – but in coming home, close to the root of things, any lack, sorrow and the real responsibilities of settling in anyway have also shown up sharp and clear. Saturn moves forward into your friendly sign of Sagittarius from Oct 22 bringing solidity to your creative ideas, flirtations and romantic life. You may begin to impose order on all the things you ‘love’ – and you’ll learn both the values and the limits to that during this 3 year transit. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Virgo is ever the friend to Saturn, he is finishing up his work in your 3rd house of mind, communication and day-to-day action where he’s helped you make some of your ideas reality, but also brought an influence of mental solitude and hesitancy to really speak your mind. Not that you are prone to that dear Virgo – but he may have made you more black-and-white in your thinking during this time. Moving into your 4th house of home, hearth and mother, Saturn helps you feel more solid in relation to your family, fix your residence and encourage you to put some work in on establishing a solid foundation financially. With these steadying developments come necessary restrictions, but willing to economise as Virgo is, this is over all a productive period. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Libra and Saturn work well together, Saturn is exalted in your sign. The Libran love of harmony harmonises with the Saturnian love of order. Saturn leaves your finances and speech sector – after 3 years of very limited funds and big expenses – you can expect the transit into your 3rd house of mind, writing and intellect to help you rebuild after this difficult economic period. While Saturn remains in Scorpio make sure you establish long lasting habits of managing cash flow so you can make the most of those hard knock lessons you’ve had since Nov 2014. Saturn in Sagittarius brings steadier thinking and mental clarity – time to make a plan out and onward from Oct 22. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Scorpio – Saturn has been transiting your own sign since Nov 2014 – this has been a difficult and critical period for you as you were forced to get real and restructure your reality, down to the bed rock of your psyche, in order to understand who you really are and how you are projecting that image onto the world. Saturn also brought progress on the career front, a good time to make a name for yourself. But the searing self insight is hard to deal with! Saturn will move forward into your 2nd house of resources, money and speech from Oct 22, take care to order your finances but go steady – don’t stress – the work you do now will establish a sound basis of economy and management in the years ahead. Economise now, invest in education/higher learning if relevant, and keep your eye on the long-term goals. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Sagittarius – Saturn has been in the 12th house of your unconscious, secrets and longings. This is a difficult transit but also a spiritually productive time. By crystallising and bringing to the surface hopes, dreams and fears Saturn has helped you to understand the unconscious forces that drive your conscious actions. In knowing this, you know better how to act so you achieve goals and establish your reputation in life. From Oct 22 now transiting your ascendant/1st house, you will restructure your identity and how you project yourself upon the outer world. In knowing your unconscious you have come to know more about yourself, and now it’s time to restructure. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Capricorn – your ruling planet is Saturn so his transits don’t cause you the same conflicts they do most other sign. You are not in denial of the importance of discipline, responsibility and duty. Saturn in Scorpio has been limiting your social interactions and friendships since Nov 14, making you dissatisfied with people who aren’t ‘serious’ enough about the important things. You have received benefits from your career efforts but not necessarily in terms of cash rewards. However, being a Capricorn you can take the long view and see the value of what you have achieved. As Saturn moves into your 12th house get ready to explore the deepest parts of yourself and understand what really motivates your actions, allow yourself to be honest with yourself about your hopes and dreams. They don’t have to be ‘practical’ just listen to this inner voice and discover greater depths in you than you dreamed of. Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Aquarius – strange but also strangely pragmatic the Aquarian is also ruled by Saturn. You experience Saturn’s influence as an imperative to find the greatest common good and social responsibility/justice. Saturn has been transiting your 10th house of career, vocation and reputation. Any gains have been made through difficult emotional effort, you were asked to sacrifice much to achieve your goals. You have been hard headed and tenacious and the result wasn’t always fair but you got greater insight into your ideals vs. the ethics (or lack of) of the outer world. From Oct 22 Saturn moves into your 11th house of gains, social groups and friendship you will find around you those who are as committed as you are, you will find people who share your ethics and ideas. Good results from the challenges in your career you faced since Nov 2014 will find you.Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

Pisces – Saturn has been in another watery sign, Scorpio, since Nov 2014 – transiting your 9th house of spiritual ideals and higher learning, you have been undergoing a review of what you really believe and whether that is really, real and what is reality anyway etc. It can be a time of religious doubt, a dark night of the soul, but the direct motion of Saturn and transit to the 10th house of career, vocation and reputation helps you to make use of what you struggled over for 3 years and change careers, commitments or perspectives on what you are really called to do in your life. How you will then put these crystalised ideals into action will play out during Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius from Oct 22 until 2020.  Book Asha for more information on the effect of this transit 

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*You will either need to move your Western chart ‘back’ by 23 degrees or generate a vedic chart then read your horoscope for accuracy. You can read about why the sidereal  zodiac is more accurate than “Western” tropical zodiac astro here – starting with the fact that tropical zodiac is out of whack by about 2300 years.


Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and teaches workshops on creative spirituality. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. You can read more about her practise here or book your reading or report here 




What would happen if you let your heart glow with fire ? Can you carry the sacred fire in the heart that is beyond you – beyond your beloved? The fire at the heart of every star and in the heart of every being – are you nourishing it with good fuel, tending it and giving it space to shine? Mercury retrograde in Leo until Sept 5, the Solar Eclipse in Leo and Venus changes signs to Cancer on the New moon too. Cancer is gentle and nurturing yes, but there is the fierceness of the Mother there too – our hearts draw from deep waters, we are connected and if we work with it we can learn to trust the heightened sensitivity – to understand the power of full-hearted living. Enjoy your horoscopes for the lunar month ahead for lovers, for lovers of life and for all beings who experience love. Book your report or consultation with me to work through what’s coming and what’s coming up for you.

