Minor Arcana

rider waite tarot deck 3 of swords
Just like traditional playing cards, the small cards in the Tarot number Ace through to 10. There are 4 suits representing the 4 Elements; Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Minor Arcana means lesser mysteries. They’re also called the Pips or seeds. The small cards show the details, the little events and actions that influence your fate.

In the Tarot the elements are represented as Wands (Clubs), Cups (Hearts), Swords (Spades) and Disks (Diamonds). The process from 1 (Ace) through to 10 represent set stages of development from the very beginning spark of an idea through to completion. The Major Arcana/Trumps express this on a macrocosmic level, starting with the  Fool (0) through to the Universe/World (22).

The Ancients viewed the world as divisible into parts represented by numerical values which in turn had mystical meanings drawn from astrology, alchemy, Qabalah and other spiritual traditions (as viewed by the European mystics, hustlers and healers that wrote about the cards). The Tarot is based on these complex numerical and mystical relationships – every symbol on a traditional deck of Tarot cards is there for a reason! This symbolic philosophy is at the heart of Tarot interpretation and is an effective shorthand for making sense of the infinite.

The 4 suits represent the main spheres of life:

Wands: The World of Growth & Beginnings, Action (Fire)
Cups: The Emotional World, the Heart, Love, Empathy (Water)
Swords: The Mental World, Reasoning, Clarity & Argument (Air)
Disks or Pentacles: The Material World, the Body, Comfort, the Senses (Earth)

The Minor Arcana include the Court Cards – King, Queen, Knight and Page – the page is an extra, we only have King, Queen and Jack/Knave in the playing cards. If the number cards are the little pieces of the event the Court Cards are the personalities involved.

The small cards show the ‘microcosmic world’ – our personal world, small scales of time and experiences.
The macrocosmic world (macro – great, cosmos – world) is the greater story of humanity, spiritual influences or your place in the greater sphere of things.

 Do not overlook the small cards, they can reveal the key to solving the situation!

All card meanings coming soon – if you have a question- just comment in the meantime x