Love horoscope for New Moon month beginning August 21

Read by moon sign for the development of the soul/emotional effect, Sun sign for life direction/structure, Ascendant sign for your persona. These are SIDEREAL/VEDIC horoscopes.* 

Aries / Mesha
Birthstar: Ashwin – Bharani – Krittika 

The New Moon eclipse flares in your 5th house of romance, play and the children of your love (your actual kiddos or your dearest projects). Mercury in Leo retrograde is turning over new ideas and creating new clever connections between your bright ideas and helps you see opportunity in plain sight – go for it! You are able to communicate with (your) children and really understand them too – there are many creative and potential ideas coming to you – get them onto paper and light your world on fire with your inspiration. Venus blesses your 4th house of home, heritage and family. Venus in the 4th house brings a pleasant, peaceful and joyous atmosphere to the private life, bringing comfort and kindness in kinship and a peace with your ‘early story’. Your sense of belonging – and joy –  is strong this month. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Taurus / Vrishabha
Birthstar: Krittika – Rohini – Mrigashirsha
Venus is your ruler and all of her moves have a strong influence upon you. (Especially you, Rohini birthstar).  She is dancing into your 3rd house of communication and messages. Make your way in the world with your charming words smoothing the way, improve your standing in your career and charm your lover with genuine compliments and sweet messages. The New Moon Solar Eclipse fluoresces in Leo – your fourth house of home, roots and ancestry – expect big insights into those ‘family’ stories especially connection to Mother. Mercury is spinning here, in retrograde helping you to see things from the other side. Understanding connections to the Mother image and making peace with that – even finding sources of sweetness you didn’t expect you can now send down roots, steady as Taurus should be. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Gemini / Mithuna
Birthstar: Mrigashirsha – Ardra – Punavarsu
Your ruler Mercury is in retrograde in your 3rd house gets you to think big about what is possible for you – you realise you’ve been locked into little flutters of interest rather than forming solid plans or ideas. Venus moves graciously into the 2nd house of income, resources and what you’ve got – and doesn’t she help you to make the most of it! She brings steady nurturance and comfort to love and encourages you to get your finances in better shape with your mate. Time to consider what comfort means to you – hint: it’s more than just constant, changing, excitement (Gemini’s favourite thing!).  It’s a good month for prosperity if you don’t let it all flow through your quick fingers. The Solar Eclipse shadows and then reveals a method of thinking, obsessing or communicating that has been holding you back and that you are ready to release in your sparkly Gemini way – once you decide – in an instant it vanishes. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Cancer / Karka
Birthstar: Punavarsu – Pushyami – Ashlesha
Venus enters your sign my love! Sweetness, heart connection and your own loving heart fill and overflow. You see strength in this softness and begin to make the deep water you carry work for you – you listen to the tide, move upon it and respect the mysteries you carry. A blessed month for all kinds of relationships, you celebrate your beauty and carry more charm than usual. Mercury retro in the 2nd house has you rethinking the best ways to boost your income and maximise your resources but also understanding what your family has brought you to establish you in life. The Solar eclipse flashes in the 2nd house too – you feel a pressure to start really taking your finances and your own value seriously. This month you begin to realise how much value you have to others and most of all YOU feel it too. Rahu the North Lunar node enters your sign for the next 18 months and you will be transforming, coming to terms with your power and bringing jewels up from your oceanic depths. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Leo / Simha
Birthstar: Magha – Purva Phalguni – Uttara Phalguni
The Mercury retrograde and the Solar Eclipse flash right over you dearest Lions! Especially those born in the first 13 degrees of the sign (Magha birthstar). You experience a shadow of self doubt as Rahu (north node) crosses your ruling planet the Sun on the day of eclipse. Mercury’s retrograde has put your self-concept into review, too. You are beginning again, royal one! The famed Leo confidence requires true self awareness to be really as bright as the sun. Allow the doubt to reveal what is hidden, face it and transform. Rahu leaves your sign from hereon in – so the next 18 months will be less hectic than the last when the karmic axis has been acting on you (and Aquarius) with serpentine focus. Venus graces your 12th house, helping you to release and transform memories, fears and secrets about love and how much you need it, into sweetness. Instead of haunting you, you will see these experiences change from sorrow to reveal sweet gifts – albeit unexpected – underneath. A 2 1/2 year cycle in love and relationships is winding up, self concept is transforming, you emerge ready to reign. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Virgo / Kanya
Birthstar: Uttara Phalguni – Hasta- Chitra
Venus brings you new and renewed social connections and fruits from your efforts, easing social anxieties and increasing confidence with positive reinforcement for efforts made in your career. This is a time of pleasant parties, social grace, beautiful adornment bringing an increasing happiness in yourself and your friendship. Mercury your ruler is retrograde in Leo shining a light into those parts of your psyche you don’t normally spend much time in – the murky unconscious. The Solar Eclipse in Leo brings to light the unconscious habits, or fears, which inhibit your self confidence – the reveal is simple, joyous and brings some relief even if it’s not what you expected. You don’t have to live with ‘the secret’ or ‘the doubt’ plaguing you. You don’t have to understand it and organise it to be able to release it. It can just go. Be light with yourself, allow yourself to blossom in your gentle Virgoan way. Next month this understanding will help you create new, confident self concept and let go of memories that limit your happiness.Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Libra / Thula
Birthstar: Chitra – Swati – Vishakha 
Venus rules your sign sweetest Libra graces your 10th house of career and reputation this month – make the most of it! You are well received and appreciated for your skills, grace and beauty. Put yourself forward and add some shine to your reputation, mediate competing interests to keep work life creative (but also sufficiently materially rewarding). It will be a creative time career wise and you will get along with/benefit from your father/father’s family at this time. The Solar eclipse with Mercury retrograde in your 11th house brings friends together and gets you thinking smart about what you can expect to gain from your work. What you want in your career is changing, surrender it to the transformation of the eclipse. Mercury rules your 12th and 9th houses and the retrograde helps piece together understanding about deep inner work and your long term vision. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Scorpio / Vrischikha
Birthstar: Vishakha – Anuradha – Jyestha 
Venus forms harmony with your sign potent Scorpions, she appears in the 9th house making you eager to expand your horizons, discover new ideas, places and connections that help you make sense of your place in the world. The 9th house is the house of good fortune, so this transit brings general good health and joy. The Solar eclipse in Leo appears in your 10th house bringing resolution to 18 months of tumult  in your career/ambitions and issues with your father. Mercury is also retrograde in the career sector – when he goes direct from September 5 you will find the words you need to finish your work and your optimism returning; and any words you need to share with the father/father’s family. Rahu moving into your 9th house with Venus helps you make the radical shifts in your approach to love – bringing courage, curiosity and sweetness and a spiritual attitude supports you for the next 18 months. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Sagittarius / Dhanus
Birthstar: Mula – Purva Asadha – Uttara Asadha
Mercury retro in Leo brings heat and light to the 9th house of travel, highest ideals and philosophy – you are looking over what it means to be ‘far from home’ and understanding the value of your spiritual beliefs to guide you. The Solar eclipse first shadows and then illuminates what you really hope for from life, what seemed like loss now appears as it really is – your dreams coming true. Venus blesses you on a deep level with your intimate relationship for the month ahead, you begin to really understand the value of what you share, you begin to both earn more money, clear debts and make good financial plans for the future. New passions arise – it is as if you have become lovers all over again. The single Archers find their passions stirred (more than usual ahaha!) and intriguing in love, flirting and loving the crush, the pining, the chasing. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Capricorn / Makara
Birthstar: Uttara Asadha – Shravan – Dhanishta
The Solar eclipse shadows and flashes into your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources and those conscious but secret psychological struggles we carry with us. The shadowing can bring fear and nerves but – release! Allow illumination and the freedom it brings to liberate a long held fear. The Mercury retrograde combined with the eclipse helps you get un-stuck so that your heart can open to the joyous optimism that life has to offer. You are able to face truths about what you really want for yourself as an individual and in your relationships and to just simply change plans and work towards it. Venus shines in opposition to Capricorn in Cancer – blessing your marriage/committed relationships, bringing the opportunity to move deeper in your relationship. If you are single this helps you to understand what you really want in love and direct yourself to places of care, nourishment and kindness – to soften that tough Capricorn surface and show how much you care.Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

 Aquarius / Kumbha
Birthstar: Dhanishta – Shatabishak – Purva Bhadrapada 
Oooh! Breathe a sigh of relief, Lord Ketu the south lunar node is leaving your sign and moving into Capricorn. This last 18 months has forced you to confront fixed ideas about yourself that need to be released, having your needs met were difficult during this period. The Solar eclipse illuminates your 7th house – you stop self-negating and you can begin a new stage with your partner or begin a new significant relationship, where you get to shine too. Mercury retrograde in the 7th house of Leo has also helped you see how your egalitarian ways may not work so well in a partnership – it’s ok to want things for you, and you must ask for them – this brings true equality to friendships and love. Venus brings peace and beauty to your 6th house of health, routine and obstructions. The day job is easier/more pleasant and may bring opportunities for a better role or more income, your health improves and frustrations ease. Things don’t bother you and you are able to get over blocks to connection that have kept you at a distance from who and what you want.  Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

Pisces / Meena
Birthstar: Purva Bhadrapada – Uttara Bhadrapada – Revati
Oh gentle dreamer, Venus forms harmonious aspect to your sign while she floats through Cancer. She graces your 5th house of love and romance, she brings you sweetness, child-like faith and trust in love, healing, hope and renewal, I know you need it. Mercury retro has asked you to look closely at your health routines and how much you are giving to others. The shadow of the eclipse brings these sorrows up to your consciousness but the illumination that follows releases this pain with a laugh, the warm sunlight floods back and you can smell the perfume of spring blossoms – “Oh that is done! It is time for love!” and the love you dream of my sweet, it is real, you just would not go to where it was, you expected others to love as sweetly as you do. They will not always do that – so you must seek wisely, deeply intuitive – serve your instincts as well as your spirit. Book a full love or transit reading with Asha here 

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*You will either need to move your Western chart ‘back’ by 23 degrees or generate a vedic chart then read your horoscope for accuracy. You can read about why the sidereal  zodiac is more accurate than “Western” tropical zodiac astro here – starting with the fact that tropical zodiac is out of whack by about 2300 years.


Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and teaches workshops on creative spirituality. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. You can read more about her practise here or book your reading or report here 





As if 2 eclipses and Saturn direct, Rahu/Ketu changing signs wasn’t enough this month Mercury is also going retrograde in Leo on August 13, 2017. Mercury/Lord Budh is the illuminator of our intelligence, fast moving, youthful and energetic. The love child of Moon and Tara – Jupiter’s wife, Jupiter is wisdom but Mercury is the wit that leads to exciting insights and ideas. In the royal sign of Leo we experience great ideas that can expand our kingdom, warm and effusive communication, and good news.

Mercury in Leo gives us a mental confidence boost. He makes our words grand, loyal and a little over-the-top. We have big plans and our perspectives broaden – we are confident to try new ideas and challenge mental habits to form a new, more positive self-concept.  Take care not to over promise, you may cause mischief for yourself if you cannot deliver!

The retrograde period brings a review in any leadership roles you posses and the house placement of Leo in your natal chart will show you the area of life under review (check out the horoscopes below). Watch that tongue doesn’t get you in trouble – don’t give imperial commands – especially as Mercury aligns with the Sun twice during this transit!

Mercury retrograde periods are a time of turning our logic, speech and intelligence inward. We are more reflective and hesitant to speak – if you are born with natal Mercury retrograde then you find yourself able to express what’s on your mind. Mercury retrograde is a time of mischief and mistakes, we either speak too quickly or can’t straighten out our thoughts or blurt out things better left unsaid, especially as Mercury approaches conjunction to the Sun. Mercury aligning with the Sun August 21 to September 3 = speaking hot words.


Read by your moon sign for most accurate forecast.

Aries: Mercury retro in the 5th house of creativity brings good news re lovers and romance. If you have children you will be rethinking your approach and working to improve your relationship. Leo is in harmonious aspect to your sign making the big ideas spark. Spend time researching what you need to make your grand ideas successful realities.

Taurus: Mercury retro in the 4th house helps you to find your place as Queen of the kingdom in your home and settle into your status in your family – or fight for it! Pleasant times with Mum or coming from the mother’s family. A huge revision of what really sustains you, from the roots up, is under way.

Gemini: Mercury retro in your 3rd house of mind, communication and ideas gets you to think big about what is possible for you. Striking out independently, your written work and communication gets a creative confidence boost. It’s time to step up your career ambitions and make a name for yourself.

Cancer : Mercury retro in the 2nd house has you rethinking the best ways to boost your income and maximise your resources. Ever the careful planner, time to think and review your long term goals and align it with what you want to achieve materially so you can spoil those most important to you – family, and yourself of course.

Leo : Mercury transits your own sign communicating the intelligence of your Leo planets to your conscious mind. You arrive at a greater understanding of yourself and your life direction. Time to review how you are expressing your persona to the outside world. The end of the retrograde brings a sense of ‘new you’ and new self confidence.

Virgo : Mercury, your ruler, works to bring insight into those parts of your psyche you don’t normally spend much time in – the murky unconscious. Time to make sense of your past and identify the unconscious habits which inhibit your self confidence. Create new, confident self concept and let go of memories that limit your happiness.

Libra: Mercury retrograde in your 11th house brings friends together, helping to revise your approach to your career and how to maximise gains from what your create. Mercury rules your 12th and 9th houses and the retrograde helps piece together understanding about deep inner work and your long term vision.

Scorpio: Mercury goes retro in your 10th house of career and vocation. New ideas, brain waves and unexpected news lead you to revise your plans. Don’t act til you have all the information, tenacious Scorpio, wait patiently until the direct motion of Mercury shows you where to strike to achieve success.

Sagittarius: Mercury retro in Leo brings heat and light to the 9th house of travel, highest ideals and philosophy.  Reversals in plans for travel and study can be expected but work with it, somehow you’ve drifted a little off your path. Mercury direct will bring fresh insight, the brakes need to go on, so that you can recalibrate and head in the right direction and achieve your goals.

Capricorn: Mercury in Leo brings reviews the 8th house of intimacy and debts. Look over your financial obligations and check that shared effort, is actually shared. A good time to look at your debts, material & emotional and reorganise yourself so you can manage them better. A time of contradictions, be patient and allow Mercury to throw light on the situation.

Aquarius: Mercury retro exposes issues in your 7th house of partnership and closest friendships. Mercury guides you to look from a different perspective, challenging fixed ideas about yourself and your other/s. Make sure you also discover more about your own needs, fair-minded Aqua, and express them. This will improve communication with your dear ones and lead to more balanced relationships.

Pisces: Mercury asks you to look closely at your health routines and how much you are giving to others. Too much (over devoted Pisces)? Or too passive (avoidant and absent)? How much time/energy/resources do you have to deliver what you wish you could give? It’s time to make changes in how you are organising your life, sometimes saying no makes space for more happiness, allowing you to say ‘yes’ to what matters.

Want to know more about how August’s transits are effecting you? Book a reading or report with Asha here. 

Important dates for this transit:

Mercury enters Leo: July 21, 2017

Mercury becomes Retrograde : August 13, 2017
Mercury combust Sun: August 21 to September 3
Mercury goes direct:  September 05, 2017

Mercury enters Virgo: September 27, 2017

diana the huntress 2
Charles Edward Hallé (English painter), 1846 – 1914, The Archer

The moon is still waxing full but shines bright tonight in Sagittarius. The archer constellation beams the energy of wisdom and love of discovery, expanding hearts and hopes after a week of friction and frustations. The full moon aligns exactly with Purva Ashadha star (part of Sagittarius) the star of victory and righteousness. In Vedic tradition this night is called Guru Poornima, the full moon dedicated to the greater blessing planet, Jupiter/Guru. No matter where you are at right now, the Full Moon will bring good fortune. This is a sacred night to give thanks to teachers and wise guides who have helped you come to awareness so far. It is time to expand your expectations for your life and your perceptions of what is possible. We are asked to be willing to take a wise risk, to make the effort to improve and discover more about ourselves. Students, teachers and philosophers can ask for blessing on their work tonight.

The last phase of Saturn in Scorpio retrograde has brought into clear focus just how much we trip ourselves up and undo our efforts with habits of fear and reaction. The tense angles between Sun, Mars, Mercury (in Gemini) and Pluto (in Sagittarius) have been fraying tempers, nerves and patience all week, softening with Mercury’s ingress into Cancer a few days ago. Saturn’s steady, awe-ful work has been solidifying things, turning them over, showing those blockages and self-limiting actions so clearly. Now, it is time to let go. No more going over. Look beyond instead.

Karmas are crystallising, painfully clear. But, we are in the Sagittarius month it is time to let loose the arrow from the bow. The bow is drawn with tension, it’s only then the arrow can fly. This Full moon opposes Mars in high heat in Gemini, aligned to Sun. Mercury has moved out of this tight aspect into gentler Cancer helping us get in touch with how we feel about all this self-realisation. At the same time the sentimental seas of Cancer can overwhelm the mind making it hard to understand the reasons for our reactions. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be any other need than the need to flow, be felt and dissipate.

Sagittarius Full Moon is about the love of the quest. The adventure, the chance to stretch our legs in open country can be a joyous experience, but it is always provoked in the first place by a problem or need to move on from where we were. This week I know many of us felt entangled in Saturn’s machinations and the Mars/Pluto opposition. Hovering somewhere between threatening chaos and a sudden, brave leap to change, remember that these tensions are necessary and essential to the adventure.

Seek illumination and wisdom wherever you find yourself in your story. If you are the hero lost in the dark, remember that all heroes in all stories are hopelessly lost in the moments before their success. It is always in the moment of despair that she discovers her capacities, talent or the purpose of the Quest.

If you have lost your way, pause and see if you can find a wise guide at the next stile or crossroads – but beware the tricksters too! If you have reached the end of one situation, set your face with determination towards the rising moon and head out into new territory. There will be adventures, intoxicating lovers, combatants, bad guys and treasures on your path…there always are. But staying where you are is no longer an option. Remember what has been taught you, give thanks to your teachers and remain curious about the road ahead. Infinite potentials blossom wildly either side of the path at your feet, curving around the hill, over a mountain and into your destiny.

Sagittarius Full Moon / Guru Poornima Times
Sydney: 2:06 pm, July 9
London: 5:06 am, July 9
New Delhi: 9:36 am, July 9
Los Angeles: 9:06pm, July 8


You can read by moon sign or ascendant sign. For the really outgoing, solar types you might like to read by your sun sign instead. Don’t know your astrological chart? Go here to generate your chart & find out your moon and ascendant (lagna) sign. Remember I interpret the zodiac according to the sky as it is now – more on the sidereal zodiac here. 

Aries  Full moon shines bright in your 9th house of joy, adventure and education. With your ruler Mars in opposition to the Moon you are confronted with frustrations in the daily routine of life that seem to block your moves towards the VISION. Look to the horizon, remember the adventure and channel that frustrated energy into your highest ideals. Do the detailed work but get moving again. Don’t get caught up in petty concerns, remember how high you can soar when you let your heart dream big. Venus blesses your 2nd house of resources but Saturn retro is inhibiting her good effects – however Venus is also hampering some of the losses Saturn might otherwise bring. There can be tensions and suffering for a loved one, just keep supporting, Saturn direct will bring things back to a steadier track in August, just keep active, inspiring and working towards the dream. You carry all before you with your enthusiasm once you get to work.  Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Taurus  Lovely Venus, your ruler, continues to grace your sign, softening some of the inner struggles brought to light by the full moon in your 8th house of intimacy, emotional conflicts and secret passions. Your feelings are affecting your thinking profoundly – as Mercury transits Cancer you can gain much by observing and understanding, sitting with those surges of emotion. You are a sensuous creature but you can struggle to name your feelings, Mercury is making you a little uncomfortable but will help to bring things to the surface to be released so you can settle into enjoying Venus’ blessings. Saturn continues to retrograde into your 7th house bringing you back into habits with your significant other/closest people that can have you feeling like you’ve lost ground. You are consolidating, be gentle with yourself. Saturn will cease to afflict so much come August when he turns direct again. Venus blesses you all month, making you beautify and care for yourself, keep building up the love and self-care and everything else will ease.  Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Gemini  Mars and Sun in yor sign opposes the Full Moon, busying your social life with strange coincidences and unexpected thoughts. Fateful connections, especially in terms of your relationships come to light. You are being invited to let go of old habits and hurts in love and get moving again, towards what you desire. Mercury your ruler is in moody Cancer pushing you beyond what you think you feel, right into those feelings. You would probably rather say something hilarious and deflect, but have the patience to let the feelings speak so you can understand what was brought to a crisis this week. Enjoy the lighter vibes of the full moon – Venus is in your 12th house helping you to release the stuff holding you back from the connections you really long for. Book your with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Cancer  The Moon influences Cancerians most of all. You ebb and flow, sensing and feeling so much. This is your gift, but at times it’s overwhelming. Mercury in your sign will help to bring a little bit of detachment and  the right words to say what you’ve been feeling. Just keep in mind that Mars and Pluto in opposition across your 12th and 6th house aspect heighten the risk of you just suddenly letting it all out at once – while this approach will clear the air and ease your frustration it may have consequences too disruptive for your tastes. Let the full moon show you the wise path to dealing with the obstacles in your life and apply the right knowledge to issues on the job which have been stressing you. Venus graces your friendship sector, it’s a good time to reconnect and enjoy these sweet connections. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Leo  The Full moon forms beautiful aspect to your sign dear Lion renewing a sense of optimism and joy and encouraging flirtatious mischief by the silvery light of the moon. The influence of Pluto can help you experience a moment of deep, soul shattering insight into your approach to love and desire. Mars opposing provokes you to stand in your sovereignty and stop accepting friendships and flirtations that are less than reciprocal. Take care to avoid overdoing it with telling friends exactly why you are so fed up with things, instead pay attention to the irritation and make different choices about where and with whom you are investing your time. We love our lions, but we’re all scared of that ROARR! Mercury in Cancer will help you understand the unconscious and repressed feelings motivating these changes. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Virgo  Your work life has been busy and perhaps a little tense as your ruler and Mars have been tangling there since the New moon 2 wks ago. Your ruler has now moved into the easier 11th house bringing gentler times socially. The full moon in your 3rd house brings you a beautiful clarity of mind and those of your working on detailed projects requiring diligent focus or study will make good ground in the coming weeks. Venus is in harmonious aspect to your sign in your 9th house of good fortune, luck and higher learning this means the 2 blessing planets form good aspect – gentle, happy but steady gains for you! Any higher learning or professional development undertaken will be blessed by this aspect and bring good results. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Libra Venus rules your sign and she brings passion and intrigue to your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources. If you are in a relationship you’ll be finding new grace in sharing life with your partner, despite the tension of Saturn retrograde who is making money a little thin on the ground. You are discovering new ways to enjoy life that don’t require too much liquid cash. This creates a new agreement and understanding that takes your heart connections to the next phase. The Full Moon is in your 3rd house of communication, ideas and courage. It’s time to think beyond your usual care and consideration. Being able to rely on others – whether they are a dear friend or life partner – means you need to change how you have been thinking about what is possible for you. Don’t let your love of peace become stasis, keep seeking more beauty! Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Scorpio Saturn is grinding his gears in retrograde in your sign, but you’re a Scorpio, you can deal with harsh realities because you can look into the depths of yourself unflinchingly and still commit to change. Thing is, that’s an old habit of severity and intensity you’ve gotten into the last 2.5 years. Despite the bubbling tensions of Mars, this full moon provokes you to think of a different way of dealing with these confrontations than the Scorpio preferred method of BURN IT ALL DOWN AND ARISE AGAIN. Sagittarius offers you a different path. No sacrifice, no suffering, no torturous soul searching required, bounty is all about you. Just turn right and head on down the road. Are you ready to do things with a light heart? (Do you need to learn how to do that?). Venus graces your house of relationships helping to melt your hard outer armour and to express the powers of your being in a gentler way. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Sagittarius  This is your full moon dear Archers and everyone is up there in high feeling with you! You can see the whole picture from up here – the little frustrations and tensions of Mars opposing have their place in getting you to deal with the detail work and necessary actions you need to achieve the big vision. They may have even manifested as physical injuries or verbal conflict with spouse/partner, but don’t let this cause you to bolt or sulk. The tension is the necessary taut string releasing the arrow of your vision. When Mars moves into Cancer in a few weeks you will feel some relief from issues with your partner. Saturn has gone back into your twelfth house and is hard at work tying up the loose ends to the period of spiritual wisdom you have been learning since Nov 2014. Remember the power of faith you have cultivated and that Saturn’s retrograde is just stirring up the old doubts one last time. This is a final test of the integrity of your ideals before Saturn moves into your sign making your visions a reality in late 2017. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Capricorn The Full moon shines bright in the 12th house of the mysteries of life. Pay attention to your dreaming, your inner self needs to speak to your ever pragmatic day time self. Saturn, your ruler, is retrograde in Scorpio replaying a sense of social isolation that was dissipating for you, but it is dissipating, and will be played out  by October. Don’t let it get you down too much, nor allow the Sun and Mars in your 6th house make you too stressed at work. Set limits and keep your eyes on your long term strategy. Venus is in glowing aspect to your sign, bringing her blessings to your home and domestic life. Although you may be feeling restricted socially and frustrated at work, drink in the comforts of home and family. After all, this is what the Capricorn does it all for – they build a better world for their kin to flourish in. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Aquarius Full Moons buzz you sensitive space creatures more than most of us, you seemingly flow to a whole other rhythm and time…you know long before the rest of us arrive! The Full Moon glows bringing many friends, adventures, outings and happy connections. Your ruler Saturn is retro in Scorpio one last time helping you to really understand and put to bed conflicts around your calling in life and issues with your father/father’s family. You are becoming stronger in your own sense of purpose and destiny, even if others don’t quite get why you might be on the path you are on. Mars brings energy and focus to your 5th house of creativity and self expression giving you an extra dash of courage to be you without apology or fear. Venus graces your 6th house of health and healing, helping you to recover any nervous tension and bringing a brighter atmosphere at work. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.
Pisces Beautiful dreamer, this is the Full Moon of your brother sign, Sagittarius. You are both ruled by Jupiter/Guru and this is a special moon for you, it’s more soulful and philosophical than adventurous but it lifts you to a new peace and calm with the world and your place in it. The Full Moon shines bright in your 10th house of calling and career. Know that you are on the right path, have faith in your vision and lead the rest of us to understand. Jupiter continues to bless your 7th house of relationships until September helping you find common ground and happiness with your partner. If you are not in a committed relationship Jupiter blesses partnership and business endeavours and improves your reputation. Venus is in your 3rd house making it easier to communicate your needs and desires, in hugs; touches that bring warmth and gentleness. Book with Asha here for your reading unique to your birth chart.

hedy lamarr new moon

The New Moon occurs tomorrow June 24 (AEST) in sparkling Gemini. We are deep in the Winter solstice here in the south and my northern friends you are at high summer – it is a time of pause, consideration and reflection before a change in tide. For those in Winter, we are at the point of the ebb, stillness and quiet. For those dancing high Summer you are at the highest, brightest point of the year – the climactic moment.

Mercury, the lord of intelligence, rules this new Moon and is in his own sign of Gemini. Mercury is bringing us so many “a-ha!” moments as we stand on the threshold of “then” and now. He aligns exactly with the new moon and the Sun and Mars. Moon, our satellite, beams their energies of intelligence, vitality and courage to us and the principle of courageous curiosity will be with us all lunar month. If we have the courage to look, listen and engage with these discoveries we can take a new, fresh path. Have the confidence to think critically, seeking clear sight into our circumstances personally, in our families, town and wider world. Let’s have the courage to shrug off the habits borne of our experiences, it’s time to take a left (or a right) at the crossroads, into new territory.

Saturn is retrograde on the knot between Sagittarius and Scorpio repeating in reverse the events of late January. The consequences for actions emerge, the tide flows back bringing to shore the results of our efforts. We reap what we have sown during the whole Saturn in Scorpio transit which began in November 2014. Although Saturn doesn’t turn direct until August and re-enter Sagittarius until October, this is a time when we see the “big issue” really has come to a close. It is a sensitive moment, we can keep living the same patterns or we can kick the same habits off again for another round. Attune to the clear intelligence of this New Moon and have the courage to think differently, to try a new way of being. Explore new ways of communicating and relinquish the old habits. Habitual responses are the impact marks of our experiences. If we want to leave the shadows of the experiences behind we need to kick their habits too. The eclipses in August will help you to release these new perspectives into being but now is the time to look over, understand and synthesise what has happened during the Saturn in Scorpio transit.

Each Saturn transit lasts about 2.5 years and his movement through Scorpio makes the truths of our life painfully real. We are torn to pieces by Saturn’s steady action and made to see the root cause of our behaviour and the consequences are paid out and played out. If we can grow through it instead of thrashing against it, we reap a bountiful harvest. The struggle transforms through Saturn’s steady accounting into wisdom and understanding. This understanding brings freedom – the freedom from the story and the freedom to choose differently in the days and years ahead. This last Scorpio Saturn transit brings the chance to really see and understand the roots causes and consequences of this time and to free ourselves from these burdens – from blame, guilt, frustration and habit.

Our experiences certainly shape us, but we must not lose our essential form to that process – we must strive to remember our values, abilities and destiny despite the events of our lives, not live in reaction to those events believing those reactions are our true nature.

Gemini or Mithuna is a sparkling, vital energy that seeks to unite the initiative of Aries with the substance of Taurus in the 3rd sign Gemini. The lovers, the twin flames, the anima and the animus, the soul and the mind – these are the principles of duality that the Gemini New Moon brings. Continue on your quest to know thyself, seek the shadow magic of your brightness and the gifts in your sorrows – know yourself and take the path ahead with courage.

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You can read by moon sign or ascendant sign. For the really outgoing, solar types you might like to read by your sun sign instead. Don’t know your astrological chart? Go here to generate your chart & find out your moon and ascendant (lagna) sign. Remember I interpret the zodiac according to the sky as it is now – more on the sidereal zodiac here. 

Aries : The new moon and Mercury, Sun and Mars in your 3rd house of mind, communication and siblings. This month will be a busy one with a focus on back-and-forth emails, messages, calls and communication. Make time to enjoy this busy, electric energy with friends not just work and study. Take care not to get heated in your speech as things can get out of hand quickly. As Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio a difficult aspects bringing health problems, frustration and dour mood can revisit. Take care not to over extend yourself and direct your energy towards a steady spiritual practise applying the experiences of the earlier part of the Saturn in Scorpio transit will help you make the most of this temporary reversal from this time.

Taurus: This New Moon sees you refocusing your values around money, resources and what constitutes comfort. You are willing to think differently about how you use what you have and to see the value in the long-term vision. With your ruler still in the 12th house in Aries for a little while longer you can expect to feel a bit of a pinch financially for a few more weeks. As Venus transits your sign from June 30, by Full Moon things will get a little more comfortable and lovely. Saturn moves back into your 7th house in retrograde beginning the “wrap it up” work of a significant marital or relationship issue that has been plaguing you since about November 2014. From October new vibes in your partnerships begin, but for now it’s about understanding this matter with a bit of critical distance and making peace with what has passed.

GeminiThis is your new moon! A time of new beginnings with your ruler also in the sign and go-get ’em Mars you experience a kick forward in your confidence and renewed energy to drive towards your goals. Any adventures you undertake will connect you with new acquaintances and reconnect you with friends who bring you joy and lightness. Reinvent yourself and renew your interest in YOU. Saturn moves retrograde into your 6th house after encroaching a little on the 7th house, Sagittarius. Take care of your health and look over those obstacles to your well-being and issues in your employment/day job from a different perspective. Take action to implement better habits and care for yourself especially avoiding overwork, even the high powered Gemini has an end to their energy!

Cancer Sensitive to every movement of the moon you ebb and flow. This New Moon takes place in the 12th house of the unconscious and letting go. The brilliant insight of Gemini turns inward and you can understand unconscious habits and behaviours that you need to release in order to begin anew at the next new moon. This is a quiet time outwardly but a busy time inwardly, your dreams help you to release these emotional knots and gain spiritual insight and dissolving ideas that are limiting your happiness and your potential. Saturn moves back into your 9th house bringing pressure on the study front, delaying travel and bringing critical perspectives on faith and belief. It’s time to take an integrative approach to these problems and let go of ideas that no longer align with who you’ve grown into.

Leo Royal and bold, it’s time to re-emerge in your social groups and networks and take your place. You are the centre of attention a lot of the time and this isn’t always what you want – but part of being a leader is to understand that leadership is as necessary a role as being a member of a group. Get out and about now, explore and enjoy – being in charge can be tiring, find others who get what that’s like and you’ll be able to recharge and renew your energy. Saturn moves in retrograde back into your 4th house bringing to a close difficult issues and blockages in the home environment and to do with your physical home/property too. You can expect these matters to move forward for good from October. Until Saturn leaves Scorpio take the time to look about you, be economical and cut your losses so you can make the most of your efforts at home and with your family of origin when Saturn goes direct in August.

Virgo The focus this month is on your career and reputation. Work matters speed up and you’ll get the most out of this month by planning and re-planning your approach to your career and your public standing. You have the opportunity to seize new opportunities that can move your goals forward, but these won’t really be clear to you until the huge shift in August triggered by the eclipses. Saturn moves back into your 3rd house making you reticent to take risks or be too active socially, but this heaviness will lift again by October. You will need to be mindful of your tendency to be too reticent speaking and communicating to move your career ambitions forward.  The Gemini energy encourages you to be more willing to explore the possible rather than what is reasonable.

Libra Your ruler Venus is in the 7th house of relationships until June 30 continuing her sweetening influence on your significant relationships and bringing grace and sweetness to the committed partnerships in your life. From June 30 Venus moves into the mysterious 8th house bringing and improvement in your mood, sexual intimacy and material comforts received through the efforts of your partner. The New moon is also in an airy sign, in your 9th house of higher learning, philosophy and religious ideals. If you are studying you learn quickly and delight in new knowledge. You are curious and willing to consider new ways of thinking about the big questions of life. Saturn moves back into your 2nd house creating a bit of a pinch materially but you’re probably used to that after 2.5 years of it! Take the lessons you’ve learned from that time and remember to apply better resource management of money, time, love and energy from here on in!

Scorpio The New Moon appears in your 8th house – the truth of intimate relationships, understanding of your secret, innermost nature become clear to you, you understand your actions, unconscious desires and what you need to really connect with the others in your life. You may also come to an understanding of how the wounds you carry are interfering with the real connection you seek. With Saturn moving back into Scorpio you revisit the old pains of the last 2.5 years but the new moon helps you to understand the routes and source of this difficulty. This brings relief and release and next month you will feel more confident to reach out and build new relationships. For now, be gentle, seek and understand but don’t judge yourself. Your ruler Mars helps the insights flow thick and fast and bring radical change that will leave the end of 2018 as a much happier and easier time for you.

Sagittarius The New Moon is in your 7th house of relationships – you are all about your “other” this month and perhaps some of your Sagittarian obtuseness about your partner’s needs is assisted by the clever Gemini insights to improve the connection and happiness in your committed relationships. If you are single at the moment, you’ll get insight into the habits and behaviours keeping you from finding the right kind of partnership for the free-spirited Sagittarian. Your ruler Jupiter turned direct early in June so you begin to feel more yourself again. Saturn revisiting your 12th house can bring those self-doubts, self-sabotaging behaviours and avoidance into clear focus – as Saturn goes direct after August it’s time to accept, understand and change those patterns that keep tripping you up and dampening your natural happy, optimistic attitude.

Capricorn Your ruler Saturn is in retrograde in your 11th house and it may feel a little like everything you’ve been driving towards has slid backwards once again. It is a good time to check the foundations of your plans, apply a critical eye to your ambitions and see what is missing from your strategies, take steps to reinforce any vulnerable points. After October Saturn will move into the 12th house and stop blocking the gains from your efforts you began to glimpse at the end of January. The New Moon in Gemini brings renewal to your 6th house of routine, health and your day job. A new diet plan, exercise strategy or work schedule will stand you in good stead for the coming weeks and months. You are willing to think laterally, not just critically, about this area of your life.

Aquarius The New moon appears in your 5th house of romance, creativity, leisure and children. The focus this month is on your children, whether they be actual bubs or your pet projects. The combination of Gemini energy and focus on the 5th house makes you flirty, cheeky and interested in romance – given that you are a space-cadet of the first order dear Aquarius it’s important to remember that not everyone has your broad minded, liberated ideals about such things and take care not to cause yourself too much mischief! You feel good about yourself and are excited about the opportunities for self exploration and expression that romance and creativity offer you. Saturn moves in retrograde into your 10th house of career and reputation slowing matters down once again, but also bringing results to the surface – finally! –  from your hard work in the last 2.5 years.

Pisces Sweet dreamers, the new moon is in your 4th house of home, roots and family. You may be feeling an acute need to nestle under a blankie with your loved ones and in your wistful Pisces way, far from home. This New moon challenges you to think about what home really means for you and what is important to you, at the most root level, for you to flourish and grow. Sudden insights and a flash of awareness combine with a determination to speak to what you feel rather than just letting it flow around you in an undifferentiated sea of feeling and longing. Saturn moves in retrograde into your 9th house of higher ideals. Combined with the insight about home and roots, you have some pretty solid realisations that you might have been so rigid in your lofty ideals that you couldn’t see the details of your situation. Don’t be rueful, instead understand how much you’ve grown since November 2014 and that this is the purpose of the philosophical quest, to change through understanding both your potential and your limits.  Then you can lead a truly magical life.